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...but funny after all
busta9578 September 2006
Sure I agree with galdo trouchky who said that the story is quite weak and a long part of the movie is boring, but some dialogs and situations are just hilarious.

Everything in this "Delphine 1, Yvan 0" is not great, but it is Farrugia's first movie as a director, and he is more comfortable with sketch comedies.

That's sure, I wouldn't watch it every year, but a month ago it was aired and I was so glad to ear Daniel Russo says : "Don't smell my wife's fingers, she just scratched her butt".

Sorry galdo, I agree with you on lot of things like afternoon TV shows ("c'est Mon choix", documentaries on "la Cinquième"...), stupidity of many teachers (Mr Elbaz...), stinky cheese...but not this time.
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An attempt to an original movie
loolbender5 July 2006
This movie starts off with a good and original idea: comparing a couple's life with a soccer game.

But the resemblances between the two are really hard to find in the plot. Sure enough, we have two famous soccer commentators staring and giving a few hints, but we really don't know where the final score comes from.

As for the story itself, i would just say it is very weak. Basically, the plot is of a guy and a girl that live together, which is as always a difficult and full of compromises situation.

And the acting is very bad, especially from Farrugia (even though i'm a huge fan of him)and Abelanski, the hero's best friends. But maybe i'm wrong. Maybe they act well, and it's just that their characters are very weakly developed. Or maybe it's a little bit of both.

To summarize, this movie isn't even suitable for passing time. I watched it thinking i would at least get a good crack, but i was wrong.
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