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The gorgeous Venesa Talor makes Femalien one of the best softcore films out there.
Li-12 November 2003
Femalien is probably among the most famous softcore movies to date, thanks to its undeniably campy premise and graphic sex. I don't know, softcore films usually bore me, but there are exceptions (like Staying on Top, The Erotic Witch Project, The Alien Files, Casting Couch) and this is one of them.

Part of the reason's got to be the silly sci-fi premise, which is about a female alien (get it, femalien?!) who comes to Earth to observe humans engage in sexual interaction. The movie doesn't consist of much more than 90 minutes of this femalien (played by Venesa Talor), calling herself Kara in a hilariously dumb scene, watching people have sex while getting off on it, even occasionally joining in on the fun. Well, okay, there is the subplot with the chick named Sun (Jacqueline Lovell) who owns a diner that's about to be shut down by a guy who owns a massaging company, but it pretty much exists only as a set-up for Talor and Lovell to get it on.

Femalien has a pretty decent sense of humor, which also places it above most films of its kind. Yeah, the jokes are silly, but they have a unique charm that works in its favor (and Venesa Talor is so gosh-darned gorgeous, you can't help but get sucked in by her character's naiveté). The production values are also quite pleasing, with decent-looking sets, excellent lighting, and solid photography.

There are numerous sex scenes in this film, so I'll give a rundown of the highlights. Let's see, there's the sexy photoshoot segment, with hottie Holly Hollywood. The other standouts include Venesa Talor's two love scenes, there's the first one with the guy in the diner and it's one of the best sex scenes I've seen, directed in a fashion that makes it both incredibly hot and romantic at the same time (the pleasing score helps, as well). There's also a very explicit love scene with Jacqueline Lovell, which is so graphic, I could almost swear they were really going at it. Nice. Watching Talor masturbate is another strong highlight, she really looks into it. As a whole, Femalien boasts more sex and nudity than most other softcore flicks I've seen. The usual movie in the genre usually devotes about a half-hour of screen time to the good stuff, but over 2/3's of Femalien's screen time typically features a hot woman in the nude or engaging in a hot love scene.

Performances are actually pretty decent considering the genre. Venesa Talor, in particular, excels as the hottie alien. It's got to be the naive and cheerful way she approaches every situation, which makes her an immensely charming and appealing character. She's also one of the hottest women I've ever seen, at times even resembling a young Elizabeth Taylor (but even sexier). Yeah, she's had work done on her breasts, but I for one think they look great and at any rate, are far more of a turn on than the ludicrous basketballs on Shauna O'Brien's chest. Venesa's also got one of the most adorable voices I've ever heard, so she's both a pleasure to stare at and listen to. In fact, some of the movie's best scenes are those that just feature Venesa casually lingering in the nude, whether it's out of plain naiveté (like in the massage scene) or after a bout of pleasurable sex. She just seems so comfortable with her body, moreso than most other softcore actresses.

Femalien sure isn't a good movie, not by a long shot, but it's an enjoyably silly one that can be easy to take thanks to non-stop sex and nudity. There's also a sequel, but I have yet to see the uncut version of it (which sort of defeats the purpose of watching softcore), though I clearly remember Venesa was barely in it, and that could only hurt the movie.

rating as a softcore film: A
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Hot babes, thin plot, very erotic - Venesa & Jacqueline are awesome!
redrum91119 April 2006
So many reviews, please read the synopsis or others for the "plot" details. Here's what's important - this flick is pretty much wall to wall skin, some decent pink (no spreads that I remember), and erotic fun.

There is a bit of filler to fast forward thru (silly subplot about saving a diner, blah blah). A sexy alien experiencing human lust is enough for plot - I guess these folks can't help themselves.

But Femalien has turned me into a real fan of Jacqueline Lovell, the pretty blonde who is actually a good performer who delivers her lines believably, and particularly Venesa Taylor. Venesa will blow you away here - pretty girl-next-door face, dreamy eyes, long legs and amazing double Ds that will have you short of breath. She's so hot, it may take you a couple viewings to make it thru the movie (get my drift). The scenes w/ other performers, including some mid-90s porn stars, are all adequate, but the scenes w/ Jacqueline and/or Venesa are stellar.

All & all very good for this type of movie, though I would have liked more pink.
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One of the "must have" softcore DVDs.
David Brown24 September 2003
Much like Surrender Cinema's many other titles, this is really a porno, toned down just enough so that it's not really a porno. This one, however, is Surrender's flagship title.

The main character, Vanesa Taylor, is incredibly hot. All the women are in fact. The director, Cybil Richards, shoots the numerous sex scenes very well. The "orgasms" are great. The plot? It's threadbare, which is good. You don't buy movies like this for plot.

And of course, no review of Femalien would be complete without commenting on the final girl/girl scene between Vanesa and Jacqueline Lovell. It is indeed one of the best lesbian scenes I've ever seen, putting most hardcore stuff to shame.

Femalien is a great bargain and delivers more quality than most movies costing 2 or 3 times what it retails for. Very recommended.
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Ranges among the best of softcore porn
mattymatt4ever13 June 2001
I'm surprised how scientific people are getting with the comments. When you watch beautiful women like Vanesa Talor (Oh maaannnnnn!!!!) totally naked in both steamy guy-girl scenes and steamy girl-girl scenes (The climax: Terrific!!!) how much more are you asking for? I think people were commenting on the cheesy dialogue and miniscule production values. How high are your standards when it comes to softcore porn? As long as the movie is done in a tasteful manner (I can't stand hardcore porn!), like this one, there really isn't much to complain about. Plus, Surrender Cinema almost always has the BEST-looking vixens around. I wouldn't be surprised if Hugh Hefner auditions some of the ladies. Vanesa couldn't be a better choice. She has a smoking body!

Aside from the girl-girl climax with Vanesa and Jacqueline Lovell, the highlight would have to be the "special" lingere fashion show. Let's just say the women don't stay in the lingere very long. I'll leave it right there. And I love the theme song. I don't know why, it just sets a great erotic tone.

For fans of skin flicks...this is among the elite.

My score: 9 (out of 10)
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Eye Candy Hall of Fame
Robbie-4330 August 1999
Cybil Richards has made an out-of-this-world film. An E.T. played by Vanesa Talor comes to our little world and is the kind of alien we all dream making first contact with. She befriends an easy earth girl played by Jacqueline Lovell (All-Century second team Eye Candy Hall of Fame) and thus begins a series of close encounters of the interesting kind. As our star treks through the big city, she finds nothing is forbidden on this planet in terms of sexuality. While this film features a whole galaxy of heavenly bodies, it is the scenes with Ms. Talor and Ms. Lovell that make the earth stand still. A classic.
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Femalien brings love, joy, hope to horny earthlings
Dr. Gore29 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers

Femalien comes to Earth to watch humans make lots of love. She teleports to the lingerie store on the off chance that the two female sales clerks will get it on for her. Oh! What a happy coincidence. They can't wait to get naked for the Femalien. Who can blame them?

Femalien will visit many locations around Southern California to fulfill her mission of peace and love. She must check out a photo shoot, a diner, a performance art show and some other places. The sex is out there just waiting to be watched, observed and studied. She's an excellent student.

I found "Femalien" to be a pleasant way to spend an hour or so. The last scene with the blonde waitress was the best. Femalien learned a lot about human sexuality. So did I. If you do decide to watch "Femalien", make sure to get the unrated version. Any other course of action would just be foolish.
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Busty member of super race sleepwalks on Earth
rlcsljo13 May 2001
Apparently the lead female in this one got it in her contract that she only do a couple of "commercials" (soft core sex) scenes and did not have to do any acting of any consequence. So she "observes" humans having sex until it comes her turn for the big "finale". Needless to say she does virtually nothing to indicate any kind of anticipation leading up to her eventual participation (I almost thought she was not going to do anything at all!). This was the only surprise of the movie.

If your local drug store is out of your local sleeping aid, play this turkey and you will get to snooze-ville fast!
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I want my B Movie
tinateso30 December 2004
The title was enough for me to rent this movie "Femalien." When you hear that, you think really bad 1950's sci-fi pick with lots of bad dialogue and scantily clad women, right? Well, Femalien really falls short of that. It's not a B horror movie. It's not even a good bad movie. What it turned out to be is a really bad soft core porn. The dialogue tries to be humorous, but it's poorly delivered as well as being poorly written. The film also tries to be seductive, but fails in that as well, leaving me wanting the real stuff. Sure you see lots of well placed-boobs, but all the flacid penises cancel any iota of excitement you may get from that. Blockbuster, I want my money back.
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Not bad...
Mangler20 October 1998
...its successor (Femalien 2) sucks - waiting for the 3rd!
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this is a weird movie
chet_hater31123 December 2006
I saw this at blockbuster, was bored, and rented it in hopes of a R movie with some sci-fi and a few boobs. I thought the title looked ridiculous and funny and that is why I rented it. Little did I know that this turned out to be a full on soft-core porno. So...did not know blockbuster was renting porn, but, I guess it does. As for the movie goes, if you are into weird erotic soft core porn, then you'll like it. Otherwise, just laugh if you ever see it in the videostore and pass it by. Oh and this company that made this film is called Surrender Cinema and they make all kinds of weird sci-fi soft core porn I guess...? Weird
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I wasn't convinced or interested
scorpioprimus9 October 2006
The plot details have been covered well enough, but really it's just a threadbare premise to have as many sex scenes as possible. Fair enough, as this is definitely a movie of the erotic genre. At least it thinks it is. My opinion of the movie can best be summed up by the fact that I kept falling asleep while watching it. The female alien does have a very nice surgically-enhanced body, but half of her reaction scenes put me more in mind of someone trying to pass a kidney stone than being aroused by the display in front of her.

The acting wins zero points, except for Jacqueline Lovell who brings a credible amount of range & believability to her role. And yes, the final scene DOES get extremely high marks. She's the only reason I don't give this movie a one or even zero stars.
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