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MPAA Rated PG for some mild language and sensuality

Sex & Nudity

  • During the first heist, Dunston is seen putting a woman's panties on his head.
  • A woman mistakes for Dunston being her handsome masseuse, she is turned on by some tushy-slapping. The woman then grabs the masseurer by the neck when he comes in and pulls him down to kiss her.
  • A teenage boy attempts to flirt with some women.
  • A man asks "why is he talking to his crotch?"
  • We see two french women sunbathing through a security camera, one of them is in a bikini.
  • Dunston lifts the dress of a woman from under the table.

Violence & Gore

  • Slapstick and rough-and-tumble pummeling, including ear-biting, silly karate, and kitchen pots to the head.
  • A boy puts his hand on a stair barrier and it reamerges with blood on it. Dropplets of blood are shown on the stairs and Dunston is later shown with a bloody piece of glass lodged in his hand.
  • A gunshot is fired.
  • A kitchen knife is wielded.
  • A large tranquilizer rifle is shot at Dunston but lodges in a large man, causing sleepiness.
  • A man bounds and gags a boy.
  • A man is slapped several times near the end.
  • A man screams after Dunston lands on him. (this is mostly comical)


  • "Holy Shit" is said loudly at one point. Other mild profanity is used such as hell and damn.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Many adults are seen with champagne glasses in their hands at a ball or at the bar.
  • Lord Rutledge smokes a cigarette, puts it in an ash tray along with four other cigarettes, then Dunston puts one in his mouth (copying what Ruthledge is doing.), and spits it out.
  • A woman drinks from a hip flask.
  • Dunston opens a bottle of champagne and drinks from the bottle.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Neil (a dog) jumps off the top of the hotel balcony when he senses Dunston sitting on a ledge, but safety lands in a bin, very comical.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • The lady gets wet and messy in the cake with the fat man

Violence & Gore

  • Dunston throws a coconut on a man. We do not see the outcome as the screen immediately cuts to black.

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