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Celtics Considering Lonzo Ball with #1 Pick, Co-Owner Says (Video)

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[[tmz:video id="0_360uxxer"]] Could Lonzo Ball be a Boston Celtic??  It's possible ... because Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck tells TMZ Sports the team is definitely considering drafting the former UCLA stud with the #1 overall pick.  Grousbeck was leaving the NBA Draft lottery in NYC Thursday night when he told us he's fired up about securing the top spot -- "It seems like Celtic pride is going crazy right now!"  Wyc says the team hasn't made its mind up on
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If The Heat Had Lost To The Thunder: An Internet Apocalypse

"All this was no sooner read than forgotten, for within a few hours it would be blotted out by new trivialities." -Jesus Christ

The Miami Heat escaped Oklahoma City with a 100-96 win yesterday, leveling the NBA Finals at 1-1 and avoiding the ignominy of giving up another yuge halftime lead. Following the game on Twitter (as sports fans with internet access are wont to do these days), I came to despise everyone who shared their poorly articulated opinions on the second-by-second of the Thunder's doomed comeback. That was a foul by LeBron on Durant! The refs stole the game! Omg! 

The Unconventional Warfare Of Heat Vs. Thunder

As crazy as the internet went during a deserved Heat victory in Okc, I imagine that if the Thunder had managed to fulfill the promise of their late comeback, everything would have crashed. The tubes just aren't built to handle the thoughts
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Judd Apatow 30-year career timeline: from stand-up comedy to his "Knocked Up" spin-off

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Judd Apatow 30-year career timeline: from stand-up comedy to his
Judd Apatow was defined by the comedy of his generation and he's turned around and used that to define the comedy of the next generation. This is not just a list of things Judd has done in the past, but it's also a chronicling of his rise to power. Here is the life of a comedy nerd made good - made very, very good.


Born in Flushing, New York, to real estate developer Maury Apatow and Tami Shad, who divorced when he was 12. He also has an older brother Robert and a younger sister Mia. He lived with his dad most of the time and grew up watching shows like Dinah Shore, Merv Griffin, The Tonight Show, Late Night with David Letterman, etc. "I was watching TV until about 3-3:30 to 1:30 in the morning for years." He spent a lot of time alone in his room, but lest you think that's sad,
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Paul Feig Walks Down the Aisle With "Bridesmaids"

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Paul Feig Walks Down the Aisle With
Paul Feig is nothing if not open. As the author of two wonderfully observed memoirs - "Kick Me," covering his childhood and "Superstud" chronicling his twenties, with his TV series "Freaks and Geeks" to semi-autobiographically fill in the rest of his early years -- he's let audiences grow up with him. With sharp, self-deprecating wit and warmth, he's been the best teller of his own story, one that's led him from an adolescence in Michigan where a respite from constant teasing in junior high was making TV commercials for his father's hardware store before he eventually took center stage himself to the slings and arrows of being a standup comedian and actor. However, partly out of his considerable humility and just as likely because it would ruin some of his schtick, the one area of his life that hasn't been as nearly well-documented has been the success he's found as a director.
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Box-Office Wrap-Up: May 14 - May 16, 2010

Apologies for the tardiness of this week's Box-Office Wrap-Up as I am here at the Cannes Film Festival and a 7:30 screening of Outrage made it impossible to file on time. As for the numbers, I overrated Iron Man 2 while Robin Hood was about what I expected it to be. Let's break this thing down already so I can get some reviews written and get to bed... #1 movie predicted correctly: 11 Weeks In A Row Iron Man 2 Mea culpa. The closest on the board was ROb's call of $50m, but he had Iron Man 2 finishing second to Robin Hood so it was a mixed bag. The film was the biggest dropper of the weekend, so clearly the frontloading phenomenon was in full effect.

In terms of the bigger picture, the film stands at $428m on that hefty $200m production budget. They are in pretty good financial shape, it
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NBA Movies: Where Amazing Rarely Happens

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NBA Movies: Where Amazing Rarely Happens
The New Jersey Nets finished the 2009-2010 NBA season with a record of 12 wins and 70 losses, good enough -- well, bad enough -- to rank them amongst the worst teams in league history. The New Jersey Nets of the new film "Just Wright," on the other hand, are playoff contenders, thanks to the play of their star point guard Scott McKnight (Common). In other words, "Just Wright" is a ludicrous fiction, which puts it squarely in the dubious tradition of films set in and around the National Basketball Association. Movies about the NBA are, at best, wildly unfaithful to the realities of the pro game and, at worst, strange concoctions of mediocre hoops and outlandish and sometimes downright bizarre storylines. While we patiently wait for someone to make the "Slap Shot" of pro basketball -- or at least release the long-unavailable "The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh" on DVD -- let's
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Thank God I didn't take life lessons from Rocky

Follow your dreams, but not if they get you injured says Joe Queenan, as he attempts to extract the essential pearl of wisdom from the grit of sports films such as Caddyshack, Invictus and The Blind Side

I have just found out that a professor at a Florida university has been using the 1980 film Caddyshack in a course as "a forum for discussing everything from civility and class distinctions to sports gambling and animal rights". Theodore Curtis teaches sports management at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. Sports management is a discipline that prepares students for careers as, among other things, golf pros. This is precisely the managerial position that comes under siege in Caddyshack, a film in which drunks, gamblers, sluts, drug addicts and pesky subterranean critters wreak havoc at a posh country club. In one of the most memorable scenes, Bill Murray, playing a vigilante groundskeeper, uses high-powered
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