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Deep Thoughts With Morgan Freeman: The Mashup

When you see Morgan Freeman, maybe you see God. Or the president of the United States. Or Nelson Mandela, or a kindly old convict, chauffeur, boxing trainer or superhero's business manager. Because he's played all those roles, and he always seems to have the answers to everything, doesn't he? And that voice! We'd buy a bag of broken light bulbs if he only narrated the commercial.

Everything out of Morgan Freeman's mouth not only sounds wise, it Is wise -- and we have proof in this video compilation of every deep, life-changing line the man ever said. Get busy watching this mashup, or get busy dying.

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Glory | The Bucket List | Evan Almighty | March of the Penguins | Feast of Love | Dreamcatcher | Invictus | Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves | Amistad | Moll Flanders | Unleashed | Edison Force | Along Came a Spider | The Shawshank Redemption | An Unfinished Life |  10 Items
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Ken Russell, flamboyant wild man of British cinema, dies aged 84

Oscar-nominated maverick found inspiration for his work in music and literature

After a film career full of wild drama, gaudy conflagrations and operatic flourishes, the director Ken Russell died quietly in hospital on Sunday afternoon at the age of 84, after suffering a series of strokes. – effecting a quiet, discreet exit from the comfort of his hospital bed. "My father died peacefully," said his son Alex Verney-Elliott. "He died with a smile on his face."

Known for his flamboyant, often outrageous brand of film-making, Russell made movies that juggled high and low culture with glee and invariably courted controversy. His 1969 breakthrough, the Oscar-winning Women in Love, electrified audiences with its infamous nude wrestling scene, while 1971's The Devils – a torrid brew of sex, violence and Catholicism – found itself banned across Italy and was initially rejected by its backer, Warner Bros. His other notable films include Altered States, The Boy Friend and Tommy,
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Ken Russell dies aged 84

Ken Russell, the veteran director of Women in Love, The Devils and Tommy, has died at the age of 84

Ken Russell: a career in photos

Ken Russell, the director behind the Oscar-winning Women in Love has died aged 84. Russell died on Sunday in his sleep, according to his friend, the arts writer Norman Lebrecht.

Known for a flamboyant style developed during his early career in television, Russell's films mixed high and low culture with rare deftness and often courted high controversy. The Devils … a religious drama that featured an infamous scene between Oliver Reed and Venessa Redgrave sexualising the crucifixion – was initially rejected by Warner Brothers. It will be released in its entirety in March next year, 42 years after it was made, when it will form part of the British Board of Film Classification's centenary celebrations.

Women in Love, released in 1969, became notorious for its nude male wrestling scene
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Interview With Pen Densham on The Kiss (Joanna Pacula)

Pen Densham is the director behind The Kiss starring exotic beauty Joanna Pacula, ever so wholesome teen superstar Meredith Salenger, the legendary Jan Rubes and feature directing superstar Shawn Levy (Cheaper by the Dozen, Night at the Museum, and Date Night to name a few). The Kiss deals with the title smooch being passed down from one generation to the next. Unfortunately, for poor little Meredith Salenger she is next in line to receive this deadly kiss from her aunt, Joanna Pacula. Initially a flop when it first came out, The Kiss has found an ever growing following over the past few years due to the film being released at the height of the DVD craze. We had the chance to ask Pen Densham a few questions about The Kiss. Here is what he had to say.

So who is Pen Densham and what are you all about?

Wow – Not an easy question.
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Billie Piper: the modern-day Moll Flanders

Billie Piper has played a prostitute in Secret Diary of a Call Girl, and the lead in Kay Mellor's A Passionate Woman, so she is no stranger to steamy parts. She reveals all in this candid interview

The first time I met Billie Piper, I was left feeling that I owed her an apology. She was heavily pregnant at the time, by husband, actor Laurence Fox, we got chatting about her birth options and I was perhaps a little too candid about what scenarios she might encounter, resulting in my glancing up at one point to be met with her huge caramel eyes, wide with trepidation.

Very bad form on my part: it really isn't on to scare first-time mums-to-be. What made it worse was that Piper had been great company – bright, open, witty, with a well-developed sense of the absurd – whether talking about her recent marriage to Fox,
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Pen Densham gets on the court with 'Bill'

Pen Densham has been set to direct "Big Bill," a feature about the self-destructive tennis legend Bill Tilden.According to Variety, Gil Dennis ("Walk the Line") wrote the script, based on the Frank Deford book "Big Bill: The Triumphs and the Tragedy."Baldwin Entertainment and GlennIris Entertainment have put together the funding to make the picture.Densham hasn't directed a feature since 1996's "Moll Flanders," though he directed the 1998 telepic "Houdini" for TNT. He has busied himself writing and producing such projects as the series revivals of "The Outer Limits" and "The Twilight Zone" for his Trilogy Entertainment Group.In the 1920s, Tilden won six straight U.S. Open singles titles, a feat that Roger Federer will try to surpass this month. Tilden was
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Bill Tilden Biopic in the Works

Pen Densham has signed on to direct Big Bill, a feature about the self-destructive tennis legend Bill Tilden. Gil Dennis (Walk the Line) wrote the script, based on the Frank Deford book Big Bill: The Triumphs and the Tragedy. In the 1920s, Tilden won six straight U.S. Open singles titles, a feat that Roger Federer will try to surpass this month. Tilden's accomplishments -- including stints as a novelist, playwright and contract bridge champion -- were marred by his imprisonment twice for sexual misbehavior with teenage boys. He died broke. Tilden was the first American to win Wimbledon, and he led the U.S. Davis Cup team to six straight titles. He was also meticulous about obeying the rules on court -- if he got an undeserved call, he would hit the next ball out to even things up -- and refused to soft sell his indiscretions. Densham hasn't
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