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  • When the courts fail to keep behind bars the man who raped and murdered her daughter, a woman seeks her own form of justice.

  • Karen McCann's eldest daughter is raped and murdered whilst on the phone with her. When the case against Robert Doob, the perpetrator, is dismissed because of a technicality, she starts following him and sees how he checks out his next victim, a woman he delivers groceries to. She tells the police, but is only warned she must stop following Doob. When she tries to warn the woman, she is shooed out of the house. Doob, having found out that Karen is following him, threatens to do something to her youngest daughter. She then seeks help from a group of vigilantes connected to a support group, in order to shoot Doob. However, a friend from the support group turns out to be an FBI agent investigating the very vigilante activity Karen is involved in and warns her that she will go to jail for the rest of her life unless it is self-defense. In the meantime, tension grows between Karen and her husband Mack, because he finds out she has secretly been taking self-defense classes and has been learning how to use a gun. When Doob makes another victim and is again released for lack of evidence, she finds a way to lure him into her house and kill him in self-defense.

  • Karen McCann lives in Santa Monica, California, and her husband Mack McCann is the owner of the McCann construction company. Karen works in a museum, and she has two daughters. They are 5-year-old Megan and 17-year-old Julie. Mack is Megan's biological father, and Julie was born from Karen's previous marriage. Mack still loves Julie like she's his own daughter. Karen is on her way home from work one day, when she calls home on her cell phone, and Julie answers. Julie is preparing for Megan's 6th birthday at the time of the call, and Karen is still talking to Julie...when a man suddenly breaks into the house and rapes and kills Julie. Karen rushes home as fast as she can, and is devastated by what she sees. Detective Sergeant Joe Denillo is put on the case. Days later, Joe calls Karen and tells Karen that Julie's killer is Robert Doob, a supermarket deliveryman who has been in and out of jail for most of his life. In court, Karen is understandably enraged when Robert is released on a technicality, and Mack is restrained when he lunges at Robert. Robert later starts harassing Megan, and when Karen starts checking out the neighborhood Robert lives in, Robert threatens to go after Megan unless Karen stays away from Robert's neighborhood. When Karen joins a support group for parents of violence victims, she discovers that within this support group, there is a secret society of parents, led by bereaved parent Sidney Hughes, who kill killers that the extremely flawed system has failed to adequately deal with. Karen joins this group and is soon undergoing training at a local firing range. After Robert rapes and kills a woman named Maria, Robert is once again arrested, but he is again released on a technicality. This is when Karen sends Mack and Megan to visit some relatives, and forms a plan to do what the courts can't do...stop Robert once and for all. In matters like these, the system has a habit of giving people like Karen absolutely no choice but to solve these kinds of problems themselves.

  • Distraught over her oldest daughter's rape and brutal murder, and the fact that the murderer was turned loose on a technicality, Karen McCann seeks vengeance. She learns self-defense and becomes an expert marksman with a pistol and sets out to seek and destroy. Robert Doob is the cocky killer and she must stop him before he can kill again.

  • After the assault, rape and murder of her 17-year-old daughter at home, Karen becomes obsessed with putting the rapist behind bars. What Karen soon finds is that the criminal justice system is more interested in procedure than justice and soon frees the killer of her daughter on a vague technicality. Karen finds that she has no options but to proceed with her own plans for justice as the system has again failed to protect the innocent and the victims.


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  • Karen McCann(Sally Field),Is A Woman With Everything To Live For. She Is Happily Married To Mack(Ed Harris),And Has 2 Daughters,17-year old,Julie(Olivia Burnette), And Six-year old Megan(Alexandra Kyle). She Lives In A Nice House In Santa Monica,California,And Has A Good Job In A Museum. However,Her World Is Shattered When Julie Is Violently Raped And Murdered. Karen Tries To Maintain Normality For Megan's Sake-But She Finds Herself Obsessed With Bringing Her Daughter's Killer To Justice.Detective Sergent Joe Denillo(Joe Mantegna),Assures Karen That There Is Enough DNA Evidence To Help Catch The Killer. He Also Encourages Her To Seek Counseling,And Her Husband Agrees. The Next Day Denillo Tells Karen That DNA Tests Have Revealed The Killer As Robert Doob(Kiefer Sutherland),A Supermarket Delivery Man With A Criminal Record. At The Trail, It Is Clear Doob Is Gulity,However,Due To The Fact That The Defense Was Promised A Sample Of The DNA On Which They Could Perform Their Own Tests They Did Not Receive,It Forces The Judge To Dismiss The Case. Karen And Mack Are Dumbstruck As Doob Walks Away As A Free Man. Karen Sets A Trap To Lure Doob Into Her Home, So That She Can Say The Killing Was In Self-Defense. It Works. After Karen Shoots Doob Dead And Calls The Police,Denillo Arrives And Tells Karen That He Knew The Truth And Hasn't Fooled Him. He Tells His Colleague That It Was A "Clear Case Of Self-Defense".

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