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Filmart: Renny Harlin on How He Became One of the Most In-Demand Directors in China

Filmart: Renny Harlin on How He Became One of the Most In-Demand Directors in China
For veteran Hollywood filmmaker turned Beijing transplant Renny Harlin, Chinese-language movie making has become much more than just a fleeting infatuation.

Harlin was a Hollywood darling during the 1990s thanks to his action hits Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger and The Long Kiss Goodnight. But after a couple of expensive misfires — Cutthroat Island and Deep Blue Sea — the phone began to ring far less frequently. That changed after Harlin came to China in 2014 to direct the Jackie Chan action-comedy Skiptrace, co-starring Fan Bingbing and Johnny Knoxville.

After the movie opened at No. 1 and earned a strong $134 million at the...
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Shane Black Has Written 1960s Avengers TV Show Reboot

Shane Black and writing partner Fred Dekker have scripted a TV pilot reboot for cult 1960s spy show The Avengers. Black first made a name for himself with his script for Lethal Weapon in 1987, which combined snappy, quotable dialogue with slick action. He followed up with scripts for The Last Boy Scout and The Long Kiss Goodnight, before moving into directing later in his career with The Nice Guys and Iron Man 3.
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Why Geena Davis Shouldn’t Be Cast in Wonder Woman 2

Word on the street is that Geena Davis wants a part in Wonder Woman 2. Let’s just stop right there. Geena Davis is a PG-rated actress. It doesn’t matter that she’s been in films that have a harder rating, she isn’t the type that could fit into an action film of the day and be completely seamless in her delivery. The Long Kiss Goodnight and A League of Their Own is about as fringe as she gets to be honest and that’s where she needs to stay. Thelma and Louise was a stretch but any further and her character would

Why Geena Davis Shouldn’t Be Cast in Wonder Woman 2
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Geena Davis on Hollywood Sexism and Wanting to Be in ‘Wonder Woman 2’

Geena Davis on Hollywood Sexism and Wanting to Be in ‘Wonder Woman 2’
Oscar winner Geena Davis has spent more than a decade pushing Hollywood to create meatier roles for women.

Through the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, a non-profit research organization, she’s been urging film and television executives to have as many girls as boys in children’s entertainment. The actress thinks the industry is turning a corner, and she believes that hits like “Wonder Woman” are changing things for the better across the media business.

Of course Davis, whose credits include “Thelma & Louise” and “A League of Their Own,” still has a day job. She’s back on screen this weekend in “Marjorie Prime,” as a woman who tries to comfort her ailing mother (Lois Smith) by enlisting a holographic projection of her late husband (Jon Hamm) to keep her company. The film asks big questions about memory and technology, and it’s earning Davis some of the strongest reviews of her career. She
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'The Hitman's Bodyguard' Review: Samuel L. Jackson, Ryan Reynolds Banter, Get Bloody

'The Hitman's Bodyguard' Review: Samuel L. Jackson, Ryan Reynolds Banter, Get Bloody
When it comes to this R-rated action comedy, the joke is all in the title. Professional killer-for-hire Darius Kincaid (Samuel L. Jackson) needs bodyguard Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) to protect him from England to the Hague, where the hit man is set to testify against a Belorussian tyrant (Gary Oldman, doing everything he can with a boxed-in role). In exchange, Darius' wife, Sonia, will earn a get-out-of-jail-free card – she's played by Salma Hayek, who's almost excuse enough to see this movie. Her swearing is some kind of profane poetry. And boy,
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16 Good Movie Pick-Me-Ups on Netflix Right Now

Why so glum, chum? Movies are fun and they need watching.

In the immortal words of Shane Black via Geena Davis in The Long Kiss Goodnight, “Life is pain. Get used to it.” These days life has been really painful though, and it’s not so easy to get used to it. Thankfully movies are always here to pick us up when we need it, or bring us down if we’re looking to wallow. This month we’ve made a list of movies that will leave you smiling and feeling good about humanity after you watch them — at least for a little while. Click on their titles to be taken to their Netflix pages.

Pick of the Month: Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

It’s possible that Big Trouble in Little China might be the stupidest movie ever made. It’s about a fast-talking, rock-stupid, man-child truck driver battling Asian mystics over the fate of his
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‘Legend of the Ancient Sword’ Photo: Renny Harlin’s Video Game Adaptation Looks Big & Expensive

‘Legend of the Ancient Sword’ Photo: Renny Harlin’s Video Game Adaptation Looks Big & Expensive
Renny Harlin is currently in post-production on Legend of the Ancient Sword, a Chinese production based on a popular role-playing video game called Gu Jian Qi Tan (Legend). It’s another action-adventure film from Harlin, who directed The Long Kiss Goodnight, Cutthroat Island, and The Deep Blue Sea. Below, check out the Legend of the Ancient Sword photo. Harlin’s last film, the […]

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Action film Ruthless is on the way, described as "a female John Wick"

  • JoBlo
We've been seeing a surge of female action heroes lately (Rey in Force Awakens, Jyn Erso in Rogue One, the upcoming Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, and Tomb Raider films), and I say that's a great thing. But a lot of these characters are either part of established franchises or are adapted from another medium. While female action heroes exist (Haywire, The Long Kiss Goodnight, the Alien series),... Read More...
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Den Of Geek films of the year: The Nice Guys

Ryan Lambie Dec 23, 2016

Our countdown of our top ten favourite films of the year continues with Shane Black's comedy-thriller, The Nice Guys...

As is tradition at this time of the year, our writers have been voting for their favourite movies. And at number seven in 2016's list? The Nice Guys...

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7. The Nice Guys

To one generation, he’s the writer behind such 80s and 90s action thrillers as Lethal Weapon, Last Boy Scout and The Long Kiss Goodnight. To another, younger group of people, Shane Black is probably best known as the guy who made Iron Man 3 into a comic sci-fi caper with a controversial (in some quarters) plot development. The Nice Guys, a film no
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Great Job, Internet!: In praise of Shane Black, the godfather of all badass Christmas action movies

Every year, at some point someone trots out the old chestnut that Die Hard is the greatest Christmas movie. And it is, objectively speaking, a truly great one. (No one ever picks Prometheus, strangely.) But a new video essay explores the actual inspiration for Die Hard’s Christmas setting: writer-director Shane Black, who, the previous year, had scored a mega-hit with his script for Lethal Weapon.

Over the ensuing decades, Black has proven himself one of the masters of the modern action movie, singlehandedly responsible for many of the conventions that have driven the genre for decades. Patrick H. Willems’ video essay delineates some of Black’s calling cards: “Mismatched partners, shocking violence, profanity, shootouts, one-liners, subverted clichés … and Christmas.” Almost all of the director’s films, including Lethal Weapon, The Last Boy Scout, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and this year’s solid The Nice Guys
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The Predator: Shane Black's sequel is going for laughs

Kirsten Howard Ryan Lambie Simon Brew Nov 22, 2017

The new Predator film sounds like it'll be the funniest one yet, and we find ourselves completely here for it...

Shane Black's The Predator is now firmly in the grips of its post-production bits and bobs, and a first trailer can't be too far away, as filming wrapped quite a few months back in Vancouver.

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We unapologetically love the Predator franchise here at Den Of Geek. Yes, even that one....and that one....yes, even that one had its moments...okayyy, maybe not that one. But are we ready for a proper Predator horror comedy? We didn't think we were, but having roared with laughter through Black's last three films - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Iron Man 3 and The Nice Guys - mayhaps, just mayhaps, we are. Which is good,
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Great Job, Internet!: Shane Black loves using violence, thinks you should too

Filmmaker Shane Black has always loved to pepper his stories with violent outbursts, either for dramatic or comical effect. From his scripts for Lethal Weapon, The Last Boy Scout, and The Long Kiss Goodnight, to his writer/directorial efforts Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Iron Man 3, and The Nice Guys; these are worlds that Black has envisioned with consequential action that not only informs the plot but also reflects on the characters. While part of it is just popcorn entertainment to see his noir-drenched characters do some really cool stunts, another part is a window into the souls of the films themselves and the worlds he has created (along with the people that populate those worlds). A new video by The Nerdwriter (a.k.a. Evan Puschak) looks at Shane Black’s judicious use of action and violence in his films, and finds an insight from which other filmmakers would
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Today in Movie Culture: Quentin Tarantion's 'Suicide Squad,' James Cameron's Climate Change PSA and More

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:   Movie Trilogy Takedown of the Day: With Jason Bourne out this weekend, Honest Trailers pummels the first three Bourne movies (and jokes about forgetting there's a fourth):   Movie Comparison of the Day: And also in honor of the new Bourne, Couch Tomato gives 24 reasons why The Bourne Identity is the same movie as The Long Kiss Goodnight:   Vintage Image of the Day: Babyfaced Matt Damon and director Doug Liman go over a scene for 2002's The Bourne Identity:   Reimagined Movie of the Day: What if Quentin Tarantino directed Suicide Squad and it was filled with his iconic characters instead of DC...

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Watch: 24 Things The Bourne Identity and The Long Kiss Goodnight Have in Common

In honor of Jason Bourne, which technically arrives in theaters tomorrow night (review here), YouTube's Couch Tomato is going back to the beginning of the franchise with a new "24 Reasons" video that explains the similarities between The Bourne Identity and Renny Harlin's Shane Black-penned thriller The Long Kiss Goodnight. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.
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Jackie Chan and Johnny Knoxville Bicker and Fight Their Way Through Skiptrace Trailer

While Jackie Chan provided a voice in this year's Kung Fu Panda 3, it's been a while since we've actually seen him in anything Stateside — especially an action-heavy throwback to his Rush Hour days. Well, Skiptrace is here to scratch that itch, and it sees Chan teaming up with Johnny Knoxville in a wacky-looking action comedy.

This one is directed by Renny Harlin, the guy behind Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger, The Long Kiss Goodnight, and Deep Blue Sea. It seems like something of a small comeback for both Harlin and Chan, and looks enjoyable enough if you're feeling nostalgic to the kinds of movies that were made at the start of this millennium.

Skiptrace will be available on DirecTV starting July 28th, and in select theaters and On Demand starting September 2, 2016.

Fists and feet are flying in this explosive action-comedy starring Jackie Chan and Johnny Knoxville. For years, by-the-book Hong Kong
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First Trailer For Renny Harlin Directed ‘Skiptrace’ Starring Jackie Chan & Johnny Knoxville

At one time, Renny Harlin was viewed as Hollywood’s next great action-movie-directing hope. He impressed with “Die Hard 2” and “Cliffhanger,” but the double whammy of flops “Cutthroat Island” and “The Long Kiss Goodnight” started a descent which in recent years has seen him directing TV, little-seen efforts like “Five Days Of War” and “Devil’s […]

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Renny Harlin to direct videogame adaptation Legend Of The Ancient Sword




Die Hard 2 director Renny Harlin's taking on a movie adaptation of the Chinese Mmo, Legend Of The Ancient Sword...

If the curse of the videogame movie adaptation has lifted anywhere, it's in the Far East. Over the past few days, Duncan Jones' Warcraft movie has risen to $156m in China - a stark contrast to the Us, where it struggled to crack the $30m mark on its opening weekend. The reason? Because World Of Warcraft (the videogame) is absolutely huge in that part of the world, and its loyal fans have turned up in the significant numbers to support the film in its opening week. If Universal eventually commits to making a sequel to Warcraft, the draw of the Chinese box office will be the reason why.

All of this will be music to the ears of the Chinese company Alibaba, which is branching into the movie business with a videogame adaptation of its own. Legend Of The Ancient Sword doesn't have quite the same global recognition as Warcraft, but its following in China is large enough that Alibaba is committing a "significant" sum of money into adapting it into a movie.

Legend Of The Ancient Sword will be directed by Renny Harlin, best known for such 90s successes as Die Hard 2: Die Harder, Cliffhanger and The Long Kiss Goodnight. His previous project was Skiptrace - an action caper starring Jackie Chan and Johnny Knoxville - which is due out this summer in China. Indeed, Harlin clearly has plans to make the Far East a permanent base of operations for his filmmaking, as Variety reports that the Finnish director has set up a branch of his production company, Midnight Sun, in Beijing.

As for Legend Of The Ancient Sword, Alibaba have big plans for it, including two further movies and a spin-off TV series.

“This is a big, epic fantasy adventure,” Harlin tells Variety. “My ambition is to integrate this Chinese property with Hollywood story telling and visual effects and to introduce new fighting techniques.”

In case you were wondering what the game looks like, here's a handy video:

More news on this as we get it.


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The Nice Guys review – sleaze and slapstick in 70s La

Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe do chalk and cheese in Lethal Weapon writer Shane Black’s old-school buddy pic

Ryan Gosling’s private investigator makes most of his discoveries by falling off, over and into things

In the late 80s, Shane Black’s Lethal Weapon script became a touchstone for saleable, hard-boiled, odd-couple buddy pics, movies that combined action, comedy and wise-assed verbal vulgarity in varying measures. 1991’s The Last Boy Scout built on Black’s fondness for smart, nihilistic profanity, predating the arrival of Reservoir Dogs, after which anything involving swearing, guns and cine-literacy would be lazily labelled “Tarantino-esque”. In 1996, Black made headlines by earning a record-breaking $4m for penning the script for what became the Geena Davis/Samuel Jackson thriller The Long Kiss Goodnight. But it wasn’t until 2005 that the writer finally turned director with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a tongue-in-cheek La neo-noir, the mistyped tagline for which ran: “SeX.
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Shane Black and the 90s spec script gold rush




A rush for original scripts led to Shane Black being among the highest-paid screenwriters in Hollywood. Ryan takes a look back...

Shane Black, 28 years old, poses for a photograph outside his Los Angeles bungalow. It’s 1990, and Black’s name has appeared all over the Hollywood trade press thanks to his latest script sale - or, more specifically, how much Warner Bros had spent on purchasing it. The script was for The Last Boy Scout, an action thriller that would eventually appear in cinemas in 1991 starring Bruce Willis. Black sold it for $1.75m - said to be the highest price ever paid for a screenplay at that time.

So here’s Shane Black, standing barefoot on the concrete paving slabs outside his house, which he and his roommates had dubbed the Pad O’Guys. Black’s wearing ripped jeans and a threadbare-looking lumberjack shirt; to his right
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