Daylight (1996) Poster


Danielle Harris: Ashley Crighton



  • Ashley Crighton : [as seeing a huge gush of water pouring into the damaged tunnel]  Excuse me Mr. Latura. But, are we gonna drown?

    Kit Latura : What's your name?

    Ashley Crighton : Ashley.

    Kit Latura : Okay, Ashley. I may find a way to stop this leak. So, it will keep us from drowning, that's the good news.

    Sarah Crighton : Okay, what's the bad news?

    Kit Latura : This water is 38 degrees. So, the only thing we have to worry about is Hypothermia.

    LaTonya : Hypo-what?

    Sarah Crighton : Hypothermia. It's when your body loses heat and shuts down. When your body is getting tired, really, you're getting dead. Does that sound fair enough?

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