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  • The British BBFC 18 Version misses out 7 fight scenes, e.g. the usage of a knife or sequences showing the breaking of bones. Those cuts were waived for the Blu-ray release. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In Niece, Russian mobster Mikhail Suverov is chased by FBI agents Pellman and Loomis, but is killed. Assigned to investigate Suverov's death, police officer Alain Moreau and his partner Sebastien learn that Mikhail is Alain's identical long lost twin brother, whom was given up for adoption and that Mikhail resided in New York. Going to New York on a personal journey to find out more about Mikhail. Alain is soon targeted by Ivan Dzasokhov, right hand man of Russian mob boss Dmitri Kirov whom mistakes Alain for Mikhail. With Ivan and his men in pursuit, Alain and Mikhail's mistress Alex Minetti soon discover that Pellman and Loomis are corrupt and are working for Ivan and that Mikhail was gathering evidence of Pellman and Loomis working for the Russian mob and that he intended to expose their activities to the authorities and Alain decides to turn the tables on Ivan, Pellman and Loomis and avenge Mikhail's murder and find out what was Mikhail's intention of exposing Pellman and Loomis to the authorities. Edit (Coming Soon)


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