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Woeful film has a provocative look and feel...but nothing of interest in the foreground
moonspinner551 June 2010
Steven Baigelman wrote and directed this uncertain comedy-drama concerning estranged brothers (Keanu Reeves and Vincent D'Onofrio) battling over embezzled cash as well as the affections of a pretty blonde (Cameron Diaz). The gritty ambiance inherent in Walt Lloyd's incredibly vivid cinematography is the most memorable aspect of the picture; capturing a blue-collar realism with such clarity, however, tends to emphasize the unreality of these dunderhead characters, and the movie's look and its story fail to cohere. Baigelman does get things off to a promising start, and he has an attentive eye for what to capture, but these petty people merit little interest. Danny DeVito was one of the many producers (all, presumably, with their own idea of how to film Baigelman's unremarkable script). *1/2 from ****
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Dark, dark comedy, fun if you are in the mood!
TxMike17 January 2003
With the possible exception of the minister who performs the wedding, every character in "Feeling Minnesota" is seriously flawed and not quite able to have a normal take on life. Keaunu Reeves, Vincent D'Onofrio, Dan Ackroyd, Cameron Diaz, Delroy Lindo, and even Tuesday Weld as the mother who dies during the wedding reception all play their roles to the hilt to create this hodge-hodge of ultimately quirky characters. There's no meaningful message here, except perhaps to remind us that we aren't doing so badly with our lives, if there really are characters like these out there!

I bought this as a budget DVD, the picture is fine and has Doldy 5.1 surround sound. However, there isn't too much in the surround channels. The "extras" are spartan, so it is primarily the 95-minute film and nothing else. Critic Ebert has a very accurate review of "Feeling Minnesota." I enjoyed it.
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My Feeling is to Miss Minnesota *1/2
edwagreen19 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Very poor film dealing with quite a dysfunctional family to put it mildly.

This must have been one of Cameron Diaz's first films and she set the standard for her career: A real cute young lady with absolutely no acting talent whatsoever.

In this sub-standard film, two brothers vie for attention and one, Vincent D'Onofrio actually marries her. Tuesday Weld, as the mother of the two losers, is totally unrecognizable and should be considered fortunate to drop dead early in the film. Anything to get away from this.

Even the end-plot twist with officer Dan Akroyd is boring at best.
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The family that fights together...well. Blood runs freely.
michaelRokeefe25 September 2001
I did not expect this movie to be as funny as it is. Although dark and situational, comedy is where you find it. This quirky little story is a mess as much as it is painfully funny. An ex-con(Keanu Reeves)shows up empty handed for his brother's wedding. The brother is played excellently by Vincent D'Onofrio, who himself is a dim witted crook. Reeves ends up "boffing" the not so blushing bride(Cameron Diaz), who has her own baggage to deal with. The fighting siblings mother(Tuesday Weld)dies of a heart attack at the wedding reception. The newlywed bride wants to runaway with what she thinks is her new husband's stashed fortune. Reeves and Diaz argue about love at first sight, but are absolutely in lust. D'Onofrio wants his bride back and the comedy of errors, mayhem and murder proceed.

The scenes of the brothers fighting is hilarious, especially the rock fight on the side of the road. Miss Diaz lives up to my infatuation of her. And Dan Aykroyd plays the part of a corrupt, inept detective. Courtney Love is patient and understanding as the waitress in the diner. The wedding singer is Steve Ghizoni. His singing style is quite an oddity...singing Sinatra type mood songs with an almost imitation Elvis like delivery. You have to watch this twice just to take in the wit and humor.
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A Dog
LeonLouisRicci23 December 2012
This completely failed attempt at a Black Comedy is a painful experience to watch. It is an example of bad direction and a bad script and the on screen performers are left with nowhere to go. That is the feeling that the film elicits.

It is all over the place with predictable "surprises" and floundering characters on a road to ruin. It is not for one minute funny, or exciting, or dark. It is nothing dressed up as something with a hip delivery and dull designations. The tension between the brothers is nothing more than rough housing and the film's tone changes so much it is dizzying.

This mess is a movie that does not entertain or even pass as anything but an unrelenting bore. In fact it is cinema of the cringe. An ugly affair with unpleasant characters and events. The most interesting part of humanity in this movie is the Dog. Ironically that's what this is, a dog. They must have seen it coming. But it's doubtful.
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Feeling Cameron Diaz Being Devious.
anaconda-406585 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Feeling Minnesota (1996): Dir: Steve Baigelman / Cast: Keanu Reeves, Vincent D'Onofrio, Cameron Diaz, Delroy Lindo, Dan Aykroyd: Bizarre and twisted tale about places that hail dreaded memories and pain. Two brothers compete in paper, rock, scissors in 1976, which introduces what will become a life long feud. The plot is a series of misfortunes within one family. Keanu Reeves and Vincent D'Onofrio play two feuding brothers. Cameron Diaz is sold as a wedding gift to D'Onofrio by his boss, played by Delroy Lindo, as punishment. To see why being married to Diaz would be deemed a punishment, will be revealed, but he owes money to Lindo nonetheless. Reeves is shunned for not bringing a wedding gift so he robs a gas station and buys a gift with the stolen money. Diaz seduces Reeves into stealing money from his brother and for the price of a chewed ear he succeeds. Intriguing plot but its outcome isn't very pretty. Director Steve Baigelman uses style to highlight. Reeves and D'Onofrio are in top form as the dueling brothers that put each other through decades of torment. Diaz plays a true bimbo who manipulates and survives a bullet wound. Lindo is effective as he enacts his rage on D'Onofrio. Dan Aykroyd plays a corrupt detective who also weighs in on the pursuit of Reeves. It isn't pleasant but it does regards the chaos that haunts one family. Score: 8 / 10
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Two brothers from a dysfunctional family in clash by a woman!!!
elo-equipamentos24 February 2020
I'm totally agree with a reviewer above "artzau" wrote about this is hybrid of Cohen Brothers and Tarantino style, fictional and violent offer, two brothers from a dysfunctional family meets at older's (Vincent D'Onofrio) marriage, the younger brother (Reeves) has a quickly affair with the bride (Cameron Diaz) in same day, actually she is forced to marry him, both running away followed by the angry old brother, between comings and goings the bride was killed by the instable and freak D'onofrio, then he puts the girl body in the Reeves's Motel room trying ascribe him as the real killer, Aykroyd plays a rogue cop, fond by the gorgeous Cameron, many twists come over, however the things get out of control, a bit insane, however surround by bloody scenes on Tarantino style on graphic violence, glad to see again the fine actress Tuesday Weld on a movie on a small role, also the great Delroy Lindo as the crook and the beauty Courtney Cox neither, criminally underrrated!!


First watch: 1999 / How many: 2 / Source: Cable-TV / Rating: 7
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MovieAddict201619 February 2004
Awful sentimental tripe about a loser who returns to his old hometown and steals his brother's girl. Keanu Reeves, Cameron Diaz, Vincent D'Onofrio and even Dan Aykroyd as the annoying cop are all seriously flawed and unlikable.

What a disappointment.
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Dumb and selfish characters doing dumb and selfish stuff
KineticSeoul29 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
When I first saw this movie when it came out I thought it was a good movie. But watching it now, not as much but just decent at best. But than again I thought Cameron Diaz was overly hot back than. This movie is basically about two brothers quarreling with one another and fighting each other in a very malicious manner. One more malicious than the other and they are both in love with a superficial and selfish girl. And none of the characters are likable and run on greed and their own selfish ambitions while constantly trying to use each other. But than again that somewhat applies to the real world. Watching this movie was like watching "Dumb & Dumber" except the characters aren't as dumb nor as funny. It has this certain black humor going for it and it works sometimes and has a slight bit of the Coen brothers vibe going for it. But the humor isn't all that well grafted and is nowhere near as good as the Coen brothers films. Keanu Reeves who plays the slight good brother between the two brothers is right for this role and although his acting needed some work. He did a good job of playing this dumb character that is oblivious to his surroundings. His character Jjaks is basically a dumb robber that gets into a hole when he bangs his brothers wife who got forced into the marriage by thugs and so on. This movie is basically about dumb selfish people doing dumb and selfish stuff. It's still a entertaining movie to a degree but nothing special.

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Unusual drama with plenty of points of interest, but also its fair share of problems.
barnabyrudge8 December 2003
Most films starring Keanu Reeves or Cameron Diaz are a safe bet for a big Hollywood blockbuster. This one stars both, yet is a rather low-profile affair which many poeple won't have heard of. Ironically, Reeves gives one of the best performances of his career because he isn't asked to play a one-dimensional man of action. Diaz is eye-opening too, as a foul-mouthed girl trapped in a dead-end existence.

The story tells of a young, aimless ex-con named Jacks Clayton (Reeves) who returns to the uninviting Minnesota town of his birth at the request of his mother (Tuesday Weld). She wants him there for the wedding of his elder brother Sam (Vincent D'Onofrio). However, when Jacks arrives he realises straight away that there's something rather fishy about the wedding. It turns out that Sam's bride Freddy (Diaz) has no desire to get married at all (she's only doing it because a nasty local gangster has bullied her into it). Before the wedding party is even over, Jacks has had sex with Freddy in the toilets; before the week is out, the pair have eloped intending to start over in Las Vegas. Suffice to say, Sam is pretty annoyed by what young Jacks has done....

Feeling Minnesota is a gritty, occasionally funny drama which benefits from its unfamiliar setting. Within its own admittedly twisted logic, the film's odd narrative works reasonably well. However, the characters are so amoral that it becomes hard to care what happens to any of them - including the supposed hero Jacks (who would make a fitting bad guy in most other pictures). The amount of coarse language is rather jarring too. You don't need to find swearing offensive to notice it, but if coarse language does bother you then it's safe to say that you'll be offended by the quantity of it in this film. The plot twists and turns in a very unpredictable manner, and makes for an interesting - if not entirely believable - experience.
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The great love of two brothers!
LeRoyMarko2 June 2001
«Love is a burning flame».

I found that movie to be very original even though it's no 4-stars. The opening credits are well done and highly irregular. I felt like watching the trailer for a new release.

The acting was good, especially the lead characters: Cameron Diaz and Keanu Reeves. I also liked the location where most of the film was shot: St-Paul-Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In all, not a great movie but still enjoyable to watch.

Out of 100, I gave it 74. That's **½ on a **** stars rating system. Seen at home in Welland, June 2nd, 2001. Marko Roy.
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Clearly inspired by Tarantino
perfectbond22 January 2004
All of the characters in this film are amoral human scum but yet some of them are likable, particularly Jacks and Freddie, not coincidentally the attractive two in the bunch. The characters and their hijinks are clearly inspired by 'Sir' Quentin. Akroyd proves his versatility while Lindo rehashes his Get Shorty role (he visits it yet again in Heist). Vincent D. appropriately makes his character one of the most smarmiest seen on the screen in recent years. All in all a fairly entertaining flick, 7/10.
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The story of a woman married to the brother of the man she really loves
esteban174719 September 2001
How to qualify this film, simply HORRIBLE. It is badly done with poor dialogues, Reeves played as bad as ever and Cameron Diaz competed with him. Do not waste your time watching such a film although a big waste of money has already occurred to make the film.
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A waste of talent
Tito-82 April 1999
It hasn't even been two years since I first saw this film, and yet, I can barely remember a thing about this movie. Needless to say, I found it to be VERY forgettable. Of what I do remember, nothing stands out as particularly good. A talented cast is wasted in what I suppose was meant to be a dark comedy, but if that is the case, it fails miserably. At best, this film is mildly interesting. At worst, the seemingly omnipresent overcast skies are more interesting than the storyline. If you like watching films where it always seems damp and cool, then I guess you may find something to like in this picture. Just try to ignore what else is going on, because it is barely watchable.
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Much better than reviewed here
artzau9 January 2003
This film suffers from being a hybrid between the Coen brothers and Quentin Tarantino in part. It's not violent or ironic enough to be a Joel Coen creation and not obscenity-laden or gory enough to be a Tarantino product. There is humor, however, in the bumbling of Vinny D'Onofrio's character and in Reeve's typically understated role. You get the idea the real "bad guy" in the film is the neglectful, dope-smoking mother who allows the older brother to brutalize and bully the younger. It's topped off with more goofiness with Aykroyd's Krazy Kop and Delroy Lindo's Gangsta role (I particularly liked the red hair gimmick). I missed this one when it came out and rented the video because I found the name, Feeling Minnesota, remindful of the Coen Brother's Raising Arizona. I found it very watchable and rather liked the ridiculous situations very dysfunctional people get themselves into. The only glitch seemed to be Cameron Diaz who at times seemed unsure what her character was all about. Still, there is much in this film to recommend it. I would ignore the more negative reviews found here: I've no idea what these people were expecting or wanting. Check this movie out for yourself and you decide.
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90s twisting & turning, very funny low-life crime film about users on the take
HelenMary13 July 2013
Bottom line, this is a very funny, silly, slapstick, goofy film - but very adult, with twists and turns as the largely amoral characters grapple and use each other to get what they want. None of the characters are particularly likable, Jjaks (Reeves) seems the most put upon but he's in and out of prison and Freddie (Diaz) is a good time girl who messed with the wrong people and is just doing what she has to do to get by. It's also a sort of romantic love story although despite Reeves acting superbly and being rather cute, the chemistry between him and Diaz is lacking something. Diaz, I don't feel is acting her best and often is a somewhat monotone, as if reading lines, but they are enjoyable to watch and whilst I think she's the weakest performance she has the most difficult and emotionally exposing role and in that case I think she does well. It's the scenes with Reeves and D'Onofrio that are truly engaging in an anti-chemistry kind of way. They rub each other up the wrong way - sibling rivalry - Jjaks having had the bad end of every deal in their childhood - and in doing so provide some scarily good aggression and slapstick comedy timing genius ensues. It's a film where you have to watch closely, for some grand scale and also minutiae performances, and it can be watched over and over again for laughs and the drama. Reeves is animated and light - like Diaz, I think he suits comedy and there are plenty of funny scenes (albeit black comedy as often as not) to enjoy. Diaz is both charming and annoying - her character is understandable and relatable (possibly due to her performance making it so) but also largely without scruples and single mindedness: her dream of working in Vegas - and I like that whilst it ends satisfactorily, it's not particularly Hollywood in it's ending and it's predictable but pleasantly so. Dan Aykroyd is the hapless, stupid, love-sick, cop on the take with a very overblown Minnesota accent - or is it Canadian, or Irish? He brings more laughs, and Courtney Love in a small but nice role adds small town glamour and a stable foil for some of D'Onofrio's eccentric behaviours.

Adults only black comedy, lots of bad language, scenes of a sexual nature (though not gratuitous) and a lot of violence and aggression. The subject matter, and plot, make for a very dramatic film but it's played for laughs which makes it an enjoyable romp with all the actors giving it 100%. Amazingly this film flew under the radar of 90s cinema-going and is an unexpectedly good film that I've seen a number of times and it doesn't get old. Not a chick-flick although it may appear as such, and plenty for boys to enjoy.
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A Horrible Film
JoshtheGiant13 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Feeling Minnesota is one of the worst films I have ever seen, it is also one of the most disgusting films ever made. It has to do with a woman who is forced to marry a disgusting mob man. At the wedding she meets his brother Jjaks. They have sex in the house after they eat the cake than decide to run away together. The other brother of course comes after him guns blazing and he kills his wife. Jjaks wakes up to find her corpse in the bathtub and buries her. He than seems to become friends with Jjaks and they try to get money together because someone is blackmailing them because he saw them and the body. This loops about and several characters dies or come back to life, but it never comes together with anything that could be called a good plot. The performances are horrible by pretty much everybody. Cameron Diaz, Keanu Reeves, and Dan Akroyed. The direction, dialogue, and visual effects are just horrible. A disgusting and horrible movie.
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Pretty good loser movie
Hang_All_Drunkdrivers28 September 2009
In a way it's like Laurel and Hardy in that the two main characters are a couple of idiots always fighting. Keanu Reeves and Vince D'Onofrio play two feuding brothers who want the same women. The women, played very sexily by Cameron Diaz, likes Reeves but is married to D'Onofrio and has eyes on his money.

Some people get murdered but the show is really more of a comedy. The three leads do a great job as do the supporting actors like Dan Aykroyd and the always watchable Delroy Lindo. You think of Reeves as being a handsome guy but not here. With his awful hair style and drunk attitude, he's really got loser wrote all over him. Midway in the movie his character does something really clever when he wakes up and finds a dead body in his room and then gets a call saying the police are coming up to talk to him. But he finds a way to fool them.
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An Awful film
rob-23619 May 1999
A waste of time, talent and shelf space, this is a truly abysmal film. What are big leaguers like Keanu Reeves, Cameron Diaz and Dan Aykroyd wasting their time being in such rubbish?. Petty criminal Reeves turns up to his brothers (Vincent D'Onofrio) wedding and ends up leaving with the bride. A comedy?, thriller?, romance? I honestly do not know! Reeves is wooden in the lead and casting Dan Aykroyd as a cop is so dreadful it has to be seen to be believed!. Only bright spot from a dark dark tunnel is Diaz and even she isn't that good. Rent out something else. everyone involved with this mess should hold there heads in utter shame and prey that it gets lost in oblivion in the years to come.
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Well, so what DOES Minnesota feel like?
Eric-122627 December 2001
After watching this film, you will come to the unshakeable conclusion that Minnesota feels like a giant mosquito bite.. right smack on your arse (nothing against the good people of Minnesota, mind you - it's not YOU, it's just this MOVIE that leads me to that contusion (oops, I mean conclusion).

That being said, it's not really such a bad movie (read previous commenter Michael O'keefe's comments - good evaluation!). No, I can't at all dismiss this movie. It actually IS an enjoyable romp (but then again, for some people anyway, so is stripping naked and rolling around in the hog pen at the local farm. It's all relative, you see. Especially if some of your relatives are hogs...)

Anyway, this movie features characters who could best be described as folks who are one audition away from appearing on the Jerry Springer Show, or Maury Povich, or perhaps America's Dumbest Criminals. In the movie, I'm not sure why they even feature them living in houses - it seems trailer parks would have been a more fitting domicile. But they get the job done. Which job is, apparently, to dazzle the viewer with numbing amounts of infighting, bloodshed, lust, stupidity, more fighting, car theft, and lots of cussing (Hey, you like the F word? Then this gem is for you!)

I'm surprised that more people didn't see this for the wicked and grungy crime-comedy that it is (hey, afterall, it's got Courtney Love in it, playing a waitress no less!). Plus it's got Dan Aykroyd and Delroy Lindo in it, and they're always good for a chuckle or two. If you've ever laughed at the likes of episodes of Jerry Springer or Talk Soup, then this movie should make you laugh. And that's all there is to say about it. Now, excuse me, I gotta' go scratch that nasty mosquito bite...
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Feeling like I shoulda watched something else.
Film Dog11 March 1999
Trying to capitalize on the "Pulp Fiction" fad, they fail miserably. The star, Keanau Reeves, robs a gas station, steals a car, and in general is a jerk. I think we're supposed to have sympathy for him because he's in love with the slutty blond female lead. But we don't. Actually, every character is an a**hole. We can't relate to any of them. Add to that more than one preposterous suppositions (cops don't notice the stolen car, a cherry 1966 Ford, no less), & it just doesn't work.
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Very poor
ginger_sonny3 August 2004
Feeling Minnesota, directed by Steven Baigelmann, and starring Keanu Reeves, Cameron Diaz and Vincent D'Onofrio: The strained relationship between two brothers, Sam (D'Onofrio) and Jjaks (Reeves), is pushed to breaking point when Jjaks arrives at Sam's wedding and makes off with the bride, Freddie (Diaz), a former stripper, marrying Sam to repay a gambling debt owed to night-club owner Red (Lindo). Baigelman's writing and directing debut is a frustrating mess, full of hateful characters and lacking coherence. Putting Keanu and Diaz in the same movie should at least provide some eye candy, but Baigelman even cops out on that score, grudging his actors up with little positive effect. Very poor.
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Mediocre Film That Tries So Hard To Be Hip And Funny, But Is Just Flat-Out Terrible
Adam E19 December 1998
What a waste of such a talented cast. This movie is p***-poor, wannabe hip comedy that is never hip or funny. It just is a bad Tarantino knockoff. Keanu Reeves and Cameron Diaz, who I usually like, are bad in this film and have zero chemistry. The story isn't bad, but the film is so poorly acted and directed that it's hard to like and tough to sit through (I couldn't stay up through most of it). Skip it.
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Keanu, independant...Whoa.
Clever Jones16 February 2000
Man, Dan Ackroyd sure has chosen some interesting projects in his life time. One of which being this dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb film entitled "Feeling Minnesota". The film's premise is dumb. The writing is dumb. The scenery...dumb. There's not a whole lot to say about this silly, violent flick, so I won't.

However, it is worth pointing out a few things:

#1) This was one of Keanu Reeves' worst films. I mean, there all bad, but this one is pathetic. After this, He'll make "The last time I committed suicide" and other moronic things before stumbling upon "The Matrix"

#2) Cameron Diaz appears too. She's cute and grungy, but won't show her energy until "My Best Friend's Wedding".

#3) Tuesday Weld, an actress that I haven't really seen a whole lot in films appears as Keanu Reeves' mother. She's memorable, but, from what I've heard, she supposed to be brilliant.

#4) The Director Of photography is very strange and must not be too experienced...

These are all just opinions of mine, but everyone seems to agree.
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Likeable dark melodrama
akhilles845 November 2001
This is a piece that almost everyone can identify themselves with,in one way or another.Everyone that has been hurt early on in his life,someway.And not given a chance to hit a better road.

Keanu portrays a lost young man who has been mistreated in his childhood mostly by his brother,but also by his mother who decided to get rid of him while he was still a kid.Cameron Diaz is a tough girl with no future who gets caught up in trouble which ends up having to marry Keanu's brother,played excellently by Vince D'Onofrio.Whole establishment of the town is rotten.Specially the police officer played by Dan Aykroyd and a stripjoint shark played by Delroy Lindo.Keanu meets Cameron on his brother's wedding and love blossoms.

Watching this movie is quite enjoyable and i easily fall for these stories,of paradise lost and love happening on the worst place possible.I dont know why,but i kind of felt like it was me on the screen,or a part of me playing the part of Jjaks.Iam sure many more felt the same.

Whats so great with this film is that it makes us feel so many different emotions at the same time,and the moods change incredibly fast.First,everything is dark and then hope starts to come and we feel like Jjaks and Freddie might make it,before our hopes come crashing down again and in the end come true.Its the main accomplishment of this film.Creating so many intense and dramatic situations.Contrasts are strong here.

This is one of Reeves' best roles in my opinion.Same goes for Cameron and D'Onofrio.Dont believe the poor reviews of this film.Watch it.
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