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Quirky:comic,tragic and perverse by turns. True Original
red-7431 March 1999
Tales of Manhattan had a tuxedo. The Dress has a dress. There the similarity ends. What follows if a very smart, often disturbing parade of lives of people who happen to come in contact with a particularly hideous dress. It arouses unexpected, overwhelming lust in some, nothing in others, but it's a sure bet that if you have the dress you're in for something strange and probably not very pleasant.

The intriguing threads that bind this tapestry of frustrated longing together are a failed textile manufacturer and an obssessed ticket taker, who voices the movies' sad and in his case, misapplied motto: "I'm normal!" Here everyone and no one is.

The wit is subtle and sharp as a scalpel. All actors are excellent--especially unnerving is van Warmerdam himself as the doomed ticket taker. Pay very close attention to the faces and names of characters. They are sign posts for things to come.
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Bunuel meets Woody Allen meets i don't know...
Alex Klotz8 February 2002
This is, as another comment already stated, a truly original movie. It's an episode movie, but not Boccaccio-style, tale by tale, the tales are developing from each other, and some characters keep reappearing. There are at least three reasons to love this movie: The performance of the director himself as the psychopathic ticket collector; the short segment showing musical indifferencies between dutch construction workers and Indian immigrants, and the timeless sequence that just hints at a very weird sexual orientation of a designer. This scene reminded me a lot of Bunuel's anarchism, see, i didn't just include his name above to be pretentious. The movie manages to be very funny at times, but some scenes do leave a bad taste in your mouth, without being sentimental or pathetic at any time. I've seen this movie three times now, and not just because i had some pretty bad experiences with ticket collectors and bus drivers too. If you get the chance to see it- Don't miss it.
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Milena Belic Bürkler26 April 2007
I read somewhere that we can lie in the language of dress or try to tell the truth but unless we are naked and bald, it is impossible to be silent.

I simply don't know how to begin my story about the movie De Jurk (The Dress). I'm overwhelmed by many emotions. Blue dress with leaves… My God, this is the story I never expected!

De Jurk is a tale about the journey of one interesting dress, from the day it was envisioned and created, through the lives of many owners and until the end, when the dress has finally fulfilled its strange purpose.

There are actually several tales but they are developing from each other and some characters keep reappearing. The stories are weird and funny but also quite disturbing and obscene. There is a lot of violence, unexpected situations, comedy and drama. You just don't know if you should laugh and where all of that is going to end!

Is this the story about the people or about the dress? I guess both. We are attracted by certain objects. We all have our favorite pair of shoes for example. Some people believe that certain shirts or pair of socks can bring them luck and so on. Well why not? But it seems like this dress keeps bringing bad luck to its owners. I swear the dress in question is cursed! LOL

Some people said: Yes, the movie is interesting but what's the message? Indeed, it might look like there is none. However, for myself, behind all crazy happenings, there is a quest for love and there is the message. Absolutely all characters in this movie desperately search for love in one way or another. We all define love differently, just like the dream of one person can be a nightmare for another person. Same is with happiness. Sometimes we need so little, just one kiss or hug. Sometimes our search became obsession.

The entire cast of De Jurk was excellent and all characters are well developed and equally interesting. The story is simply great and director Alex van Warmerdam has done an excellent job. As usual, he played in his movie and this time he is a train conductor. Don't miss it!
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Black comedy about a dress and the woman who wears that dress
Verbeek5 April 1999
The director Alex van Warmerdam is known in Holland for his film "Abel", a comedy about a man who refused to grow up and who still lives with his parents, at the age of 26. The film, "De jurk" (the dress) also starts out like a comedy, but the longer you watch, the less you feel the need to laugh. The lives of unrelated people touch because of the dress and totally unrelated events suddenly fit into the story because of the dress. I could not discover a message in the film, probably because there is none. I found the film very entertaining, but was surprised that it turned out rather black and grim.
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A dress as the main character
Sander kessels16 June 1999
This one absurd scene describes this movie at its best: Young woman, sleeping in her bed. Door of her room opens. Strange man walks in and steps into her bed. She wakes up in a state of shock. Man puts hand on het mouth and says: ssssshhhhh... it's ok, don't worry! It's only the ticket taker...
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