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An old fashioned comedy, making great fun of a bloody war.
Doc Ali27 June 1999
I saw a 4 hour version of this movie (the version released in Iranian cinemas was 95 minutes). It appears that it may have been made as a TV series which was later edited down for a theatrical release.

Leily is With Me is a very funny movie. Since it deals with a long,bloody and holy war, it is no mean achievement for director Tabrizi to walk a very narrow tightrope between what could have been termed offensive and what would be acceptable. He has, however, succeeded and Leily is a funny, touching movie.

The main character, Sadegh, is a Woody Allen type guy who is a video camera man. Through a series of misunderstandings and mishaps, he ends up (much against his will) at the front in the war. The reason the movie works is that it is easy to sympathize with Sadegh and his efforts to dodge the trip to the front and escape back to his city. The first half of the movie, which takes place in the city, is the less successful. The second half is the funnier section and the main source for the theatrical released version. The whole film is a throwback to the Norman Wisdom/Jerry Lewis comedies and came as a breath of fresh air to the cinema going public in Iran. It was no surprise that it became a major hit. Parviz Parastui, who plays Sadegh, shines in a role in total contrast to the one he played, with same degree of success, in The Glass Agency.
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Look at "Lily is with me" on his insincere
pacifist_parsi16 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
"Lily is my" in Iranian culture represent the performance of the comedy. Perhaps the most important function of the comedy events and issues as Tlkhtryn and great promise, that when he stepped into the realm of comedy, the tragedy of the past will be relied on. But Iranian culture, comedy and satirical pseudo-conservative, or perhaps a special place and its main function, the expression of pain and criticism is ironic. It is not possible or when express or direct spending that much time on the fine roots and Prfraz ups and working models on the rulers of Iran and ... "Lily is with me" was made in the period that gave you the mood and spirits of war, and people who were involved in the sacred war, and would hardly conviction and principle, or not made a film about these spaces The effect would be produced or if it would be busy creating the ideal Tsvyryash and people in full and perfect behavior and he was honest and ... In such an atmosphere by breaking taboos and creating a critical space to talk about the highly controversial issue and it would be clear that Kamal Tabrizi is to enter these areas, "Lily is with me, 'tactic of relying on humor and comedy e_visa page was representative of the space. The story's main focus, "Lily is with me" on the subject of perfection and integrity that govern the behavior of real people and therefore the community's claim to perfection, and honesty. This approach can be applied in selecting names ironic Meshkini (Pervez Parastuii) and Haj Agha Kamali (Mahmoud Azizi) can be seen. Meshkini true up through the Director of Haj Agha Kamali name Sryash relative cognitive horizons and find that famous face and say Kmalatsh Lngydnsh injury due to war and ... I have discovered to be a loan to Mr. Kamal to come and ... Finally Meshkini outfit and perfection are the people here and show their real character will appear Hqyqyshan. The integrity and internal and external factors to achieve this characteristic behavior can be honest and Haj Agha Meshkini search Kamali. In the interest of honest and integrity, not just a front for the loan is taken in this way insincere. After he was insincere from the perspective of place and time within which it lives. His sense of self is insincere, and instinctive, and it did occur. His lying to the post and dignity not only to meet the needs of ordinary life and the desperation and the passing of this act makes a loan condition. I also imagine that such behavior results in a film that does not stop and see ... Kamali, but looking for another kind of perfection, and according to circumstances and the people limping Madrzadyash even been called a war injury and the way ahead is insincere and hesitate to lie, or at least not unsay all the facts. But he thought it would not work at the forefront of ... (They lie in two different base) But here is precisely the point of this story Tabrizi is the fact that it is precisely the point of honesty and perfection that can detect the slightest claim to have seen the characteristics and few people know exactly claim it, and honesty and perfection, and where lowest among those who wave the smell of it makes Nbrdhand. Meshkini sincere with insincere insincere Kamali is a difference between being a sincere and insincere in itself is an obvious truth, that's a good show of its claim and did not know of it occurring in the environment that he did not see Mkhtsatsh . Kamal Kamali insincere, but knows that is honest and keeps to himself. It says in the film "How do I know all Bdvnn Madrzadyh the limp?" Or Vagvyh himself says that "It's too much speed over the last ten Marm to the wind. Dmym my mother, I believe this series, but want to live" and ... But the move towards virtual war zone to specify both a Drvnyat Finally Haj Agha Kamali feet away lay a woman is honest Meshkini Rpy Jay and his wife in his sleep that was seen to somehow be interpreted as ironic. Tabrizi is perhaps the perfect no claims of perfection with the procedure outright fiction in the community during and after the war and to demonstrate the essential openness of the House of Commons, from insincere higher social categories (for example, the criteria that Kamali Kamal's) is introduced. But regardless of the internal approach, "Lily is with me" as a standard of comedy is directed along the gravel Karyhay Meshkini by Parviz Parastuii true true role should not be easily ignored. Tabrizi specific visual cues also play a role in the comic more interesting for the induction of labor in the virtual space. For example, a few notes about the panel that displays the status of martyr Meshkini, or mortars to eat along the side panel defines Karkheh and spin the virtual image to return to the front and honest ... In mind. But the essential point that "Lily is with me," a comedy into an attractive and popular, apart from the technical aspects of his defense, the stuff of feel to do something and put Shknyash taboo about the war and who has been involved in it. Tabrizi has taken over that way. For this film, and later the "lizard" and ... Tribute to the "Lily is with me," the film-makers during the war and a fresh perspective to the issue of Iran-Iraq war and definitely evokes the cognitive reach of the middle period film about the war, not the film ignored. "Ali Kohan Forotaghe"
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