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A Depressing Mature movie all about sex!
Danny200014 July 2000
This movie is about a Man, his wife,his best friend, and his sister-in-law this movie The main character Michael is sad and alone because his wife Helen is always away on business trips.Little does he know she's fooling around with his best friend Craig (A bi-sexual who will have sex with just about anyone). Then Magenta arrives (Helen's Beautiful younger sister). I believe Magenta is 16yrs old and she's a skinny little Gal. Well anyways Michael gets so desperate for love he watches Magenta undress when his wife is not around because she's at her so called "business trips". Then things heat up And He starts sleeping with Magenta. If you want more info I suggest you rent it I liked this movie but Is not for kids Its one of those erotic adult films. In reality I assume Magenta is about 21. I have been reading other reviews for this movie (at a different website) and they say The girl who plays Magenta can't act. Well they are wrong she did a great job and she's a sexy beautiful talented girl. I feel very sorry for Magenta through out this whole movie she is used by Michael for sex he also beat her and she gets blamed by everyone for everything. You've got to rent this people .This poor Magenta Girl gets treated like dirt and the movie doesn't even focus on Magenta. It's all about poor Michael But I think his Character and his wife Helen's Character and His best friend Craig all were jerks and backstabbing liars. The makers of Magenta should have focused more On the Title character of this movie "Magenta". They should have called this movie "Michael".Watch the movie and keep this review in mind.
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Excellent movie, great job by McMahon & Kennedy.
mtal28 October 1998
I felt that this movie showed the excellent acting ability of Julian McMahon and Marklen Kennedy. As doctors and close friends, Michael Walsh (McMahon) finds out how evil temptations can change a man's thinking and actions. Drawn into the depths of decadence by his friend Craig (Kennedy), Michael soon learns that everything is not as it seems. The acting was excellent, great storyline, and a dynamite ending, leaving the viewer in total amazement. I recommend this movie highly.
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Disjointed film that bounces between lame and brilliant
hojoe-21 August 1999
This movie has an interesting premise, an exciting and promising story, some good performances (not all of them), but either the direction or the editing falls just short. I'm not sure if it wants to be Lolita or just a titillating film but it fails to deliver as either one. Too bad because it has a beautiful cast. Could have been fun... wasn't
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Pretty Hot!
Vanessa Jane15 February 2005
This movie seemed pretty dated and a little cheesy at first but I caught it late one night and was happy not to have missed it. I really enjoyed the story although; it was a little raunchy. I feel would appeal mainly to women - it's definitely a chick flick. The story focuses on a teenage girl who has a crush on her sister's boyfriend. It follows the story of how she peruses and finally gets him into bed; with some pretty steamy sex scenes and consequences to go with it. Julian McMahon is hot, hot, hot! in this movie - it was an absolute pleasure to watch him. It was a fantasy turned in to a movie! Brilliant and totally enjoyable for all Julian McMahon fans!
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Very dark surreal story that has twists and turns. GOOD PIC!
MarklenKennedy16 February 2000
I thought the story was great and detailed. Kennedy is a stud and daring in this role. McMahon is believable but a bit dull. Same character he plays in the Profiler basically. Would love to see more of Marklen and A.Story. But get the Magenta some acting lessons. Recommend this film to all buffs who like story in a film. Right on!!!
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some spoilers strange movie
theevilgumby16 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
What a weird movie? so yeah wife is screwing husbands best GAY friend then is mad when husband is screwing her lolita sister? good performance by mcmahon and the chick playing magenta though her voice is weird and she moves weird. Anyone notice like walking this chick looks strange. MUSic though movie is so annoying throughout movie. SOunds like a 70's porn. Sex scenes suck badly movie overall is more funny in a bad way then good. Creepy friend craig was very annoying and the lighting blows in this movie. Wife cant act at all, and was craig supposed to be a doctor or a painter I couldn't get that part. And lastly how come everyone else was naked except mcmahon? As a female I watch him on nip/tuck and he is very hot but lol what the hell in this movie? did he have probelns with nudity...... then ? overall only a OK movie something that seems like ti belongs on latenight TV
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