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  • Lee Cullen (Vanessa Williams), a senior executive with the Cyrez Corporation, manufacturer of secret weapons for the military, has discovered an internal scam involving the illegal sale of high tech weapons to terrorists, an act of treason. She reports it to the F.B.I., and U.S. Marshall John Kruger (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is assigned to protect her until she can testify against Cyrez. Unfortunately, Kruger's colleague and mentor, Robert Deguerin (James Caan), also a U.S. Marshall, is actually the mastermind behind the scam. Deguerin frames Kruger for killing another agent. With the help of Johnny Casteleone (Robert Pastorelli), an ex-mobster currently in the Witness Protection Program, Kruger attempts to prove his innocence and infiltrate Cyrez in order to find out exactly what is happening.

  • Eraser is based on a screenplay written by Tony Puryear, Walon Green, and Michael S. Chernuchin.

  • In the movie, "Eraser" refers to a witness protection agent who "erases" a person's past life and sets them up with a new identity.

  • Osso bucco (translation 'bone hole') is a Milanese (Italian) dish made of veal shanks braised with vegetables and broth.

  • Lee explains that a railgun is a secret electromagnetic pulse rifle that doesn't use gunpowder or bullets but fires aluminum rounds at extremely high speed. According to Lee, Cyrez was contracted to scale it down to make an assault rifle, the most powerful assault rifle on Earth.

  • Kruger and Lee had previously agreed that, if Kruger contacted her, she must immediately go to a public place such as the zoo. Knowing that he was drugged, Kruger feared that he might reveal her whereabouts. DeGuerin was also probably well aware that Kruger had been trained to withstand extreme amounts of pain so he knew that torturing him to get Lee's location would be pointless. Therefore, drugging and tricking him into paging Lee was the best option.

  • On the courthouse steps, following their indictment for treason, Deguerin and Undersecretary of Defense Daniel Harper (Andy Romano) tell reporters that their actions have exposed an alliance between this administration and some of "our nation's worst enemies" and insist that they will be vindicated at the upcoming trial. Deguerin privately assures Harper that their case will never reach trial because all they have is Lee's testimony against them. Meanwhile, Kruger and Lee get into a van and prepare to drive away. Suddenly, in front of everyone's eyes, the van explodes. Not seen by anyone is a hand closing a sewer grating under the van. Deguerin and Harper drive away in their limo, congratulating each other on arranging Lee's timely death, until they realize that neither of them had anything to do with it. Suddenly, the limo stops, the door locks close automatically, and the chauffeur, actually Johnny Casteleone in disguise, walks away from the car. The limo phone rings, and Kruger's voice says, "You've just been erased." Kruger can be seen standing near the road as Deguerin and Harper realize that they're parked on railroad tracks and that a train is rapidly approaching them. They struggle to no avail to unlock the limo doors and break the windows, but the train crashes into them and the limo goes up in flames. In the final scene, Johnny drives off in another car and waves to Kruger as he passes. Kruger climbs down an embankment into another car where Lee is waiting. "What happened?", she asks. Kruger replies, "They caught a train," and they drive away.

  • Caught a Train by Trevor Rabin.

  • This Schwarzenegger action flick is heavily censored in the UK missing out more than two minutes of action and fight sequences not suitable for kids at the age of 15.

  • Alison along with several other witnesses were killed for 2 reasons: (1) it would trick Kruger into thinking that Lee was in danger and hopefully it would convince Kruger to reveal where he had hidden her, and (2) when they killed Lee it wouldn't look like it was related to the Cyrez scandal.


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