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One of my all-time favorites
SdrolionGM3 March 2001
Ah, Dragonheart. I still love this film... I could talk about the top-notch special effects of the time and the inclusion of Sean Connery and Dennis Quaid, who performed their roles of noble dragon and despairing knight incredibly well...I guess I just did...but I think there's something else about this film that needs mentioning.

Dragonheart is an incredibly uplifting film. In a day when a lot of movies are chilling visions of the world around us, we need something to show us hope. Dragonheart, with its tale of a knight who lost his faith and a dragon who was trying to restore his honor, paints a beautiful picture of kindness, friendship, love, and sacrifice that never fails to inspire me. I am not a man given to displays of emotion, really...but the film makes me laugh and cry throughout everything.

And the soundtrack certainly helps. It is a textbook example of the proper use of a soundtrack to emphasize the plot and emotion. The beautiful "To the Stars" remains one of my absolute favorite songs. I can never listen to the soundtrack without seeing the movie happening again before my eyes.

Get the movie. And get the soundtrack. You'll love them both.
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An entirely enjoyable movie by any standards!
piacathrin27 May 2004
Dragonheart is, in my humble opinion, one of the best-ever dragon movies I have seen. And believe me, I have seen a lot of them. Most are poorly made with lagging stories and characters you cannot get into. I found that was not the case for Dragonheart. Draco, the dragon, was in my opinion a gorgeous creature and it didn't make it worse that he sounded like Sean Connery. :) Dennis Quaid is always enjoyable, a gorgeous man with an infectious smile. Dina Meyer is lovely as Kara. So what if some of the plot is not 'believable'. It's a fairytale. Anything goes in fairy tales. Heck, that's what fairy tales are all about. Fantasy, imagination. So, when and if you watch/re-watch this movie, do so with an open heart and suspend your disbelief and analytical minds. This is fantasy in the truest sense.
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A Film of Fantasy!
angelsinjeans1 November 2003
There are many fantasy films around today that show how far some people's imagination can be stretched. Loads of these films have the good idea, but the bad production making it a very poor film. This is NOT the case in Dragonheart.

For a film to be a success, you need to show as much goodness you have as well as badness. You need to have the equal balance of a nasty character that contains the exact amount of evil to comply with this.

In the case of Dragonheart, we have the evil King Einon, demonstrated by David Thewlis. A fine performance to show how much evil can be inflicted by the control of one heartless man.

Yet, in every film we have a hero, or in this case, 2. Dennis Quaid plays Bowen, a strong and faithful knight who lives in the service to protect others. Our other hero is the unlikely character of a dragon (Sean Connery and his lovely voice) named Draco. Between these 2 hero's, an alliance is made and they work together in hope of making peoples lives better.

The direction, the acting, the costume and the characters all fit together to make this film be, what I believe, an amazing success. I know not many may agree to this, but I think, when you look deep into this film, you can see the true magic that is brought alive by the relationship between these two characters.

In my view, an amazing film, an amazing cast and an amazing result.
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For those who love dragons
burgan62037 April 2005
I have read innumerable reviews stating emphatically how "stupid" or "unrealistic" "Dragonheart" is. And, I suppose the largest fault this movie has is not going as in-depth into its own mythology as it could have(Draco being able to share his heart, and the like). But for me, it is great, for one big reason: I love dragons. I always have. I hate how they are always depicted as evil monsters in most fantasy stories(this would be Tolkien's biggest flaw in my opinion). And here is one where the dragon is noble and kind! Sean Connery, by the way, has just about the best dragon voice there is(Gregory Peck might be a close second).

"Dragonheart" may strike casual viewers(or the terminally unimaginative)as a silly, special-effects extravaganza; but, for people who love dragons, it provides something more.
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A Fun and Heartwarming Movie
pksky117 November 2002
Dennis Quaid is Bowen, a passionate knight who falls under bitter circumstances and finds himself roaming the land avenging himself against dragons who he blames for his lot. He finds his match in one dragon, Draco, who instead of finishing off Bowen offers to declare a truce. The two cynics team up and stage sham combat in front of terrified villagers who are only too willing to reward the knight for "slaying" the dragon and who won't miss a few sheep to the dragon either. The con goes bad though and the two are forced to confront their common destiny.

This movie was originally heavily sold based on its superb digital effects and it remains that Draco is a magnificent creature in these days when digital effects are no longer unusual in movies. Even so, the cast and cinematography are excellent and everything moves along seamlessly. It is an all round great movie.

There is some brutal medieval warfare, but nothing so graphic that a pre-teen couldn't handle it.

I saw this film originally at a theatre and again on rented VHS.
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Near perfection.
smashattack1 April 2002
Dragonheart is an excellent movie. The CGI of Draco is superb, especially for its time, and the storyline is well thought out. Although the movie lacks a decent antagonist, the plot fills in for whatever Einon lacks in his role.

Draco is such an excellent character, possibly one of my favorites of all-time in films. He is exactly what a dragon should be, exactly how I imagined. Quaid does an excellent job as Bowen, and did well as Draco was not really there during filming.

The music in Dragonheart is one of the most memorable themes ever composed. Randy Edelman composed a great theme for this film, which could probably be recognized by nearly anybody. "This is from Dragonheart!"

This is definitely one of the best movies ever made. The acting is excellent, CGI fits perfectly, the characters are deep, well-rounded, and the storyline and plotline are both great. The ending is so sad, though. If you're a male, make sure no one else is around while watching this movie if you're ashamed of crying in front of people.

Watch this movie. It's a great way to spend some time.
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Dragon Fun To Watch In This Mostly-Enjoyable Fantasy
ccthemovieman-12 January 2007
This was kind of a hokey Class-B fantasy-adventure story but with Grade A special effects (with the dragon) and sound. Those visual and audio treats make it worth watching. This was early "demo"-type DVD disc, exhibiting some excellent surround sound when very few other DVDs were as audibly as good.

The story begins a bit slowly but once the dragon appears it's a fun and fascinating movie to watch. A decade ago when this came out, I marveled, "It's amazing how they can make strange creatures so lifelike." Of course, FX has only gotten better and better.

For me, the dragon was the only endearing character in the movie. Dennis Quaid plays the good guy, but he's mostly annoying in here. I think it was his fake raspy voice that was irritating. In all, a fun movie.

At any rate, the movie is pure medieval fantasy and theology but entertaining enough for kids and adults. There is no bad language in here.
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Great film
CFairy14 October 2004
Okay, I'm going to start with the fact that this is one of my favourite films-I remember seeing it when I was younger and last year when I spotted the 'special edition' DVD I snapped it straight up!!


Okay, mainly people who have seen/liked/or just generally want to comment on a film come here-so I shall not describe the whole film-just bits that are needed.

Firstly, casting-I actually think the casting was good on this film-

Quaid as Bowen was good-physically he is right (strong, good looking etc.) and his presence is right-you believe that this character generally believes that Einon has 'turned' bad because of this Dragon who gave half his heart-thus creating a good straight-forward story line. In the beginning Bowen really loved the younger Einon and thats why it is quite painful to see in the first fight scene between Bowen and Einon (at the waterfall) that in fact Einon never believed Bowen's teachings of 'the old code,' you can see the sadness and realisation in Bowen, that Einon is 'bad' and was even at the beginning.

Thewlis as Einon-brill-actually Thewlis is one of my favourite actors because of the 'brains' he puts into his characters-take Einon, for example-not outly strong, etc.-but you can see that this character thinks-he's educated he knows what he is doing. You only have to look at the scene with Einon and kara in the bed chamber-look at how Thewlis plays the character-using words, the ideas of 'power' to manipulate her. Of course, its a family film and he is generally a good 'badie' but luckily not a straight-forward, stereotypical one. I must say he gives one of the best performances in the film.

Dina Meyer- this was one of her first films I believe and she does well-physically quite strong (which is quite a rarity to see a female who can stand up for herself in such films)but also adding a good character to assist Bowen.

Postlethwaite- very funny-I think he's a great actor and I loved him in this-different to a lot of stuff he had done, especially before this film-the character adds a comical touch to the film-but also he just generally portrays a 'good' character.

Connery-good, for the voice-you can tell the actor straight away and I think thats why he was chosen-but also I think his voice just adds something to the part.

The effects-brill, esp. for their time-even now they still stand on their own and as a viewer you can just relax and freeze reality for a while and believe that a dragon is actually talking etc. on screen.

Overall, a great film, that will touch the hearts of many-young and old. This is a film to watch over and over-full of laughs, fights, the odd tears and of course the classic battle between Good and Evil.

If you haven't seen it before-rent it, relax, forget everything in reality for a couple of hours and just watch this great fantasy film.
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pretty good...
Erik G.22 February 1999
Like others, I rate Dragonheart far above most mindless summer blockbusters, loaded with hip witticisms and sarcastic heroes. Dragonheart is not cynical at all, and is lots of fun for kids of all ages (why is this movie PG13?). If you're looking for a really ferocious dragon, Draco isn't it. Draco is much more human than most movie dragons (if you want a scary dragon, watch Dragonslayer), but he is very realistic. In fact, the scenes without him tend to drag, but Dennis Quaid's Bowen is strong as the disillusioned knight. If you are looking for a deep plot, you won't find it, but that's no big deal. Dragonheart is more about adventure and dragons than about plot twists and in depth characterizations. Edelman's music is great for the most part, especially in the final scenes, which I think are the best in the movie. Check it out.
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Prerequisite: Imagination
shamanwulf11 January 2016
I've finally reached my fifties, but I still love this film as much as the first day I saw it in the cinema. It's a relevant thought, you see, because as I browsed the reviews I came face to face with an old acquaintance -- the realisation that childlike wonder and imagination are actually rare enough to be in short supply, enough to justifiably call those resources scarce.

I raised an eyebrow, vexed, as people complained about realism; I've heard complaints of the improbability of a dragon's ambulatory system without ever the self awareness to realise that with a few tweaks to physics to account for a different world -- one where magic exists as an institution and resource, no less -- along with some fixes to common misconceptions of dragons and animal biology that one could make anything probable. Clever people call this 'escapism,' a retreat into a fantasy, fictitious world unlike our own. Escapism goes so much further than daydreams of attractive sexual partners and fast cars.

Here I see in the 'goofs' section that the dragon's wings don't generate downdraft. Who says they need to? A man in Britain created a box that could generate quantum thrust by manipulating lasers. Who's to say that a dragon's lift doesn't work the same way? Cries off realism come only from dull, mundane, typical minds. Not anyone who's especially brilliant would even mistake fantasy for reality in the first place. Truly, if one is unable to discern that dragon's exist in the realm of the improbable, so far separated from our own, then they've bigger problems than 'unrealistic' dragons.

The pseudo-intellectual of below average intelligence complains of unrealism, thinking himself clever. The truly clever person possessed of a sharp mind and considerable wit finds the challenge of explaining other realities with their own physical laws fun!

So, to wit, this is a lovely film, heartwarming, ingenious, and with a fantabulous showing from Mr. Connery. You may like it, but you should probably only watch it if you're clever enough to understand the distinctions and boundaries between reality and fantasy. Though individuals quite clever enough for that are evidently few and far between.

Don't apply if you subscribe oxymoronically to 'I don't want fantasy in my fantasy, only reality with the rules of that even normalised and simplified into mundanity enough that I'm able to actually understand it;' Or if you're inclined to prefer bat-like dragon's over their six- limbed cousins because they're more realistic (without being erudite enough to realise why that statement makes no sense, because playing by those rules the ambulatory pressure problems created by such a large, flying creature would make bat-like dragons every bit as unrealistic). If either of the prior is true, you're not good enough for this film. It deserves a better audience.

If, however, that gave you a chuckle rather than fired your ire, you may just be good enough for it. In which case you really should watch it!
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Highly underrated
manuel1avila14 March 2015
I'm surprised this movie is not at least a 7 in IMDb. Dragonheart used to be one of my favorite movies when I was teenager. It is fun, funny and emotional, the CGI are great for late 90's and Denis Quaid acting is remarkable.

Leaving aside the fact that this is a story about dragons and knights, The bottom story of honor and betrayal is a little stereotypical but still very catching. To me the downside is the antagonist casting: The guy is so boring. Other than that, Sean Connery's voice and the movie soundtrack are spectacular. Highly recommended to watch in family for those who haven't seen it yet, and for the rest, revisiting this title now and then, can be a good plan for a Sunday afternoon.
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A tough one
kipo0529 September 2007
This is a hard movie for me to rate, because when i was small I loved this movie, it was my favourite in fact but now that I am older and have watched it again it just wasn't the same.

I used to be amazed by the special effects and the acting but upon reflection there is very little to really like in this movie, that being said Sean Connery does some very nice voice acting here

So basically what I am saying is its brilliant when you are small so it is a good movie to watch with kids but its not very good on your own, this may be a good movie to buy just for a cheap thrill if you like medieval era stuff
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Comical Dragon
iguana150017 July 2004
Warning: Spoilers
*may contain potential spoilers*

I only recently saw Dragonheart even though its been out for almost a decade. I stumbled upon this movie quite by accident, but now that I've seen it twice, I'm pleased with this discovery. I'm not a fantasy or dragon lore enthusiast, but I found this movie enjoyable on many levels.

Sean Connery lending his voice talent to the Dragon (Drako) is one of the most debatable choices in this movie. I personally think it was a good choice since I laughed every time I heard his English accent coming out of a medieval creature. The result? A dragon with a bit of sophistication and class. Also unexpected is the animation quality of the dragon. I expected that dragons would be something evil and harsh, but Drako ended up as an surprising character that was both funny and interesting. One scene in particular: Bowen finds Drako serenading Kara by a waterfall. Upon discovery, Drako is embarrassed...well...as much as a dragon could.

The story line is linear and easy to understand which leaves more time for the viewer to focus on other things. Dennis Quaid and David Thewlis do a good job acting, although the character that David plays (the evil king) is a bit dim. In fact, he is outright dumb which adds to the humor of the movie. Dennis plays Bowen, the disillusioned knight who manages to be gruff and tough, yet also remains light hearted about his duty.

The plot partially follows the classic hero's quest theme. The plot at the end of the movie turned out the way it should have. Towards the 3rd quarter of the movie, I feared that some cheesy ending would take place since the movie hinted at the possibility of some silly conclusion where everyone would live happily ever after and the bad guys would get thrown in jail. Fortunately, the movie took the right path and a more serious ending ensued.

This ended the movie quite well and I felt satisfied.

I was surprised to see so many famous actors and actresses in this movie. Most of them acted well enough, although none gave any spectacular performances. Only one actor really stood out as miscast in this movie: Jason Isaacs who played the evil king's side kick. After seeing too many movies where Issacs is cast as an domineering figure with composure (The Tuxedo, Black Hawk Down, The Patriot), his character in this movie was just too weak. At one point, he comes out of a house half dressed and accidentally drops his shorts (or medieval equivalent) for a brief moment.

Overall, this movie was fun to watch. Drako was a surprise and offered a very refreshing portrayal of a dragon (although I can't compare this movie to any other dragon movie). Drako just seems to defy a stereotype I had in my mind about dragons. The cast is solid enough, and the story is one that is simple but interesting. The ending did the movie well. One thing is for sure, you can't watch this movie with a serious attitude. Its lighthearted and comical with a little bit of seriousness thrown in intermittently.

Acting: 6/10

Special Effects: 9/10 (for its time!)

Score for a fun time: 8.5/10

Overall score: 7/10
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It's worth a watch
Smells_Like_Cheese23 November 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Interesting. I did like this movie. It has two great actors, Sean Connery and Dennis Quaid.


Bowen is a knight teaching a prince the ways of war and battle. Einon is a very nieve but kind prince who can't wait to be king. Once he and Bowen are caught in a battle between the peasants and Einon's father, the king of England, dies. Einon is now king, but a peasant girl, Kara, falls out of her window and accidentally knocks Einon into a spiked post that stabs him deep in the heart. Once Bowen takes Einon back, the queen tells him that there is only one way that they can save him.

They take him to a cave with a great dragon. The dragon gives Einon half his heart. Einon lives through the dragon's heart now. So, it is a few years later. And Einon has become a spoiled selfish brat. He destroys everything and acts like he is better than everyone. Bowen knows that it is due to the dragon's attitude, this is the reason why Einon is acting the way he is. Bowen promises to kill the dragon. He becomes a professional dragon slayer. And kills all the dragon's in the land. Except for the one who gave Einon half the heart.

He finds the dragon, and they battle. But when Bowen is caught in the dragon's mouth, the dragon gives in. And they become friends instead of enemies. Bowen even names the dragon "Dracco". Bowen finds out that in order to kill Einon he has to kill Dracco. And vise versa. Dracco begs Bowne to kill him. Of course he can't. But he has to. And does save England.

Over all, I did like the film. It had great relationships between the characters. And I would recommend it.

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Great Adventure Film
camibear77 May 2002
I was highly entertained by this movie. It was so unusual and it was so exciting as they brought all of our fantasies together in a rare way on the screen. Who would have thought of a Dragon as having a pure heart? I was astounded at the story, but equally enjoyed it as the story unfolded. It had a lot of body to the story. It was not just fluff. The story really made me feel as if I was experiencing this first hand. I found myself rooting for the dragon. When we usually think of dragons we think of them being bad. Quite the contrary this dragon is good and not only good but honorable. It was the best film I have seen of its kind. I was only sorry when it ended. I wanted more. I did notice that a sequel was made. I have watched that as well. It was very well done. High five to the writers of these tales. To the producers as well, this is one great film. It is excellent and all ages will enjoy it as well. Adventure, Excitement, Knights fighting, and a Dragon pursued for doing evil against a prince, but in the end found to be that the prince who became King had the evilness in his heart to begin with. And the Dragon played by Sean Connery was never evil, and observed the knights old code. Dennis Quade as the knight who protected the prince then who hunted down the dragon to kill him for what he called making the King's heart evil. The end is so unusal. This is a must see. A great film for your VHS library. You will want to see this one over and over again. Yes it is that good!
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good movie
JohRM7929 March 1999
This movie was rather good. It used technology to its fullest extent to make the Dragon realistic. However, this was one movie that should have used more character development, instead of relying just on special effects. the story was good, but it could have used a little more development. All in all, it was a good movie, and I enjoyed it.
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tige02-16 November 2005
The first time I saw Dragonheart when it appeared on video, I must have been in a fog. It did not impress me at all. I just viewed it again and found it remarkable for the believability that there was a live dragon. The gestures, movements and interaction with the humans were all so well crafted that it seemed that it was the real-live dragon being filmed. The Jurassic Park computer image use had been impressive to me and this film was a natural and great extension of the computer graphic arts. Dragonheart gives plenty of action, many laughs, scenic views, and a thoughtful story. The only problem I had with the movie was that they did not spend enough time making the waterfall landscape look real.
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The Dragon Of Our Hearts
bkoganbing5 December 2006
The film Dragonheart answers the question whatever happened to those mythical beasts of legend. Or at least how the last of the breed nobly met his fate.

Dennis Quaid is a knight true to the old code of chivalry as set down by King Arthur for his posse at the Round Table. But it's some three to four hundred years later and we're just entering another millennium. Dennis tries to teach a young prince the right way of things, but the kid is just plain no good. He grows up to be David Thewlis and one nasty tyrant of a king.

This is after his life was saved by transplanting half a dragon's heart into his wounded body on the condition he mend his evil ways and trod the straight, narrow, and just as a king. Thewlis has no intention of living up to that.

Dragonheart would be a nice kid's story, but for the presence of one thing, the voice of Sean Connery coming out of the mouth of the animated dragon. To me it is absolutely inspired how the animation folks managed to invest so much of Sean Connery's personality into their work. Connery is droll and witty as the last of his kind and I love just listening to him.

Even though Dragonheart is recommended for kids, it's also recommended for Sean Connery's fans even though you only get to hear his voice coming out of a dragon.

But what a voice.
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Silly but nice
Niller-214 February 2000
I watched this movie sitting in a bus on the way home from a day of skiing. I didn't expect anything, and to begin with I thought it was one of the silliest "sword and ruin" movies ever made.

That changed somehow when the dragon appeared - they sure did a wonderful job creating 'him'. I was impressed by the way he spoke, and the facial expressions that followed. Still the movie can't get more than 7 out of 10, being so cliche-heavy and not-so-thrilling when it comes to the human characters (though I have to agree with some of the other reviewers, that this movie is decent in the way it avoids splatter-effects and is remarkably un-blood-thirsty).
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It has 'Dragon', but it lacks more 'Heart'.
vip_ebriega15 May 2008
My Take: Special effects are the driving force of this pedestrian, workmanlike Medieval adventure.

DRAGONHEART is a big budget, special effects-laden epic with some very neat CG the likes of those in JURASSIC PARK, perhaps even better. Thanks to CGI, the dragon here is no longer a clumsy puppet or a stop-motion animated character. The special effects creation here shows how fast special effects can progress over years and years of development. In terms of plot and characters, DRAGONHEART is only partial developed. The characters here lack more interest and the whole plot can't make it all good in the 103 min. running time.

Ironically, the most interesting character in the film isn't any of the human characters. It is the character of Draco, the CGI dragon which also features another great leap in special effects, it's voiced by Sean Connery. Given Connery's voice, the character is very interesting and screenplay gives him more interest than any of his human counterparts. His sparing with the human character Bowen (played by Dennis Quaid) is amusing, even if his counterpart isn't exactly as interesting as he is.

Other than Draco, the humans aren't very fancy. The hero, Bowen the dragon hunter, although played finely by Quaid (planting his tongue firmly in cheek), the script has not much to offer to him. The villain, played with a sly tongue by Brit David Thewlis, is practically an interesting character, but the script gives him less to do later. The great cast also includes Julie Christie, Jason Isaacs, Dina Meyer (from STARSHIP TROOPERS) and Pete Postlethwaite, all pretty good. The story didn't hold my attention for the entire running time. Perhaps its my lack of interest in the story that prevents it from getting into me.

DRAGONHEART isn't unwatchable, not to the very least, but I must say I didn't actually enjoy most of it. It has a number of fun scenes with Connery's voicing of Draco as well as some pretty neat action scenes, but it ain't perfection.

Rating: **1/2 out of 5.
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A Dragon's Loyalty
peapulation4 April 2005
This is another movie I cried for, because the ending is very effective but also emotional.

Now I have to say I'm not very fond of fantasy movies and yet there was something in this one that differed it from any other fantasy movie.

This movie also shows the loyalty of a dragon. Dragons in fact were meant to be pictured as very loyal creatures and the fact that in this movie they even shared their hearts with humans shows this.

This movie also displays beautiful sceneries, almost mystic, matching perfectly the plot of this movie.

There's something magic about this movie that definitely deserves a look.

Thubs up.
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Great family flick
Laitue_Gonflable7 September 2003
Dragonheart is the sort of film you can watch over and over again because it's fun, it's well-made, it's even quite moving at times. It is such a winner because of the great fantasy storyline and the great fantasy characters.

The principle character is Draco, the last dragon alive following the massacre of the knight Bowen who turned to dragon slaying after a dragon gave half of its heart to then heir to the throne, Einen, to save his life. Unfortunately to Bowen it seems that the heart turned Einen from a good, brave kid into a remorseless, evil lord like his father.

It's your standard formulaic fantasy plot, essentially. Bowen is our brave hero, Einen our evil plotting king, and David Thewlis does a great job as the latter, he's extremely unlikeable. The twist is the characters along the way. Bowen joins forces with Draco the dragon and this is his 'heavy muscle' for the final battle. He is also joined by Brother Gilbert, a poetic monk who turns out to be a natural at firing a bow and arrow, and Kara, a peasant girl who has her own personal vendetta against Einen after he blinded and murdered her father.

Dragonheart is an excellent film for all the great characters it brings together, and its basically simple plot makes for basic simple entertainment. It's hard not to leave this film without a warm feeling inside.

Overall rating - ***1/2 / *****
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Entertaining fantasy movie with thrills , emotion and state-of-art special effects bringing the fabulous dragon to life
ma-cortes8 October 2018
¨Dragonheart¨ by Rob Cohen boasts a fine cast as Dennis Quaid , Dina Meyer , Jason Isaacs and Julie Christie . Spellbound Dragon picture with overwhelming fights and sensational scenarios . This film blends witchcraft and wizardry , adventures , battles and is extremely fun and amusing . It is set in the 10th century , A.D. An upright knight , Bowen (Dennis Quaid), is the mentor of a rockie prince . Many years later , the young prince becomes a nasty King . Then , the one-time preceptor Bowen spontaneously meets a dragon named Drake (voice by Sean Connery) and joins forces a feisty girl called Kara (Dina Meyer) to vanquish the dictator King . Both of them unite a free-breathing dragon to defeat the villain King . As Bowen and Draco carry out a set-up to get money and collect a reward from the town or village that he protects , as he supposedly slays Draco and then by hunting the dragon who had been terrorizing them. From there, Bowen and Draco have to save the entire kingdom from the rule of the now evil King . They inspire the people to fight for their freedom and taking on a tyrannical ruler. All of them get together to battle and protect themselves from a ruthless King .

This is a big budget film with sympathetic performances , great characters and gorgeous scenarios .There's some slow spots but the enjoyable relationship between Bowen and Draco make for a fun pairing . The huge dragon does seem , well , real , thanks to the splendid work carried out by Industrial , Light and Magic's expertices as Phil Tippet , along with Kit Weist .This fantasy movie packs noisy action , witchery , fantastic events , sorcery , impressive battles and a little bit of humor . Likable performance by Dennis Quaid and a young David Thwelis as the villainous , evil-hearted King .The story has many familiar dragon motifs found throughout Western culture , in particular Saint George and the Dragon, in which maiden sacrifices were made to appease a harassing dragon. Saint George's tale also includes a sacrificial lottery resulting in the surprise condemnation of a princess , Saint George is also frequently depicted with a magic blessed lance or a sword . Smart screenplay by Charles Pogue dealing with fantasy medieval , dragons , necromancy , fantastic kingdoms and many other things . Entertaining and fun movie with acceptable special effects bringing the dragon to life . Work on dragons made by CG sometimes seem authentic , but is also noted its computer realization . It is entertaining and funny and with decent computer generator special effects bringing the dragon to life . The movie was produced in enough by Raffaella De Laurentiis (Dino's daughter) . Musical score by Randy Edelman is excellent and memorable . As well as a colorful and glimmering cinematography by David Eggby . The motion picture was well directed by Rob Cohen . It's a familiar film but is specially appointed to kids .

The picture belongs to Fantasy/Dragon sub-genre ; other important films dealing with Dragons are the following ones : the sequel ¨Dragonheart , a new beginning¨ 2000 by Doug Lelfer , a regular follow-up with little budget and average FX , including unlikely premise from the first part to be continued in a similar plot , there is also a last dragon and a young knight that dreams of becoming a brave knight in shining armor with Chris Marterson , voice by Robby Benson , Figueroa and Harry Von Gorkum ; ¨Dragonheart 3 The sorcerer's curse¨ 2015 by Colin Teague with Ben Kingsley , Julian Morris , Jake Curran ; ¨Dragonheart 4 Battle for the heartfire¨ 2017 by Patrick Syversen with Patrick Stewart , Andre Eriksen , Tom Rhys ;¨Dragom Storm¨ (2004) by Stephen Furst with Maxwell Caufield , Angel Boris , Tony Amendola and John Rhys Davies ; and other latter day movies and belonging to this Dragons sub-genre are ¨Reign of fire¨ (2002) by Rob Bowman with Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey , Izabella Scorupco , and Gerard Butler ; ¨Eragon¨ (2006) by Stephen Fangmeier with Edward Speleers , Robert Carlyle , Sienna Gullory and John Malkovich .
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Classic but best
jeviatko6 June 2017
Through those years I was finding for a film exploring the different ways of dragon, the masterpiece is still the only one I recommended to every people who wants to have a journey with a great dragon.

The mixing of special effects in the film and voice from Sean Connery makes Draco vivid and vigorous. Magnificent background music in several scenes integrates into an orchestral epic in medieval age almost truly happened.

It's marvelous that you can't believe it was made over 20 years ago. Of course, you should not miss it if you are dragon lovers.
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A Good Family Style Dragon Fantasy
Rainey-Dawn15 January 2017
If you are looking for a fun family fantasy adventure - that includes knights and dragons - then this film might suit your needs. It's a really cute film that has a heavy dose of comedy to go along with a fun but good story.

It's about the last dragon and the last of the knights of the old ways (he keeps his word). Prince, Einon was almost killed when young, Bowen the knight had taught him quite a lot but he was severely wounded, dying. Bowen took the young prince to the dragon that gave him half of his heart to save him. When the prince awoke, he became quite different and ended up becoming king. The knight Bowen befriends the dragon after their fight over the prince's changes. Now they must stop this tyrant king but if he dies then the dragon dies.

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