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Strange movie...very predictable
Lenee10 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is a strange movie, and is also very predictable. It was something to watch on a boring Saturday afternoon, but anyone who buys it on DVD will seriously regret it. It was really weird seeing Charles Shaughnessy making out with Charlotte Ross considering he played her father many years ago on Days of Our Lives...I'm sure it was uncomfortable for the actors too. I've seen a lot worse movies, but I definitely wouldn't watch this one a second time! The ending was both a bit of a shock but also kind of stupid...I mean, when your commanding officer tells you not to shoot, you shoot anyway? With the guy's daughter standing right there? Messed up ending if you ask me. Anyway, this movie's not so bad if you're really really bored and don't mind predictability, but I wouldn't have wasted a warm Saturday afternoon watching this movie if I weren't suffering from a bad cold.
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A Movie So Boring
guil fisher21 April 2004
Sorry, but I found this TV movie obvious and rather slow moving. It was directed by Chuck Bowman and written by Nevin Schreiner from a story by Schreiner and Monica Parker. Unfortunately, the detours were pretty obvious. As to who murdered Charlotte Ross, the only rewarding performance in the film, who was a college room mate to Deedee Pfeiffer, who looked older than her mother. Her makeup was soooo extreme, that I felt she belonged on the street somewhere. Does her mom and dad let her walk around looking like a paid model escort? I know she's sister to Michelle, but far from able to pull off a college student in this movie. As the character, you wanted her to mind her own business. Always poking around. She's determined to have her father hung. And when we get to the end of this melodrama, she suddenly has this hysterical crying scene, when she did everything she could to make it happen. Go figure. Charles Shaughnessy, yes from THE NANNY, does what he can in a one level role. He has a moment or two, but not too many. Keerie Keane, mother and wife of Pfeiffer and Shaughnessy, also does her best with what she's given. Now they tell me there is a DVD coming out of this movie? You got to be kidding
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whpratt110 September 2003
Viewed this TV show a few times over the years and still enjoy the great talents of Charles Shaughnessy(Tom Deese) "The Nanny" '93 TV Series and Charlotte Ross (Amanda Blake)"NYPDBLUE" '93&'01. It is hard to believe that these two actors were able to play these out of character roles from what we have previously seen them perform in. This is a good signal that they are both great actors. Their sexy, warm and passionate love scenes over powered the entire film, with Tom Deese being married and having a daughter about the same age as Amanda Blake. It is no wonder that Tom Deese decided to cool off in the ocean and calm down! Great TV show, sit back and enjoy a great murder plot.
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Charles Shaughnessy & Charlotte Ross worked together before this
dee-jimenez25 July 2007
Flipping though channels while home sick one day, I came upon this movie on Lifetime. What caught my attention was that it starred Charles Shaughnessy and Charlotte Ross. When I read the synopsis of the movie, I thought they would be playing father & daughter....however, I was surprised to see them as lovers since they played father & daughter on Days of Our Lives back in the late 80's & early 90's. I think they were pretty convincing in this movie. I didn't really think of the characters they played on DOOL. The movie was okay. Pretty predictable. It was not a movie that I would go out of my way to see but not bad when nothing else is on.
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The sense it made....
Goon-217 February 2002
Warning: Spoilers
For those who CARE... this may contain spoilers

Oh, why must my mother watch Lifetime? I will never know, but she does... and, well, for whatever reason, I ended up watching much of it, too. Lucky me...

Charles Shaughnessy is Tom, a successful factory owner with a wife and college-aged daughter (allegedly college-aged...she is played by Deedee "Michelle's sister" Pfeiffer, who looks like she was done with college awhile before this was made, and sports a very annoying coloring job...annoying enough for me to notice such a stupid detail.) Tom might have been satisfied with his life, but when he meets his daughter's new roommate Amanda(Charlotte Ross...NOT Jeri Ryan, as I thought for the entire run of the movie. To give her credit, though, she was probably the best one in this) that all changes. He thinks he is falling in love with Amanda and finds every excuse to come and see her. Amanda is all casual and accepting of this at first, but finally tells Tommy-boy that their love has to stop. Tom acts shocked and upset and for some reason staggers away, assumingly out of Amanda's life. However, that night, Amanda is murdered.

Was it Tom? Well, one might think so, but see--Amanda is just so beautiful and wonderful that she has ANOTHER admirer, some creepy man who ogles her at some club she likes to go to. In fact, after her altercation with Tom, Amanda went to that club and had a run-in with the man, whom the bartender kicked out. Did he really leave, though? When Amanda goes to her car--and it is patently obvious that somebody is lurking in the back seat, well, is it that man or is it Tom?

I guess the rest of the movie exists to sort out these details, as well as Tom's daughter discovering his romance with Amanda and Tom stupidly going after his daughter's OTHER roommate, because I guess he just has some THING for college chicks, or something.

Is the second half of this movie suspensful? Is it worth the viewing? Well, here is where the spoilers may come on, because the plot becomes so literally ABSURD that it practically becames a waste of ones time to watch it. Still, I should be polite and not COMPLETELY give away Amanda's killer, so I will just say this: why would that creepy other guy be IN this movie if he didn't kill Amanda? He wouldn't have a point, unless he was inserted as some cheapo device of false suspense. Well, guess what


he is....

So, um, Tom somehow snuck to the club, CHANGED HIS APPEARANCE and "pretended" to be this creepy other guy? Because it was soooooooooooooooooooooo that other man who was waiting for Amanda in the backseat of her car, the one who murdered her in some truley disgusting pseudo-porno scene that practically looked worthy of "Red Shoe Diaries 4: Auto Erotica." I did miss about the first ten or twenty minutes and perhaps missed Tom HIRING this man to go after Amanda, but I don't know. The creepy guy eventually went after Tom and his family, and stupid Tom acted like he didn't even know him, so don't ask me...

Also, don't ask me why the event of Amanda's death suddenly brought out a British accent in Tom, why he MAILED HIS DAUGHTER PICTURES OF AMANDA'S MURDERED BODY, why he took pictures of Amanda's murdered body in the first place, why the movie seemed to be so anti-police, potraying them as maniacs who would shoot anybody for any reason. And why did they...

Uh oh, spoiler alert.....

kill off the two men who would have perhaps had some answers to this inanity. Basically, that stalker-character was just stupid and pointlessness, right down to his death... but check out Tom's(hey, I WARNED of spoilers)...the editing looks like a flipbook. Weird. And why did the writers, or whomever, off him, anyway? Were they sick of him? What was sickening, was that I think the audience was somewhat supposed to care, like Tom was a sympathetic, "troubled" figure. Which is about as ridiculous as everything else in this TV movie.
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It was just too much for the poor slob to keep in check!
sol12188 October 2005
**SPOILERS** Highly confusing and extremely muddled made for TV suspense/thriller that has two stories that come across as if they were two independent films playing together on the same screen at the same time.

The movie "A Kiss so Deadly"starts off with Catherine Deese, Dedee Pfeiffer, and her collage room-mate Amanda Blake, Charlotte Ross, leaving a party late one night. Walking to Amanda's car their followed by this creepy-looking guy Yule Werb, Scott Simpson. The two girls later realize that their being followed by car and lose Yule in traffic.

As were readying ourselves to see a movie about a crazed stalker on the looses all of a sudden the movie changes course with Catherine's father Tom, Charles Shaughnessy, popping up in her apartment the next day. Tom become smitten with her sexy and experienced room-mate Amanda, the poor man's hooked as soon as he laid eyes on her.

Going to the Marlin Bay Club the next evening with some of his friends Tom spots Amanda there as a waitress and you can see that he's addicted to her and that he'll end up going down the tubes if he continues to try to get it on with Amanda. We have both Tom and the creepy Yule compete to who's the sleaziest one of all in the movie. With Yule slinking around the white sands beach, dressed all in black, and Catherine's apartment watching the girls, Catherine and her two room-mates Amanda and June(Noelle Parker),with binoculars and taking their pictures. At the same time Tom is making a complete fool of himself trying to get into Amanda's, after having a one-night fling with him, pants as well as taking advantage of poor and introverted June; this after Amanda was no longer available to him.

You first get the impression that Yule has something to do with Tom and their acting, secretly, as some kind of tag-team of sleaze-balls and later feel that there's a falling out between the two. With Yule blackmailing Tom since he has the most to loose between the two, his wife Patty, Kerrie Kane, and his textile business.

We also get confused signals to just what happened to Amanda when she's later murdered in her parked car outside the Marlin Bay Club. Since just the scene before she was waiting for a male friend, the bartender and bouncer in the club, to walk her to her car because Yule was there and eying her. You figured that she must have been with the bartender, off camera when she walked to her car? Why then go by herself when Amanda was so terrified to leave the club with Yule snooping around outside?

The movie gets even more confusing when the off-the-wall Yule after threatening Tom, by phone, at the textile factory is later shot to death by the police as they catch him trying to break into the Deese's house. The film tries to put everything together at the end but falls sadly apart with the killer exposing himself with nobody watching really caring who he is by then. The Killer Insainly induces himself to get shot by the cops, suicide by police, as he pulls out what looks like a cap-pistol that he must have gotten as a prize out of a Cracker-Jack box.

"A Kiss so Deadly" is only worth your time watching it because it's just too bad to be true and at the same time too good for bad-movie fans, in a cheesy and unintentionally funny sort of way, to be bad.
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An interesting movie gone wrong
CaroHoward3 September 2005
My room mate and I ended watching this movie by accident and right off the bat, we thought that we were in for a good time. The music swelled and the mood was set for a scary movie. Unfortunately, we were so put off by the thought of sleeping with each others' father that we were slightly disturbed and nothing happened to keep up the scary pretenses. The plot seemed to take unnecessary twists at the end and the 'steamy love scenes' weren't as much steamy as ridiculous. The lead actors and actresses do a good job at holding up the absurd plot line, but the supporting actors need to pull their own weight as well. This is a good movie if you want to laugh your butt off at the dialogue and plot, but if you are looking for a 'thriller' you need to avoid this film, for it will not fulfill your requirements whatsoever: the only thrills in this movie are sexual ones, and even they aren't that thrilling, just sick and twisted.
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The problem of obsession with a beautiful woman
Wuchak20 November 2017
RELEASED TO TV IN 1996 and directed by Chuck Bowman, "A Kiss So Deadly" is a drama with elements of romance & crime starring Charles Shaughnessy as Tom Deese, a concerned father who's concerned about his daughter who moved out to live on her own (Dedee Pfeiffer). Living with two roommates on the North Carolina coast (Charlotte Ross & Noelle Parker), the girls are sorta stalked by a creepy man (Scott Simpson); meanwhile, Deese becomes infatuated with one of the roommates (Ross). Kerrie Keane plays Deese's ignored wife while Tom Bresnahan plays the daughter's beau.

Although this is a TV movie, it breaks the threshold of greatness for what it is; and does so on a few fronts. The theme revolves around the power of a beautiful woman and the corresponding male obsession. Ross stands out as the "hottie" and her beauty is highlighted from the get-go (the father stumbles upon her in a bikini in his daughter's apartment and you can just see "Whoa, Mama!" displayed on his face).

Unfortunately, Amanda (Ross) has developed the faintly unwholesome disposition of a babe who is wont to sleep around. She is nicely contrasted by the intuitive insightfulness of the daughter (Pfeiffer) and the winsome wholesomeness of the other girl, June (Parker). Speaking of whom, I enjoyed June's subplot in the third act, which nicely contrasts Amanda's relationship with Deese. I wish it were developed more. Personally, if I were to pursue any of the three girls (not that I would, since I'm married), it would be June.

Any male who has experienced the inward upheaval that goes with a crazy crush on a beautiful woman will relate to what the father goes through in this flick. "A Kiss So Deadly" effectively shows the potential dangers of uncontrolled infatuation. Be wise, my son.

THE MOVIE RUNS 96 minutes and was shot in Wilmington, North Carolina. WRITERS: Monica Parker (story) &Nevin Schreiner (story & script).

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"Strange" is the only word I can think of to describe this movie
TheSoftAnonymous24 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler alert...if you're interested...

So there's three college roommates--Catherine, June, and Amanda. We learn that Amanda is a fairly promiscuous girl pretty early on in the movie. When Catherine's father, Tom, comes to visit, he sees Amanda half-naked and is immediately smitten with her. They sleep together twice before he becomes obsessed. Later on, when Amanda is finished with work one night, she asks her boss to walk her to her car, but he's on the phone. For whatever reason, she decides not to wait and is murdered in her car.

From there, the plot drags on as Catherine becomes hysterical and angry while everyone's trying to figure out who killed Amanda. Meanwhile, Tom is taunted by the "creepy stalker guy" that has been watching the three girls, and tries to take advantage of June.

So anyone who bothered to watch this movie is wondering, what was the point of the creepy stalker guy, and why did he send pictures of Amanda's murder when it was believed he murdered her? Tom admits in the end that he killed her; clearly the stalker guy is quite perceptive and knew what was going on, knew about Tom's obsession and wanted him to get caught.

There are a lot of wasted roles in this movie, which is sad--June, Catherine's mother, and Catherine's boyfriend, Todd. If there wasn't so much time spent on the ridiculous situation of Amanda and Tom, they could have been put to better use. The police are quite gun-happy and shoot without caring--they killed the stalker trying to break in the house and they killed Tom, even though he wanted to die, when they were told to hold their fire.

All in all, this is just an odd movie--I finished it shaking my head, wondering, "What did I just watch?" Don't bother with this movie unless you can't find anything else to watch--it's not worth the two hours.
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