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Arrrr, I want me gold!
Blakjak7 June 1999
Most film critics will tell you that sequels are, as a rule, inferior to their predecessors. By there very nature they are derivative, the bastard child of what was once a good idea. Sequels, especially ones of highly successful films, are almost necessarily cursed with a dearth of creativity, made simply to make money, a cynical perversion of the "art" of moviemaking.

That's why you have to see Leprechaun 4: In Space. A fearless fourth in the Leprechaun horror series, In Space breaks rules that either aren't written yet, or simply could not be broken by celluloid alone. A completely original feat, it was borne not from a good idea, but a very, very, very bad one. It succeeds a highly unsuccessful film, and if there's anything it doesn't lack, it's creativity. And trust me when I say this, L4 (as I like to call it) was definitely not out to make money. Rent it now! Rent it today!
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Possibly the best movie involving a Leprechaun in space...Ever!
Buggy-411 March 2002
Leprechaun in space has all the qualities for this years Oscars... despite the fact that it did not come out this year. The leprechaun displayed so much soul in the film i forgot that he was trying to kill at all. i even cried when he blew up for the third time, never mind that they used the same footage as the first two times he blew up. Brilliance pure brilliance. Not once did I wish for my eyes to be gouged out as i did while watching the atrocious "Astro Zombies." Ever scene captures your heart, from when the leprechaun comes out of a mans penis, to the totally unnecessary breast shot. The world would be a better place If there were more films like Leprechaun and less like "Trucks." Four out of Four puke buckets.

Also check out "Leprechaun in the Hood" and the fantastic miniseries "The Voyage of Mimi."
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Let's not be serious
k0129576 April 2000
What a delightful sendup of other movies.

It follows the plot of Alien, throws in some gratuitous sex, makes fun of marines, scientists, and women who will do anything for jewelry, puts in a dash of cross-dressing and Dr. Strangelove.

THIS IS NOT A SERIOUS HORROR MOVIE. The first in the series was a serious horror movie, by this point, the series is comedy with a horror motif.
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scarlet caulfield27 June 2002
Leprechaun 4 is that rare film that takes you to a place you never knew existed. In this case it's the world of everyone's favorite leprechaun who has somehow ended up roaming around in space and decides to terrorize some unsuspecting travelers.

The acting is horrendous, the special effects are ultra cheesy, and the story, well, what story? And that's why this film is so great! My favorite part is the decline of Dr. Mittenhand. It creates a parallel to the life of one man, his struggles, his torments, and his eventual transformation into some sort of demented spider/human hybrid. Who hasn't dealt with that same trama and those same pains in their own lives? When his metamorphosis is complete, and he declares his new identity in the heart-wrenching line, "I am no longer Mittenhand, I am Mittenspider!" it is a true milestone reached in cinema.

And of course the Leprechaun represents the antagonist in us all. Big evil comes in quite the small package. The leprechaun, in his quest for his gold, is simply a puppet of capitalism and corporate greed. I think we could all learn a big lesson from this little fellow.

So, to summarize, I give this film a 7, because it is slow at points, but the occasional leprechaun in the pants scene redeems it all. Bravo!
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Don't compare it, just have fun with it!
benjambment14 August 2001
People keep trying to compare this to some of the old "film greats" or to the first three movies. The most obvious thing about this movie from the very beginning is that it's not ANYTHING like any of the above - have fun with it people! It's not meant to be deep and philosophical, well-made, scary, or new and refreshing - it's meant to be FUN! Make sure you keep this in mind when viewing this movie and I guarantee you'll have a GREAT time!

This movie is so BAAAAD that it's GOOOOOOOOOD! On the bad/good continuum it comes full-circle and is one of my favorites of all time!

Most movies/stories have some sort of exposition, as in they tell why the Leprechaun is doing X or why this place is important, or how the antagonist got into his current position. This movie, heck no - you're thrown right into the midst of an already-happening plotline, no explanation, no reason why the Leprechaun's on some alien world with a hot chick, NOTHING! That's great! They didn't even TRY to make up a silly story to explain the badness, they just went with it!

Most movies have the gratuitous nude shot, be it just a breast, full frontal nudity, etc. This one does too, and the timing of it makes it HILARIOUS! *Just* when you're thinking "Hm, where's the obligatory gratuitous nude scene?" BAM! It hits you, and the context leaves your sides hurting from laughter.

They tried their hardest to get their point across that they're NOT being serious at all, and they do it well. This movie starts bad, gets weird, and then gets worse, and they don't pull any punches. There are random pants-eating scenes, mutants, and when you think you've seen it all, they throw in cross-dressing cybernetic marines!!

Rent it, think of Mystery Science Theater 3000, get some friends, and be prepared for the funniest movie you've ever seen!
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Funny and Entertaining!
Mike-84220 July 1999
It's the 21st century, and a group of space marines are sent to destroy a monster that terrorizes the entire galaxy, the ultimate threat... A Leprechaun! This was a very funny movie, with the Leprechaun teaming up with a dastardly space princess who wants the Leprechaun's gold. Together the killer their way through a group of hilarious characters (but not as hilarious as in Leprechaun 3). Especially the Doctor, which Dr. Evil (From Austin Powers) resembles. Altough this came out in February '97 while the first Austing came out in May '97. Anyway, this was the 4th highest renting horror movie of '97. This is the second best Lep movie, following behind #3. Both of this were directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith, and I think he should direct Leprechaun 5: Lep In The Hood (Which is going to be theatrical and have more comedy than horror, it will star Warwick Davis and Ice-T and will be set in an inner city Los Angeles neighborhood. It will film in late summer, '99.
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A creative movie
Quetzl30 June 1999
Creativity is a funny thing. It can either turn out be be brilliant and inspired, or can turn into utter crap. L4 is a very original, creatively done film, which approaches the genre from a unique perspective, a combination rip off of Alien and Dr. Strangelove. Not that it is any good, it is actually a horrible film, but hey, it is different. The horror sequences are silly and cheesy (Like when the antagonist crawls up a soldiers member), the attempts at humor fall flat. The whole thing is just dumb, but hey, bring some friends and have a day letting loose on it. Look for the little guy to flash the Trimark symbol of quality at the end.
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My brain tried to jump from my skull...
cornjob-218 June 1999
This movie hurts. Bad. If you watch it without the sound, it will remind you of a high school film. If you pay attention to the dialogue, you will wonder who's retarded parrot threw these words together. As I watched this film, I slowly felt my brain trying to tear itself from my head. As the movie progressively burnt my flesh, I came to realize that there is no movie worse than Leprechaun 4. Save yourselves and don't see this movie!! Even the "Behold my breasts and tremble" scene doesn't make this movie worth it. Not so bad it's good, but so bad it is excrutiatingly painful to watch.
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This is the best movie and leprechauns and space ever!
madbeehive31 October 2000
This is the best movie and leprechauns and space ever! Definitely the worst of the Leprechaun series, this is still a hilarious film. For no apparent reason the Leprechaun is in outerspace. There is no explanation for this, but oh well. Anyhow, Leppy gets onto the space ship and kills everyone but a few people--> your typical Leppy adventure. Best part of this film: Leppy gets zapped by a laser and becomes a giant!!!!
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Holy jumped up jesus
Wayne_Gail13 January 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Well i did not think it could be done, but they did it. They somehow bridged the story of the evil lil irish mythology creature from las vegas into the FUTURE!!!!!!! and beyond. First id like to comment on the amzing cgi graphics. Between the table appearing out of nowhere ,a favorite between me and steffens couch which i spit up soda on when i saw it, and the leprechan turning big and saying 'im huge im magnificent :pelvit thrust: big is good' this movie will keep you on your toes. The crew of the doomed spaceship has to face all evil and avoid turning into spiders and getting thrown up and off of a bridge. the only hope for the crew is juwanna man who debates whether or not he looks like a fly. and watch out for those floating obscene gestures in space. IN SPACE HE LOVES TO HEAR YOU SCREAM.
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dh4928 April 2000
Okay, I went into this with the right frame of mind. Last night some buddies got together and saw this with an eye out for some cheap cheap laughs. And believe you me, the laughs are the absolute cheapest. The plot is non-existent, but that's intentional, and the makeup blows. Let's think a moment about the folks who made this film - lots of inside jokes, and no real attempt at horror. This movie was made for kicks. It's just an excuse to have fun. The script and performances prove that none of this whole affair was to be taken as anything monumental. It's a riot. And I'll tell you what - the metal headed officer is probably a pretty good actor faking bad on purpose. And the guy playing Mittenhand must be a downright brilliant actor. His sense of camp and comic timing floored me. His Mittenspider line is quite possibly the best line on film since "Rosebud". I'm not kidding. Brilliance permeates every frame of this delightfully tasteless and shameful movie. Rent or buy this film right now. But a warning - if you buy it, don't spend more than $5. I have a theory that you should never spend more for a video than the budget of the movie.
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pretty decent movie
Dan73 January 1999
Leprechaun 4 is totally different from the previous 3.It takes place in the future and I was not disappointed like in the second and third.It's got a pretty good cast and doesn't have so much funny parts that deprive it from a horror movie.When I saw it,my first thought was "now that was good".It keeps up to the original.So if you have the time, see it.Just skip the second and third,you won't miss anything.I give it **** out of ***** stars.
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Absolutely Terrible
millikin28 February 2000
I laughed so hard and my mind was so saturated after seeing this thing, that I had it buy it as soon as I saw it on a pre-viewed rack. It is so terrible. What gets me is how the cast is filled with beautiful women, but the only one who takes her shirt off is the one who isn't a penthouse pet. For a trash movie like this, we expect at least some good, pointless nudity. Every line is terrible, every situation is terrible, ... simply terrible in every way. I love it.
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Worst Leprechaun EVER!
Stalker7418 March 2006
The original was a lot of fun and a fast-paced and good-hearted movie. This one is horrible. The Leprechaun's (Warwick Davis) acting here is atrocious. The rest of the cast is horrible. Most of this cast seems to be made of unknowns. Possibly they were part of some college acting class. There was not much chemistry between anybody. This was a direct-to-video entry, and everyone seems to have mailed it in. This is an exploitation film all the way.

The characters in L4 are just don't have any funny lines. There aren't any memorable scenes. There are a couple of T&A scenes that are lame. This movie is pretty bad.
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No luck! I wish Leprechaun 4: in Space would be lost in space. It's a horrible movie.
ironhorse_iv19 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
All logic and development is thrown out the window as Leprechaun 4 begins in space, with no explanation of how Warwick Davis's character got there. Honestly, in all the installments of this film series, none of them have any sort of continuity. At less, the other films made more sense than this film. I can see the Leprechaun going to Las Vegas to try his luck in Leprechaun 3. I can see Leprechaun in the Hood in the 2000 film, but in no way, can I picture a Leprechaun in Space!?! Those two things are not even somewhat related. It doesn't mixed. It's like saying, let's watch a movie of Cupid dating a black hole or the Easter Bunny mooning the moon people or Santa Claus conquer the Martians. Surprising, the Santa Claus's movie, I mention is a real movie, but you get what I'm saying. Films titles like these are clearly, not Oscar gold. So don't come thinking that a movie titled 'Leprechaun in Space', is anything higher than a B-flick film parody. Leprechaun in Space is directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith. The film was made as a direct to video horror comedy that parodies other Sci-Fi horror movies like 1979's Alien and its sequel 1986's Aliens. Its takes other film references from 1982's the Thing, 1992's Terminator, 1977's Star Wars and even 1963's McLintock! The movie even shamelessly ripped off the tagline from Alien, "In Space, No-One Can Hear You Scream". Like Aliens, the movie starts out in the future with a team of Space Marines. The marine are joined by Dr. Tina Reeves, (Jessica Collins) who is assigned to Mortal Kombat Kano rip off, Sgt. Hooker (Tim Colceri) and his squad to find an alien princess named Zarina (Rebekah Carlton). Zarina was kidnapped by the Leprechaun (Warwick Davis) from her home world of Dominia because he wants to make her as his queen. Zarina looks like a Gary Glitter groupie or something out of David Bowie space oddity. Not only is her character, very bossy, and materialism. She is so clumsy, and damsel in distress that you wish she wasn't save. While the Leprechaun is clearly the villain, he acts like the hero, for protecting her during a fight-fire with the Marines jumping on a landmine for her. The Marines capture her for their dear leader; a half-man, half-robotic scientist Dr. Mittenhand (Guy Siner). He looks and sounds like a Nazi Dalek. Mitterhand wants to use the princess's regenerative DNA to recreate his own body; which was mutilated in a failed experiment. The Leprechaun return from the death, somehow and vow to save the princess. Honestly, I don't know if the Marines are supposed to be the heroes in this film, or the Leprechaun. For the most part, there is nobody to root for. They're all pretty unlikeable. So, honestly I could care less who lives and who dies. For a Rated R film, the deaths are not even gory, but cartoony as hell. A good example is that one of the victim get his head flatted. Rather, than seeing his skull crush in, and blood oozing out. We see his head turn into a doughy pizza size. The Leprechaun even forced one of the victim to cross dress in a comedies fashion that is no way serve any purpose than to get an few laughs out. Fans of Sci-Fi might like the lightsaber death, but it was bad, as they don't even show the victim getting chop. Even the scene where the Leprechaun violently emerges from somebody's penis seem in bad taste and tame. Yes, the movie have some over the top absurd ways to kill their characters, but in no way are they gruesome. The deaths don't even make sense. How on earth did the Leprechaun find a scorpion and tarantula in space? The movie doesn't explain anything. Like where did Dr. Mittenhand's experimental enlargement ray come from? The film has one of the most unnecessary breast shot in the history of cinema where the princess strips her top, to tell the Marines that they are all doom. It doesn't even make any sense. The women in this movie are just made out to look like sex object idiots. There is a scene where a woman get her pants eaten by a mutant, just for horny people to watch her run around with her butt nearly expose. The acting is horrendous from everybody that isn't name Warwick Davis. Honestly, Warwick Davis has that charming voice that makes you wish he did better films. He has the acting chops for it. He did had some good one-liners. Sadly, the Leprechaun doesn't rhyme. The special effects CGI are just bad. I know, this was the 1990s, and this film was low budget, but gees… I could do better effects on paint on my old Window 95 computer. The effects on Mitterspider was pretty good for the time. I just wish, they didn't use the explosion scene twice in the film. Bad recycling shot right there. The props for the future are just office supplies glue together. The walls of the ship look like cardboard. I like how the film steals sound effects from the Doom video game. This movie might fall into "so bad it's good" territory for some fans, but I don't think the director succeeds in that; I think, in fact, that the movie is so bad, it's bad. This was the low of the low. Like a black hole, it's sucks. I'm sorry.
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Bad movie that turns out to be really entertaining
msimon-35 June 2006
In the first half hour of this film you are tempted to switch channels, but if you do not, you get - let me call it - "used to it". And that's the point! This film is meant to be bad! Seriously! If you get used to the bad/strange acting and the whole design of this movie, you will find its true strength. Entertainment!

It is more like a horror-parody. With that fact in mind, it's really fun to watch. Actually, the acting isn't that bad either.

Don't expect it to be demanding in any way, it's just a "lay back and relax"-movie. But in contrast to all those standard comedies where one looks like the remake of the other, this film is quite original.
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It's okay
hammai28 February 1999
Despite bad performances, bad settings, and a weak story this was an okay movie. Why? Because the damned thing couldn't take itself seriously so it didn't seem like a pathetic effort by delusional people thinking they were making the next Citizen Kane. Instead the result was a pretty amusing movie.
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This movie made my week.
7811 September 2000
I just bought the 'Leprechaun 4: In Space Special Edition DVD' this morning. Why? Just so I could say that I have the special edition. My fetish for crappy movies aside, and the fact that I haven't figured out what the 'special' part of this 'special edition' is aside, I was overwhelmed at how much fun this movie is.

The problem is, it's targeted to the wrong audience.

Leprechaun 4 isn't a bad, bad, BAD (I really hated the first 3) slasher flick like the original trilogy. No, it's probably the funniest sci-fi spoof I've ever seen.

The Fifth Element had a few in-jokes. Leprechaun 4 is an out-and-out parody. In the film we have send us of classic sci-fi's like The Fly, Alien, Aliens, Star Wars, I mean name it! It's in here!

The commandos (a la Aliens) spout every cliche in the book. They even have a 'tough chick' and 'civilian chick' along for the ride. The mad scientist (picture a German Dr. Evil) is painfully funny as he boasts his own brilliance every chance he gets. Equally as entertaining (if not more so) is his sniviling dork of an assisstant. Especially when he tries to stand up to the commandos.

Oh yeah, and of course we have the leprechaun, who has finally found a willing bride who is just as megalomaniacal as he is. The scenes where the argue and secretly plot the others demise are among the funniest.

Way worth a rent, and if you find the $7.99 DVD like I did, buy it. Call your buddies over and have a laugh.
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The Best Comedy EVER!
davorm26 August 2003
When I rate movies, I rate them with the way I expect them to be and how they actually turn out to be. And this movie was all I expected... but it actually does have better acting i expected. Horrible and pointless story line with horrible sets, and Computer Generated Special FX stolen right from an Atari game. There is no way that the people responsible in making of this movie were serious in making it into a Horror movie, unless they are as dumb as the storyline.

But I'd totally suggest renting this one out for a cheep movie night with friends to laugh and this ... masterpiece... come on! it even has this mad scientist that is always seen on a cheep TV scene in a close up angle of his face and a funny germen accent!

So have a good time and just expect the worst ...
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* out of 4.
brandonsites198114 August 2002
The series hit rock bottom with this awful entry. This time the leprechaun (Warwick Davis) is brought to life again and tries to woe a young woman who is searching for his gold. Terrible special effects and sets and premise. No scares and no humor this time around either. Even usually solid Warwick Davis seems to be just going through the motions. A very disappointing outing.
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Mr. Birks12 January 2000
When I first saw this movie in my local video store... I broke out laughing. I mean really... In Space? And where'd he get that light saber?

Then when they put the bugs in the blender and injected them into the scientist with the princess blood, the person I was watching it with pointed out how there should be a spider/scorpion/smart scientist running around... AND THEN THERE WAS!!! And the guy with the face that got flattened with that tray... hahahahaha... and when the spider/scorpion/smart scientist ate that chicks pants!!! hahahahahahaha And the part with the princess flashing everyone?!? ... that was almost too much entertainment... This receives my best rating ever - 7 THUMBS UP! And that dosen't even figure the part where the leprechaun comes out of the guys crotch!

P.S. If you think I've ruined the film by giving away all the best parts... you're wrong - this film was ruined by the guy who wrote the script... and the director... and all those actors... except the black guy - he was cool.

"I don't care if she's the queen of soul!" - black guy
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Not even Warwick Davids should be respected for doing this.
insomniac_rod5 August 2006
Damn, where to start?! Okay, maybe the first Leprechaun movie and it's sequel have black humor and involuntary humor. But this sequel just went too far, and I mean, TOO FAR! This movie is not funny in a conventional way, it's only funny because the viewer can make fun of the horrible direction, acting, and dialogs. I won't even comment about the f/x or the settings. Not even Warwick Davids can save this rubbish.

Please, do yourself a favor and stick with the original Leprechaun which is somewhat a B-cult that ages very well and it's surprisingly entertaining. Don't bother watching this even if it airs on cable.

My mistake was to give it a chance only because I'm always hungry of B-movies but this movie gave me indigestion. This is even too much for a morbid B-movie lover like me.

Stay away at all costs. Don't listen to those who state that it's filled with black humor or that it's a horror comedy. This isn't even by far a spoof.
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so awful i loved it
ShalanTD8 May 2006
I'm a big fan of "classic" American cinema(especially the 70's)so this isn't the sort of movie i would usually watch but I'm glad i did. it is so cheesy, the guys shirt gets ripped off the girls skirt, all the cheesy jokes and the actors who seem to be struggling to act, its inspired. this is such a b-movie its almost like a parody of its own genre, although not intentionally which makes it even funnier! if you like this look up the death-stalker series. i have nothing left 2 say but you have to write 10 lines minimum i have nothing left 2 say but you have to write 10 lines minimum i have nothing left 2 say but you have to write 10 lines minimum i have nothing left 2 say but you have to write 10 lines minimum
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Profoundly moving... NOT!
are7712 June 2003
I was fortunate to catch this movie on the Sci Fi channel (I'd have been really ticked off if I paid good money to watch this). It really is purile... and yet... in it's own way... morbidly captivating. I could have flicked to another channel, but didn't. The worst thing, is the whole idea. A leprechaun is Space? Huh?!? The best thing is Dr Mittenhand. Being a big fan of the hit BBC comedy series, 'ELLO 'ELLO, I recognized Guy Siner immediately. He is a fine actor, and one of the funniest characters in the series. Wasted here, of course, but he does a brilliant job with this dreadful material.
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