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The Most Insane Bigfoot & Yeti Movies Ever Made

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The Most Insane Bigfoot & Yeti Movies Ever Made
Considering they're the best-known cryptids in history, the humanoids known variously as Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti, the Abominable Snowman and so forth don't get much respect in modern cinema. While thousands of hours of film and video have been dedicated to these elusive man-beasts, there's something about the big dude that makes it nearly impossible for filmmakers to take him seriously, or even tell a semi-competent story about him. It's certainly not for a lack of trying; there have been nearly a hundred Bigfoot and Yeti movies released since the '50s. Old-fashioned giant monster romps, found-footage and slasher entries, feel-good family dramas, romantic comedies... even porno flicks. So why are nearly all of them so damn goofy? Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy these insane interpretations; in fact, the crazier they get, the more I dig 'em. So to honor this dubious cinematic legacy, here are two dozen of
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Kevin Smith’s SModcast Pictures to Distribute Other People’s Films

It was almost exactly a year ago that Kevin Smith announced at Sundance that he would self-distribute Red State by personally taking it on tour across the U.S. It's clear that, thus far, the move hasn't torn down the Hollywood system or really changed how anyone else does business, but it did allow him to make a profit with Red State and got him plenty of attention for a movie that arguably didn't really deserve it. Now he is announcing what appears to be the next stage in his master plan to eventually retire from filmmaking: he will begin to release other people's movies through his "Kevin Smith and SModcast Pictures Presents" label with the help of Canadian distributor Phase 4. They will distribute up to twelve films per year via traditional and digital methods, with four of them being given the live tour treatment accompanied by Smith himself. Here
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The Canucks' Playoff Win, The Hollywood Sign And 'Iron Man 2' In Today's Twitter-Wood

The Canucks' Playoff Win, The Hollywood Sign And 'Iron Man 2' In Today's Twitter-Wood
So it turns out Tinsel Korey wasn't the only Twitter-Wood resident sporting love for the Vancouver Canucks during their Stanley Cup playoff face-off against the L.A. Kings. Jason Reitman was celebrating the series' end as well last night on Twitter.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was also in high spirits today, mostly thanks to Hugh Hefner, who came in at the last minute with a giant donation to save the land around California's iconic Hollywood sign. Then there was Edgar Wright, who hopes to be happy after he sees "Iron Man 2," but for now he just sounds a bit anxious. Check out those tweets, as well as Malcolm Ingram's micro-review of Kevin Smith's "Hit Somebody" script and Dane Cook's dreams of collaborating with Jim Carrey in Twitter-Wood for April 26, 2010.

Twitter Pic of the Day:

@Schwarzenegger http://twitpic.com/1iob8p - Great announcement today that we raised necessary
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The Yellow Handkerchief Review

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The Yellow Handkerchief plays out like someone tried to film the lyrics to one of those pulp-sappy, alt-country songs that play in Hallmark stores and/or Cracker Barrel gift shops. Yellow is a lushly symbolic color, representing everything from cowardice, infection, happiness, friendship, even caution -- although most of the time it inspires people to move faster. And if you buy that, I've got this lovely film studies degree I'd love to sell you on the back of this here bridge deed. Erin Dignam's script is allegedly based on Pete Hamill's novel, but seems more like it was ripped off straight from the Japanese film The Yellow Handkerchief (of Happiness) and gauzily shot by Udayan Prasad. I'd love to make the claim that Prasad and Dignam choked the plot with sentimentality and cloying symbolism, but the truth of the matter is they tried stretching a ten-minute premise into a sparse feature length film.
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John Mayer, Michael Moore, Simon Pegg And Others Respond To 'Avatar' In This Twitter-Wood Early Edition

John Mayer, Michael Moore, Simon Pegg And Others Respond To 'Avatar' In This Twitter-Wood Early Edition
As you all know quite well, "Avatar" hit theaters this weekend. And while celebrities have ways of finagling themselves tickets to official premieres -- I think there's a secret handshake or something -- plenty of them turned out to "slum it" with their adoring public for public screenings of the movie. Or at least, that's what it seems like based on the influx of tweets on our Twitter-Wood feed.

The tone has been mostly positive on the Hollywood insider front. Hell, last week superstar actor Ben Stiller appeared on "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien" with only one thing in mind: pimping James Cameron's sci-fi epic! "Oh, I'm here to talk about 'Avatar.'" he said. "I'm really excited about it, Conan. It's gonna be... it's just going to be an amazing movie." Hit the jump for more from celebs on "Avatar," fresh from the Twitter-Wood feed.

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