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Mission Impossible
MR_Heraclius13 February 2020
Brian De Palma brings Mission: Impossible to the big screen in an explosive and action-packed adventure. Branded a trader when his team is killed during an intelligence operation, IMF agent Ethan Hunt goes rogue in order to clear his name. The plot's rather good, and does a fair job at building suspense and intrigue. Starring Tom Cruise, Jon Voight, Emmanuelle Beart, and Ving Rhames, the casting's pretty solid. And, the action sequences are shot especially well, adding a lot of energy and intensity to the film. Danny Elfman's score is also excellently done. Incredibly entertaining, Mission: Impossible is a fun and thrilling action film.
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the plot was great
Dr. Nick Riviera25 June 2000
Everyone seems to complain that the plot in this film is too confusing, but just because you don't 'get' it doesn't mean it's a bad movie. I thought that the plot was superb; it may be a little difficult to follow, but with a little thought it isn't at all hard to understand. It is refreshing to have a big budget thriller with a clever plot, not just masses of pyrotechnics and gunplay.
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Very clever thriller
benturkalj18 May 2006
For those who have not seen the original Mission Impossible, it is a real shame. While the other flicks offer plenty of explosions and cool action sequences, the original remains the best for it's interesting plot twists, some decent acting, and a well developed element of suspense that's lacking in the later pictures.

To reveal any of the plot would be a disservice: it certainly has some pretty interesting occurrences that should be seen for full effect. What really makes this great though is De Palma's direction. Unlike the later flicks, key scenes are drawn out: there is a real Spense of suspense that is rarely achieved. Three key action scenes come to mind, and there all extremely cool: it's just a shame that Criuse couldn't enlist the services of more experienced director's later in the franchise.

A memorable, well executed thriller.
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A tense thriller that is not (despite popular belief) impossible to follow.
THFC8 December 1998
I would like to reiterate what "Anonymous of Derby, England" said about this film (20th November). The fact that so many people have complained that they "didn't get it" is proof that our brains are being atrophied by so many movies that do all our thinking for us. I had no trouble in following the plot and found the fact that I actually had to concentrate and think things through quite refreshing. Okay, so a lot of the stunts were a bit far fetched but what does it matter when they were so entertaining? After all, it is only a movie; nobody expects us to believe that these things could really happen any more than they expect us to believe that King Kong really existed or that there's a Volcano ready to errupt in L.A. Besides, with the inspired casting of David Schneider as the train driver, Brian de Palma must have had his tongue in his cheek for at least some of the time. He's created a masterful boy's own adventure story, an original "ripping yarn" and that brilliant comic touch added to this perfectly.

"Mission Impossible" is a visual and cerebral treat. Tom Cruise is excellent as Ethan, Vanessa Redgrave makes a superb villian and Jean Reno is watchable in ANYTHING he does. The only weak link is Emmanuelle Beart, who did a good job of looking beautiful but very little else. What a shame Kristin Scott Thomas couldn't have taken a more central role; she makes the gorgeous but bland Beart look like a waste of space.

I give this 8 out of ten and it would have been more if it wasn't for Beart's character.
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I like this film!
Rammstein-211 February 2000
I really liked this one. Not very much in common with the TV-series, and I can see why so many dislike it that way. But there are some REALLY good sequences here, and there is even one that I consider to be one of the very best and most suspenseful parts of any movie - the part where Cruise is in the vault. Beautiful and nerve-racking.

Not much else to say, though - it's an action movie, and it's a good one.
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Confusing, But Still Fun To Watch
ccthemovieman-129 March 2006
Here's another film I watched when it came out and then later when the DVD was released and enjoyed both viewings, despite the fact I got "lost" several times. It's about time for another look because it's well-worth it and who knows....maybe I'll finally figure it out!

If you get a little confused trying to follow the plot, don't feel stupid. This isn't an easy story to follow but it gets high marks for keeping it interesting despite that problem.

The interesting characters, good cinematography, fun James Bond-like gadgets, just the right amount of action scenes and one very memorable heist scene with Tom Cruise dangling from a wire all make this an enjoyable two hours of entertainment. That scene with Cruise trying to break into this vault-like room remains as the one of the better tension-filled scenes I've ever witnessed on the big screen.

The final action scene with the speeding train and helicopter also is very memorable. John Voight, Emmanuelle Beart, Henry Czerny and Jean Reno make it a fun cast to watch, too. Note: stick with this film and forget the sequel. Despite the confusion, this film is still fun to view.
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Soak up Cruise's Charisma
newfiesailor22 May 2006
Yes, there was a time when Tom Cruise was charismatic. Take trashy movies such as Cocktail and Far and Away or great movies like The Firm and A Few Good Men and imagine anyone other than Tom Cruise in the lead role. Hard to do, isn't it? His brash, cocky attitude was once appealing. Now that he feels he's an intelligent spokesman with something to say, he just comes across as an arrogant a**hole. Fortunately, the first MI falls into his earlier stage.

This movie would have been just another action flick without Cruise. Sure we have a stellar cast, but did not Mr. Cruise steal every scene? He is perfect in the role of Ethan Hunt, a spy whose whole team is rubbed out in a convoluted cover up at the start. It is up to Ethan to uncover the plot behind the failed mission. The movie is a series of unveiled plot twists that becomes implausible after a while. But that's not the fun behind Mission Impossible. The fun is watching the great action scenes with their suspenseful turns. So much so, we are willing to suspend disbelief to enjoy the ride. And to let ourselves be swept away by Mr. Cruise's undefinable quality to take us there.
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Slick and stylish action flick
The_Void30 August 2005
Based on the TV show of the same name, Brian De Palma's stylish thriller stars Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt; a James Bond-esquire secret agent working for a certain section of the government. As the title suggests, many of the scenarios in the film are extremely unlikely; but then again, the film wouldn't be living up to it's title if they weren't. It's one thing to criticise it's stunts for being overblown, but if they weren't, critics would be on it's back and calling it things like 'Mission Possible', so really you've just got to go with it. Brian De Palma makes it easy to just 'go with it' by way of an intriguing plot line, a constant array of high-octane sequences and lots of his trademark style! The plot does get a little too convoluted for it's own good at times, and sometimes it's a little hard to follow; but it gives the film a good basis for all manner of impossibilities, so it serves it's purpose. We follow Ethan Hunt and his team. After a botched mission, Hunt finds himself on the run from his employers after being accused of disloyalty. Hunt must now pull out all the stops to stay one step ahead of his pursuers and get to the bottom of why their mission went wrong.

The film features a number of stunts, the best of which sees Tom Cruise breaking into the CIA via the roof. This sequence is brilliantly executed, with De Palma managing to inject bucketloads of suspense into the scene. This scene fits the tone of the film as it's brooding and cerebral, but the film ditches that idea for it's conclusion, which sees a bullet train, a helicopter and the Channel Tunnel combine to great effect! The problem with all these stunts is that the parts between the action sequences aren't all that interesting, and at times can slow the film down to walking pace. This isn't a big problem, however, because there's always more action around every corner and that keeps the film going. Tom Cruise obviously has charisma and can lead a film, but I often find it hard to buy him in action roles. This one suits him, though, as although his character is still more than capable, he comes off as being quite vulnerable, and lucky at times, and that suits Cruise's persona. On the whole, while this isn't a great film; it makes for good entertainment and if that's what you're in the mood for, Mission: Impossible wont disappoint.
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One of my all-time favorite movies!
LebowskiT100017 January 2003
This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite films of all time! I'll never forget watching this film for the first time with a good buddy of mine, afterward we couldn't stop talking about it and spent a great deal of time explaining plot points to each other. We finally decided that we just had to see it again, so we did and all of our questions were answered and our theories proven correct.

The story is nothing less than superb! Every time you think you have the movie figured out they throw you for another loop, but not too much as to get you irritated trying to figure out the plot. This is most definitely a film that deserves at least two viewings before you can truly understand and appreciate the story. The characters are all excellent as well, although I was sad to see Jack Harmen (Emilio Estevez) get killed off so quickly, I liked his character.

The cast is extraordinary! Tom Cruise plays Ethan Hunt perfectly! Jon Voight was the perfect choice for Jim Phelps. Emmanuelle Beart was very good in her role. Henry Czerny was superb as Kittridge. Jean Reno was an excellent addition to the cast. Ving Rhames was a very nice touch and really added a lot to the film. Kristin Scott Thomas was lovely as always, although played a somewhat minor role in the greater scheme of things. Vanessa Redgrave was another nice addition to the cast. And finally, Emilio Estevez (as I mentioned above), played a small role, and played it quite well.

I can see why some of the big fans of the show wouldn't like this film due to certain plot points that I can't give away, so if you are a big fan of the show, be forewarned, you may have some issues with the film. Personally, I've never seen a single episode of the old television show, so I had absolutely no frame of reference. Which, I believe, put me in a better position to appreciate the story.

I feel that I have to mention the action scenes in this film! SPECTACULAR!!! The scene where Kittridge and Hunt are talking in the restaurant...just AWESOME! The entire last 20 minutes of the film...UNBELIEVABLE!!! The filming, the action, the special effects and stunts alone make this film worth watching (but luckily, there is so much more to appreciate).

If you are a fan of Tom Cruise, or just crime/mystery/action films in general, be sure to check this one out (at least twice). This is honestly one of my top 20 films of all time, I truly hope that you will enjoy this film. Thanks for reading,

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call it a guilty pleasure
TheUnknown837-113 December 2008
Every now and again, you will come upon a film that you know really isn't the best movie in the world, or even a particularly good movie on its own. And yet, despite its glaring flaws and imperfectness and lack of completion, you do find yourself strangely attached to it because it has a charm to itself that keeps you interested. Call it a guilty pleasure.

Mission: Impossible is my guilty pleasure. It's based on a 1960s television series created by Bruce Geller and the movie with Tom Cruise is kind of like a mash-up between The Bourne Identity and the James Bond pictures. Basically, the standard spy movie. Tom Cruise plays a spy who is falsely accused of betrayal to his organization and finds himself working with some unlikely partners to track down the real mole in the system and expose him and clear his name. Now, this is a plot as old as the hills and Mission: Impossible works with it just as well as the others. Not enormously well, but on an acceptable level.

Tom Cruise is great as the film's action hero lead, unfortunately his supporting cast is quite uninteresting. Another defect worth noting is the film's convoluted plot, which sometimes is hard to follow. This is caused by a screenplay in need of revisions. That's one of the film's major weaknesses and really the reason why it's just a standard spy movie with lots of cool gadgets instead of something special.

But that's really my only significant complaint about Mission: Impossible. Those rather small, unimportant defects left aside, and leaving the movie to its own devices, it works out well especially in its action sequences. Again, it's all been done before, sometimes better sometimes worse, but that doesn't meant it's boring or overdrawn. In fact, sometimes it's very primal. There is one scene in particular that I found intense and suspenseful on a hair-raising level. The scene goes on for an unremittingly long time, keeping us on the edges of our seats, and the best thing of all is that it's silent. The filmmakers could have chosen to go along with some dark, heavy music or some ominous heartbeat sound effects to put us in the same shoes with the characters, but the fact that it's quiet—too quiet for our liking—makes it so much more compelling. I only wish the rest of the movie was like this scene. Then it really would have been special.

Nevertheless, De Palma's Mission: Impossible works out well for what it is and unless you're not a fan of the standard spy movies or action pictures in particular, of if you have your standards and hopes up too high, I imagine you will enjoy it. Again, it is kind of a guilty pleasure, but hey, it was a lot of fun.
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First thrilling installation of the famous saga with non-stop action , rousing score and spectacular images
ma-cortes11 August 2015
Top-notch entry of the Mission Impossible series filled with thrills , twists , turns and lots of action . Mission : Impossible¨ by Brian De Palma boasts a very good cast such as Tom Cruise , Ving Rhames , Jon Voight , Henry Czerny , Kristin Scott Thomas , Vanessa Redgrave Emmanuel Beart , Jean Reno . The undercover unit comes into action with several fine spectacular scenes . The crack undercover agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is called into action by IMF staff (John Voight) , his assignment is a crucial mission to prevent the theft of classified material . The outfit formed by stalwarts specialists (Emilio Estevez , Emmanuel Beart , Kristin Scott Thomas) execute a dangerous operation in Praga . But the team is double-crossed and things go wrong , causing Ethan Hunt and his new team to go to clear his name . As American agent , under false suspicion of disloyalty ,he must discover and expose the real spy without the help of his organization . Meanwhile , Ethan and his undercover new bunch (Ving Rhames , Jean Reno) try to discover who set them up . Ethan and his group carry out a dangerous caper at Langley , Virginia , breaking into the CIA's most impenetrable vault .

This energetic movie packs unstopped action , hair-raising suspense , exciting thriller , frenetic pursuits and lots of violence . Well made high-tech hijinks and full of breathtaking set-up with impressive frames such as the climactic train sequence that took 6 weeks to film at the 007 stage at Pinewood Studios . And the exterior shots of the train scene, supposedly with the train in France, were mostly shot in Scotland . Tom Cruise performed a lot of sequences where Ethan Hunt executes his risked missions without the use of a stunt double . As during the filming of production , Tom Cruise did the majority of his own stunts including the CIA vault sequences to show the audience it was actually him ; this would allow director Brian De Palma to have more capabilities with camera angles & not having to hide the fact it is a stuntman doing the stunts . When Ethan is suspended by a cable while infiltrating the CIA vault results to be the series trademark , but it is ripped off from ¨Topkapi¨ by Jules Dassin . As it also appears in M.I. 2 (2000) and Mission: Impossible III (2006), Jeremy Renner also did this in Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol . The film contains an interesting as well as twisted story in flamboyant treatment , worth two hours'time, with screenplay and story written by David Koepp , Robert Towne , Steven Zaillian and based on the vintage characters by Bruce Heller . Lalo Schifrin's classic score television is again well reused here , at a much higher decibel level and adding a stirring soundtrack by Danny Elffman , fitting perfectly to action . Fascinating and luxurious cinematography by excellent cameraman by Stephen H. Burum . As usual, Tom Cruise co-executive produced , along with J. C. Calciano , Paul Hitchcock and Paula Wagner . The motion picture was compellingly directed by Brian De Palma . He's a successful producer , writer and director with a lot of hits such as ¨Sisters ¨, ¨Dresssed to Kill¨, ¨Blow out¨ , ¨Obsession¨ : all of them are outwardly odes to Hitchcock ; furthermore , he also made unforgettable flicks : ¨Scarface¨ , ¨Untouchables¨ , ¨Carlito's way¨ , ¨Femme Fatale¨ , ¨The Black Dahlia¨ , among others . ¨MI 1¨ , rating : Better than average and well worth seeing . The tale will appeal to Tom Cruise fans and unstop action movies fans . The film had big success at the box office worldwide , becoming one of the highest-grossing installment in the franchise .

Other installments from this popular and successful series are the followings : ¨ ¨Mission : Impossible II¨ by John Woo with Dougray Scott , Thandie Newton , Richard Roxburgh , John Polson , Brendan Gleeson ; ¨MI 3¨ (2006) by J. J. Abrahams with Philip Seymour Hoffman , Ving Rhames , Maggie Q , Jonathan Rhys Meyers and ¨MI 4¨ by Brad Bird with Paula Patton , Simon Pegg , Jeremy Renner , Michael Nyqvist and ¨Mission : Impossible V¨ (2015) by Christopher McQuarrie with Jeremy Renner , Simon Pegg , Ving Rhames , Rebecca Ferguson , Sean Harris , Alec Baldwin and , of course , Tom Cruise
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The old series deserved better
Ghormax4 February 1999
I was very much disappointed by this flat action movie and its predictable ending. I am a fan of the old Mission:Impossible series of the 60s and 80s and therefore I think the plot is ridiculous at best. Why should Jim Phelps do what he did? He was always loyal through the many episodes of the series and there he could have gotten much more money if he had betrayed his team.

The reason why Peter Graves (Jim Phelps) did not star in this movie is because he did not agree with what I have just said.

Anyway this movie is NOT for fans of the series because there is nothing left of the teamwork spirit of the series. It is a one man show for Tom Cruise.
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Rebooting done right
michael-32042 May 2016
This fast-paced thrill ride is a master-class in how to revive, extend and enhance a fondly remembered (if slightly cheesy) property that, in lesser hands, might have seemed time worn. Director Brian De Palma evokes espionage classics like "The Third Man" to lend some -- but not too much -- flair to a twisty narrative full of double- crosses that the story and screenplay writers manage to render coherently. It has aged unusually well for a story that relies so heavily on what was supposed to be cutting-edge technology in the mid-1990s, with only the rendering of Internet communications looking silly (that email address!). The concluding action set- piece, which was one of the first to depict the newly opened "Chunnel," strains credulity still, as it did at the time, but packs a punch nevertheless. The cast is at least serviceable -- Tom Cruise and Vanessa Redgrave really sparkle in their scenes together, Emmanuelle Béart is flat, and everyone else does what they need to do to maintain the story's tension. Danny Elfman's score, thank goodness, makes extensive use of one of the greatest themes in TV history.
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The best of the three
mdewey28 September 2007
An engaging piece of Cold War histrionics set in fine motion by DePalma and his stellar entourage of fine actors. To me, it stands far ahead of the two sequels, primarily because it is more subtle and cerebral and less visceral than the others. The cast itself is not laden with merely young hot-shot actors inserted into screenplays for box office appeal. Rather, it is almost too politically correct in its casting as all the demographics seem to be represented here: young, old, Black, White, male, female, American, European etc. Yet each of the principals and the supporting cast fits into his/her respective role quite well, with little wasted motion. It's as if they each have their own "raison d'etre" as it pertains to the overall story line.

The sophisticated spy-vs.-spy plot line is not only enhanced by the thespian talent, but also the inventive camera work that allows us to revisit "flashbacks" of prior scenes that are taken from perspectives other than the original. To wit, the Jon Voight bridge scene gets a few once-overs, if you will. Also, the European locales are well shot with no gratuitous indulgence, which helps to embellish the story line. Lest I forget, a sweet job by Danny Elfman adapting Lalo Schiffrin's "MI" theme to the soundtrack, especially during the ending credits where he shifts the theme's normal 5/4 tempo to a funkier, bluesier 4/4 time signature!

Tom Cruise takes a nice turnabout from some of his earlier more "cutesy" roles. His role here demands of him technical expertise as well as strength of character in order for him to merely stay alive. J. Voight and V. Redgrave are in fine form in their complex and beguiling portrayals.

In summary, this episode of the "MI" series characterizes what I consider to be a triumph of substance over form, of subtlety over the obvious. Maybe this attitude is a "no-no" for modern audiences, but it remains one philosophy that I will always endorse.
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Not really THAT confusing
I first saw Mission: Impossible when I was 15 and I didn't have a Scooby what the hell was going on. And I considered myself to be smarter than the average bear. In retrospect, it's not that muddled. In comparison to the very-dumbed down sequel it stands out as a better example of film-making made by a director who doesn't underestimate the audience.

Brian De Palma is known to be a wildly inconsistent filmmaker. From the over-rated Carrie, to the under-rated Snake Eyes, the classic Untouchables and the downright hideous Mission to Mars and Scarface, he's been through just about everything. But Mission: Impossible was his first true mega-hit. Movies from TV shows are a dime a dozen these days and are rarely taken seriously, I mean look at trash like S.W.A.T. or Dukes of Hazard, but M:I is actually supposed to be a continuation of the show, rather than a spin-off.

Tom Cruise is Ethan Hunt (no, not cockney rhyming slang) an IMF agent who's entire team is killed in a phony sting operation in Prague. Accused of being a traitor he legs it before they can nab him and assembles a team of rogue operatives to find out who the REAL traitor is. Many double-crosses and double-double crosses ensue.

For those who cannot follow the plot there are some really good set-pieces with enough tension and excitement to carry the whole movie. You'll know by now the dangling scene in the top-secret room but the best scene in the movie is the high-speed train rocketing through the English countryside. While other directors might use this as a chance to show off, De Palma keeps it as realistic as possible which makes it infinitely more cooler.

Parts of the movie may seem a bit dated now and it's weird seeing Tom Cruise look like a little boy even though he was already 33. He even sounds different. And what kind of supervillian uses floppy discs? They could have tried something a bit more high-tech there.

The M:I franchise could be a helluva lot better, I suppose. The second film was terrible and the third merely average. But they're still better than the last few Bond outings, though it ain't quite up to the rugged quality of the Jason Bourne movies.

At least it got off to a good start. But can the world tolerate Cruise long enough to ever get a fourth made?
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If you liked the TV series, you will hate this movie!
lima-227 November 1999
If you are a big fan of the television series, starring Peter Graves and Martin Landau, like I am, then you will hate this movie as much as I did. It has nothing to do with the television series, other than its title and opening musical sequence. I went in to this movie expecting more. If you can get beyond these prejudices, then you can expect, at best, a mediocre movie. Right off the top of my head, I can pick five or six episodes from the series that were actually better than this movie. It's a shame because I like Tom Cruse. He's better than this!
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No redeeming qualities
brenttraft5 August 2000
There is nothing good about this movie. The television show had a format. This movie takes the name of the show, but does not follow the format at all. The television show was fun, but this movie is slow and boring and has no likeable characters. I do not know why they even bothered to name it after the television show.
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With this Tom Cruise became an action star.
tankace30 June 2016
Mission Impossible, just that ,the first of this franchise which took Tom Cruise of his dramatic roles and make him a believable action star and to say the truth is very well made and its scenes are so memorable that in every movie they have been redone and other movies have copy ,make a reference or parody them. So with the mission impossible six being announce and in pre production and with been twenty years after its release, I though it was high time to review this flick.

To start does it hold up with the standards of the action movies nowadays? Yes, definitely and it is even better than a lot of them and even some superhero movies(superhero movies don't count as action flicks). The reason for that is not only it set the stage for spy movies to be more adrenaline fueled and give us spies who aren't just a copy of James Bond, but also it renewed the running man formula, that Harrison Ford made with the Indiana Jones, for real with so much running no wander why Tom Cruise look so young!

One more thing is that the story isn't over the top but some what grounded in this world and so despite the lower stakes, the danger is more personal and show you get invested to the characters, who are also very well written and portrayed. In short although it hasn't the greatness of the Golden Eye, which came out one year earlier, I believe that it has a greater impact in cinema than this, just ask any regular film goer and he or she is more likely to have seen Mission Impossible than Golden Eye.

Bonus fact the jokes for it are freaking hilarious like : " Franchise Unkillable" ,"We will continue seeing sequel, up until Tom Cruise quiets", " Cardio Cruising" and so on!! ha ha ha!

In the end Ithan Hunt is a great alternative for James Bond( or even his son for as we know 007 had a weakness for women) and don't say thinks like "Is just a copy of 007" for it isn't, like Bourne after words ,just continues the spy tradition and it doesn't make spies around the world feel shame for their work.
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Timeless franchise starter
CMTiago3 August 2015
With the release of each Mission: Impossible movie getting better and better reviews after the 2nd one, some portion of the audience affirms that the saga only gets better with each passing installment. Looking forward to seeing Rogue Nation further down the road this year, and having seen Ghost Protocol and enjoying it, I still say with enormous confidence that the first Mission is still to be beaten and maybe the fifth will do it, but I will talk about that another time.

Getting back to the point at hand, this movie truly delivers thrills like no other and an incredibly twisted story that keeps you guessing and guessing. Tom Cruise really nailed a role of a lifetime here as he begins to give us Ethan Hunt, a spy that gets more and more iconic status as he is associated with the likes of Bourne and the top spy himself Bond. But the movie succeeds on a lot more levels than this, ranging from the supporting cast to the screenplay and direction. This is a franchise I very much enjoy (even the maligned MI2), but this is the standard bearer of the series and the more espionage driven movie of them all. Terrific Stuff

Rating: 9/10
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After being framed on a mission that failed, IMF agent Ethan Hunt, must find the culprit and clear his name.
Dragonslayer200019 March 2012
This movie was great! Definitely a five star movie. Four star at the lowest. Tom Cruise acted really well, it was exciting, and they didn't make it all killing, death, etc. This movie was exciting as it sounded, so there was no rip-off. However, I do think they could have created less talking, and more doing, so it would be very fun, and not exactly like the real thing in life. After all, it is fictional stuff. It's no real. It's not based on a true story. But besides that this movie was good. This movie has very little cuss words, which makes it more easier for more parents to saying yes to their kids on watching this awesome movie. This is a movie for the young and old who love action like this. I personally can not wait to get this on DVD, and I can not wait to see it's sequels, M:I-2, M:I-3, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. You will want to do all the same. Enjoy this great movie that will always be a great spy classic for years.
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Not just BAD, but HORRIBLE
pywrit14 October 2002
Okay, lets make this simple. This is perhaps, the worst movie ever made. It is more than predictable, it so lacks originality that I not only figured out what was going to happen throughout the entire movie less than 10 minutes into it, I even could tell you the lines of each character before they spoke them. The highly touted FX? They were average at best and considering the budget of this film, they could have been infinitely better. The acting, editing, and cinematography were far from cutting edge. The best part of this film...that it ends... but not nearly soon enough. Your best bet, skip this movie. Watch the miniature golf tournament on espn2 instead.
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Star vehicle only - what's the point?
elwyn51506 March 2000
I used to watch the 80s series remake of "Mission Impossible" and feel this movie is largely "Mission Impossible" in title only.

It's really just a big star vehicle and money-making enterprise for Tom Cruise.

Sure, it's an entertaining mindless romp that will keep your brain happily in neutral for a few hours and that may be all you're after.

The revelation of who is the true villain will anger some fans such as myself.

It really wasn't anything like the 80s "Mission Impossible" I remember. What about the comraderie between characters? What about the team effort thing? These things are missing because it's Tom Cruise Vs the rest of the world.

The best thing about the film is Larry Mullen Jnr and Adam Clayton from U2 being on the soundtrack.
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I was very disappointed
alto_saxophone30 May 2006
I'm a huge fan of the original Mission: Impossible television series on which this was based. When it was announced that a movie version would be made, I naively got very excited with anticipation of seeing it. I read every scrap of information published about the movie before its release. However, when I saw it, I was very disappointed. This wasn't Mission: Impossible at all but a Tom Cruise action vehicle. I never bothered to see any of sequels. It's too bad that a whole generation of movie goers will think that THIS is Mission: Impossible without ever having seen the brilliant television series. It doesn't surprise me that Greg Morris walked out in the middle of this film and said "It's an abomination." Because Tom Cruise has tainted M:I's image so badly, no one will ever make a television show or motion picture that faithfully captures the essence of M:I... at least not during Mr. Cruise's lifetime or mine. Thanks a lot, Tom.
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Mission: Irrelevant
Oro-Indiano13 June 2000
Like many others, I was disappointed with the fact that for the big screen, almost all the elements which made the tv series "Mission: Impossible" so entertaining - the team ethos, the complex con-tricks, etc - were jettisoned in favour of a huge ego boost for the one man show that is Mr. Tom Cruise. It is particularly annoying given that the "plot" chosen to replace it is so bog-standard and predictable. An honest hero is framed for something he didn't do and spends the rest of the movie trying to clear his name and out the real spy... This seems to be the plot of every third blockbuster these days - two titles released just before "M:I" using exactly the same storyline spring to mind: "Judge Dredd" and Schwarzenegger's "Eraser". It was also totally un-necessary to take the hero of the original series and make him the villain of the movie - can you imagine a film version of "The Untouchables" with the cops hot on the trail of the evil gang boss Eliot Ness? There is also the fact that the movie is deeply insecure; one feels that it would like to be a cold-war style espionage picture but does not have the courage of its convictions so tacks a cheesy and implausible action sequence onto the end. I could go on, but at the end of the day, my list of criticisms are all are all pretty subjective, and don't really point to this being a bad film, simply one that I don't like. But then suddenly it struck me. The reason I find this movie so intensely pointless, and the reason I think it's no good, is that so many scenes are so stupid, or just completely extraneous. Take for example the films most memorable moment - the break in to the CIA building to steal half of the 'NOC' list. We are told that this is the most secure room in the entire world, that it has every security system known to man. Except, it seems, a plain and simple good old CCTV camera! Sure, the scene is well directed and a fair amount of tension is wrung from it, but if you take a step back to think, it's preposterous. Besides, by my reckoning there is no reason for Hunt even to have the real NOC list if he is planning on double bluffing simply to smoke out the spy, so the scene shouldn't even be there. Why would he endanger all those agents by handing over the real list?

Nit picking? Certainly, but it sums up for me why the whole thing is a waste of time. There are plenty of movies one can enjoy by checking ones brain in at the theatre door; but when a movie cloaks itself in a supposedly complex plot and encourages the audience member to engage his or her brain, and then doesn't even stand up to scrutiny, I find the whole process deeply depressing - more so when the film takes itself as seriously as this one evidently does. I can't even be entertained anymore, because I am acutely aware of how shallow, empty, and ultimately pretentious it all is. So sorry folks, but if you ask me this is a red herring wrapped up in a Macguffin, wrapped up in a shaggy dog story with fleas, all designed for the sole purpose of making Tommy look good. It's a real shame that the supporting cast, production values, direction etc are all so high, since the film itself is so thoroughly worthless. At my most generous, I'd give it...

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Confusion: Quite Possible
No Never-223 August 1999
"Mission: Impossible" gained a reputation for being a sloppily unsolvable riddle of a film, full of so many holes and turnabouts and crossed loyalties that the viewer was left more irritated than perplexed. Watching it a second time with that in mind, what was surprising to me was that all the pieces of this puzzle fit together somehow...despite a few minor plot holes and improbabilities, the basic thrust of the film retains a certain logic and solvability. What's less surprising is how little this all matters. "Mission: Impossible" remains an average film dominated a few remarkable setpieces. The film moves rather impatiently and hurriedly through its scenes of intrigue and doublecrossing (the real source of so much audience confusion) in order to set up its action scenes. Cruise overplays with admirable confidence, but this remains a good action film, but a mediocre spy film.
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