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Sylvester Stallone: Kit Latura



  • Kit Latura : [hearing the tunnel collapsing on itself]  Keep trying you piece of shit. Keep trying. You've killed everybody else. You know what, you haven't killed me.

    [readies an explosive] 

    Kit Latura : I have found your heart, and I'm gonna blow it right out of you

    [thrusts the explosive right into the wall of mud] 

  • Kit Latura : Okay we're high and dry and out of danger. Now, what we do'nt need is more suprises. Right?

    Steven Crighton : Okay, Were high and dry. Now what?

    Kit Latura : Now, I may have a way where I can take down a part of that tube, that will seal us off from the fire and plug up that leak.

    Steven Crighton : How do you plan on doing that?

    Kit Latura : I gonna have to use an explosive.

    [the people sigh in disbelief] 

    Kit Latura : No. wait. wait a second. Let me explain.

    Steven Crighton : An explosive? that's your idea down here? No wonder you got people killed.

    Kit Latura : Hey. If anybody's got a better idea, now is the time to say it.

    Steven Crighton : You really do not know how much damage this tunnel has sustained. So, how do you know that you can contain it to one section?

    Kit Latura : You know what, I don't know. I don't know anything. But, the one thing I know is that we're not going to make it another hour unless I shut this thing down.

  • Kit Latura : I hope you make it, Roy.

    Roy Nord : I always make it.

  • Ashley Crighton : [as seeing a huge gush of water pouring into the damaged tunnel]  Excuse me Mr. Latura. But, are we gonna drown?

    Kit Latura : What's your name?

    Ashley Crighton : Ashley.

    Kit Latura : Okay, Ashley. I may find a way to stop this leak. So, it will keep us from drowning, that's the good news.

    Sarah Crighton : Okay, what's the bad news?

    Kit Latura : This water is 38 degrees. So, the only thing we have to worry about is Hypothermia.

    LaTonya : Hypo-what?

    Sarah Crighton : Hypothermia. It's when your body loses heat and shuts down. When your body is getting tired, really, you're getting dead. Does that sound fair enough?

  • Grace Calloway : There are 4 of those. I will shut them down for 2 and a half minutes.

    Kit Latura : Each?

    Grace Calloway : Total. They revved all the way up to compensate for the damaged exhaust shaft. When we shut them down, it will severely cut their oxygen. When the level gets too low, the computer automatically kicks the fans back on. There's no override, and there's no second shut-down. That's a safety feature.

  • [last lines] 

    Madelyne Thompson : Since we're both going to the hospital, I wanna ride with you.

    Kit Latura : Don't you have something better to do?

    Madelyne Thompson : Well, considering I'm homeless and broke and carless and I'm not lookin' my best, I think I'll ride with you.

    Kit Latura : One condition.

    Madelyne Thompson : What's that?

    Kit Latura : We gotta take the bridge.

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