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Nice, but could be better...
Krukky4 June 1999
You shouldn't watch this movie if you're not a Seinfeld/George Costanza fan. It's not that great. Some funny quotes here and there, but not enough to save the show. A good way to make an hour and a half whiz past.
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A much under-rated comedy
len3d20 July 2004
Hilarious. A real "sleeper." I never heard of it until it appeared on INHD TV. So many surprises (not in any particular order): Lolita Davidovitch gives one of the very best (perhaps THE best)comic actress performances ever. What a waste of talent that we've seen so little of her. Who knew James Woods could be funny at all, let alone as funny as THIS? He creates a sleaze, with no redeeming qualities, yet we can't hate him, can't help but sort of actually like him. There's no hint of the menace for which he became a star. Jason Alexander is touching and funny, but I already knew that. What I didn't know was his talent for directing antic comedy. Jay Mohr has never been better. Bea Arthur is perfect as the somewhat befuddled mother. Rip Torn is on screen for only a few minutes, but every one is a comic jewel. Even Joe Montegna (an actor whose talent has always escaped me)almost is funny once or twice. The script is marvelous, with enough throwaway lines to make another movie. I seem to be a party of one here in my comments, but those who watched it with me laughed as much as I, and liked it as much.
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Nice little comedy romance - and my own fav HJO role.
BadWebDiver29 August 2004
This film directing debut from Jason Alexander is a corny but cute little comedy romance, looking at the perils of "the course of love" in modern western society.

It's also my personal fav Haley Joel Osment performance. I thought he had the precocious sophistication and natural intelligence to play a kindergarten kid who reads the Wall Street Journal, and gives psychological advice to a troubled guy rather well.

Well at least he faked it brilliantly (ha, ha)!

Not the most profoundest storyline, but still kinda fun and sweet. And what's wrong with that now and again, huh?
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It's not an Oscar winner but it's damn GOOD!
elsman121 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Just got this recently off the internet through Amazon. Too bad it never come out on DVD but what the hell. First of all i must point out that i am a fan on Seinfeld and George Costanza anticks. The story of a typical love of desiring the undesired (think that's the right way of putting it). Michael Mikeshift character (Jason Alexander) is extremely charismatic, depressed with his life and looks at the things from realistic point of view. I think his character is well balanced with the things happening around him (favorite scene Valery hits Michael with a bad and then sprays something in his eyes - hilarious). The George Costanza thing is carrying on from Seinfeld but it has more serious spin on it. Lolita Davidovich is great as Valery, innocent soul trapped between reality of Michael and insanity of Raggie. And James Woods character Raggie is just fantastic. U would never think he can be smart and funny but this film would prove you wrong. The way he goes about his business is just great, i'd say give this guy an Oscar. The use of music and sounds in the film is spot on, highlights certain situations and dialogue. It's very well directed (by no other then Jason Alexander himself). Of course it never got 11 Oscars like Ben-Hur or Titanic or Lord of the Rings but this film is damn good. What people say about being a Seinfeld fan before watching this film is complete rubbish (or as Kramer would say Coocoo talk:). It's got good amount of jokes and plenty of action. it's like another version of "True Romance" but on the light side.
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No gem, just plain nice.
Cookie2418 July 2000
See this movie directed by and starring Jason Alexander. It's not a one-of-a-kind movie, it's not an 'American Beauty' and it's not unforgettable. Heck, it's a one-star movie! It's got a good story idea, but the movie would've been a lot better if they had an excellent script, because some parts are just way out there. See it for Jason Alexander and Jay Mohr. Jay was downright hilarious. Jason was good at acting un-George-like.

The main problem was about 15 minutes in, I wanted to shoot the performers of the irritating background music. 'Okay, we get the point already! You're in a capella jazz group, now shut it!'

And, ladies, by the end of the movie, I'm sure you'll be thinking that Jason IS the most adorable guy on the planet, too, inside and out. Too bad he's married. (His wife's in the movie as the cop about three minutes from the end of the movie.)

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Cute film
savagdog127 July 2004
certainly not a benchmark in American cinema, but all in all, a rather enjoyable little movie. Perfect for a lazy afternoon when you're not in the mood for anything in particular. It's been a long time since I've seen it but I remember it being a light, fun little fluff piece which I have a firm appreciation for. Bea Arthur's turn as the mother was a definite stand out. She's always good. It was also nice to see Jason Alexander emerge from his George cocoon and see that he really has acting chops. I'd have to say if this were out on DVD, I would buy it. Not much chance of that happening though is there?
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beafan29 August 2001
I finally saw this flick on sale for $4.99 at the local gay video rental place and had to snatch it up immediately! I watched it with the sole intention of seeing my hero Bea Arthur deliver a knockout performance, which she of course did. The overall plot is kind of hokey, (does anyone know why we should even care about Jason Alexander's character??) but Bea is fabulous as the Makeshift brothers' credit union-employee mom. Her dry, deadpan deliveries keep the humor moving right along, and this movie probably wouldn't have even registered on my scale without her.

Funny cameo scene by Rob Reiner, too. Watch for a very young Haley Joel Osment in that same scene.

***** out of 10
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See what happens when you take out the laugh track from Seinfeld?
arbuckledream20 June 2005
Nobody is comparing but any movie in which we are damned to endure the presence of Jason Alexander necessarily has to remind us of the most inane and overrated TV show in history. I know, I'm one of the few misguided souls that think like that but this is a free country, or so they say. However, I think For Better Or Worst is a good example of what always has been my theory about Seinfeld. They just abuse the gullibility of their faithful audience by inserting recorded laughs through unfunny dialog and hoping the TV viewers tag along. They actually do and that has made a mediocre stand-up comedian one of the wealthiest and most famous of American entertainers. Don't take my word for it. Just watch Jason Alexander repeat his hysterical antics and see if you can laugh. Put a laugh machine under and tell me if it's not as funny as The Seinfeld Show. The movie has a good cast but nothing helps. The only one that manages to do something with his role, as usual, is James Woods. Marvelous Lolita Davidovich is forced to play some sentimental hybrid and she copes with it with great dignity but can't really shine. By the way, I don't want to sound too trivial but I sincerely can't imagine such a woman having any kind of affair with such a guy unless he's directing the movie. Joe Mantegna is totally wasted and the rest, including Bea Arthur, has really nothing to work on. One of the many uninspired lines in the movie says: "This is better than my soap!." No, it's not. Not even that.
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A flat, uninspired and formulaic comedy
NonSequitur-122 March 2005
Except for a couple of amusing scenes featuring James Woods and Jason Alexander, this "comedy" is bereft of any originality or laughs. I had to rub my eyes in disbelief when I saw that it was filmed in the mid 90's! The only evidence that this wasn't an 80's movie was the presence of a young Hayley Joel Osment. Even George Costanza's love interest was sporting a massive 80's hairstyle.

The cheesy romantic plot just floats past like a bloated, rotting corpse. By '96 we'd already seen just about every variation on this style of comedy about a million times. Jason Alexander is simply playing a toned down version of George Costanza... Blah, I wasted my time watching this and now I'm wasting more by typing about it. Awful film.
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