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Stays with you after viewing
denny-3230 July 2001
This movie had me thinking well after viewing it. I had never heard of 'Caught' until I stumbled on it on late night free to air TV last week. Watched about an hour of it and found it very hard to drag myself off to bed (had to work next day), so I video taped the remainder.

The excellence of this movie can not be understated. Outstanding acting by all which is evident by the fact I liked greatly or disliked intensely the relatively small cast. It is also a realistic slice I think of a battling small business in a big city.

Crux of the story is an outwardly happy married couple who own a fish store, take in a down to earth homeless young man, Nick. From a hearty meal at their home, Nick ingratiates himself with both Joe & Betty and ends up staying with them in their only childs (Danny, a Hollywood hopeful) room. Nick works with Joe at the fish store and gradually becomes like the son taking over the family business.

Everything goes fine until a number of linked incidents take place. Firstly there is a possibility of Joe & Betty getting out of their day to day existence when a developer is interested in their shops location for a sizeable amount of money. Next is the gradual interest of Nick and Betty in each other which ultimately leads to a torrid affair. Finally there is the return of the prodigal son Danny with his wife and young child.

From here, the movie will glue you to your seat. So sit back and take it all in (I have no intention of stating 'enjoy').

If you get a chance to see this underrated movie, invest the time required to view it.
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An under-rated near masterpiece indie.
=G=3 December 2001
"Caught" is a tight, ensemble drama which does something few films can do. It offers solid character development and explores the range of human emotion while telling a story with real depth and fidelity. Perfectly cast and executed, "Caught" peers into the lives of a middle aged couple who own a NYC fish market as a hired man becomes more than just a friend displacing their wayward adult son by day, the work-a-day husband by night, and acts as a catalyst for some compelling situations and performances. An excellent watch for mature audiences into psychodramas sans Tinseltown's usual hype and glitz.
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jotix10025 July 2005
We saw this indie film when it made its commercial debut. The other night it was shown on cable and we decided to take another look. Directed by Robert M. Young, and based on a novel and screen play by Edward Pomerantz, "Caught" is an erotically charged movie.

Joe and Betty feel sorry for the young man who seems to be a drifter and employ him to work in their fish store in New Jersey. Betty, who is obviously a sexually repressed woman, finds in the new man the excitement she is sorely lacking in her marriage. When their son Danny returns from the West Coast, things take a turn as this is a doomed romantic triangle from the start.

Mr. Young, the director has gotten excellent acting all around from the cast. Edward James Olmos is Joe. Maria Conchita Alonso is Betty a woman of a certain age who discovers pleasure with a younger man. Arie Verveen, is Nick the young man who is the object of Betty's passion.

"Caught" is worth a look, as it won't disappoint the viewer who stumbles into it.
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A Cruel and Tense Low-Budget Drama With Lust, Betrayal, Selfishness, Greed and Jealousy in Right Doses
claudio_carvalho11 November 2003
Nick (Aire Verveen), a young Irish starving drifter, is helped by Joe (Edward James Olmos), the owner of a small fish market in New Jersey, and his wife Betty (Maria Conchita Alonso). They feed and bring him home, to work with Joe in the fish market. They also offer lodging for a period in the room of their son Danny (Steven Schub), who moved to Hollywood, looking for success as a performer and actor. Nick is treated like a son, working in the store and learning how to trade and handle with fishes. Pretty soon, he becomes Joe's best friend. Meanwhile, a huge company makes an offer for buying Joe's establishment, but he refuses the offer. Betty seduces Nick and they become lovers. The cuckold Joe trusts in Nick and cannot imagine the affair between Betty and Nick. Betty asks Nick to convince Joe to sell the fish market to improve their lives and Joe decides to accept the offer of US$ 750,000.00. The relationship of Joe's family changes when Danny returns home, with his wife and son. The selfish Danny, full of jealousy and greed, begins a game of intriguing, ending in a very tragic way. This film is the proof that a low-budget movie may work, since supported by a good screenplay and excellent casting. A very credible and cruel story, with an amoral and realistic end, not indicated for romantic viewers. My vote is seven.
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Danny is fantastic
jtur8812 February 2001
One of the best performances I've ever seen is Danny, played by Stephen Schub. Permissible use policy of IMDb prohibits me from using any of the words that can describe the character of Danny. If you ever want to see an actor convincingly play the most detestable person you can ever imagine, see Schub play this role. Everyone else is good, too. An entertaining, enjoyable picture.
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Find and Watch This Film!
mrpentax23 February 1999
I loved this film because it was absolutely real and totally believable. The character development was awesome and the tensions between the characters could be cut with a knife (sorry, you'll see why!). An emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. Don't miss this one.
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Tennessee Williams meets James M. Cain
george.schmidt28 February 2003
CAUGHT (1996) *** Edward James Olmos, Maria Conchita Alonso, Arie Verveen, Steven Schub, Bitty Schrimm. Kind of an update of `The Postman Always Rings Twice' with drifter Verveen (in an impressive acting debut reminiscent echoing early Brando) who wanders into the lives of a Jersey City fish store owner and his wife making more than a difference and causing a rippling effect by his impact. Schub effectively balances menace and annoyance as easily the worst attempt at becoming a comedian!
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Very erotic, but tastefully done.
none-8528 December 1998
A fairly common theme- a young drifter has an affair with a bored older married woman, but somehow special. Very erotic, but not an X movie and tastefully done. Alonso is great, as are Olmos and the newcomer- Vereen. Also has a little bit of comedy. Alonso is very sexy, and also very realistic. You can actually feel what the three leads are feeling. The setting- a fish market is perfect. The characters of the three leads are all sypathetic and likeable. I have watched the movie several times.
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Terrific acting, writing, and direction notch this above mosterotic thrillers
ataraxy12314 March 2000
This could have been your run of the mill erotic thriller with the tired plot of lonely couple takes in drifter, drifter has affair with woman, etc. However with superb acting by the entire cast, good writing and direction this goes beyond the genre. After Schub appears in the last part, the movie gets even better. Denoument comes fast and furious. I kept expecting it to lapse into cliches, but it never did. I do not understand the last scene with Alonso, but this is a must see sleeper.
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Only The Fish And Danny's Comedy Stink Here
CharlesPeterWatson25 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I was informed that there is an old Eskimo custom where the guest in an Eskimo couple's home has to sleep with the wife as a sign of gratitude for the hospitality. "Caught" puts Joe and Betty, a Hispanic couple, in the same situation with the exception that Joe neither knows of or allowed for his guest Nick to show that kind of gratitude for the hospitality offered through his servitude at the couple's fish market and home. If a stray is cute enough, a family member will fall in love with it enough to keep it at home.

Joe is much the business traditionalist by his rebuffing of corporate takeover requests pressured on him, but this hurts his marriage, giving his newest and prospective employee a new perspective. He's the son they always wanted to replace the son they wanted to replace, Danny. Betty still gazes at Danny's video past to expect a good future, much as she does for Joe's pastime despite his heart condition. Gazes are what occurs with Nick and Betty that slowly leads to the affair that lifts Betty spirits after Nick coerces Joe into selling the business for a fishing business venture.

Sure enough, Danny returns with a wife and child for a surprise visit. The reality of the new living arrangements, Nick in Danny's old room, pushes Danny to the realization of his replacement. Now, a thorn has been added to the side of Nick, Betty, and Joe. It takes a good deed by Nick against Danny as well as the knowledge of Nick's affair that causes Danny to spiral down, even with part of the money Betty gave to help Danny, which is used against her when Joe gets the news broken to him.

By the end, all four never see their futures. Half die suddenly while the other half die extremely slowly and sadly.

Counting the number of holes in Olmos' face of checking out Alonzo's firm contours and sensuality also helps in viewing this movie but the story is plotted well despite the reality that someone would have beaten the hell out of Danny for his annoying behavior.
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Well put-together story ...
dwpollar12 March 2001
1st watched 12/1/1997 - (Dir-Robert M. Young): Well put-together story of the cost that is paid for sin, more specifically adultery. Excellent acting by all with many unexpected moments.
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excellent film
subhash85200017 December 2012
I was looking for a good cinema finally i got it, yes this is a Perfectly cast and executed 2 hour drama worth to watch An excellent watch for mature audiences story Joe (Edward James Olmos) and Betty (Maria Conchita Alonso) are a married couple living in Jersey City. They have a grown son, Danny (Steven Schub), One day, a guy named Nick (Arie Verveen),nick dramatically came in their lives and Joe soon discovers that he's found someone special Nick and Betty both find themselves betraying Joe despite their affection for him, Danny returns from California, hoping to take his room back, and immediately sensing that something is wrong into his mom and dad so drama begins.....don't miss subhashrax
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A genuine sleeper
bilfro3 February 1999
Here's one I saw on cable at two in the morning, and what a pleasant surprise. Part working class BODY HEAT, part character study, CAUGHT avoids possible soap opera pitfalls with realistic dialogue, microscopic scale and Young's compelling direction. Occasionally the story seems to veer towards melodrama, then moves back toward intense, logically motivated realism. When Olmos and Alonzo's son pops in, the third act crescendos with emotional fireworks and a somewhat-necessarily overblown ending.
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Good film stumbles at the finish line
NewEnglandPat1 January 2010
Fine drama borrows its theme liberally from the classic "The Postman Always Rings Twice" but manages to establish its own identity in the style of the noir thrillers of the past. A fish seller and his wife take in a wayward drifter who learns the ropes of the business and becomes the odd note of the triad, at the market and in the home. Edward James Olmos and Maria Conchita Alonso, husband and wife team, give young hunk Arie Verveen the sense of family he never had and soon Alonso and Verveen find a way to consummate their subtle but growing passion for each other right under Olmos' unsuspecting nose. An unannounced visit by Hollywood wannabe comic son Steven Schub kicks the drama into higher gear but an unsatisfying ending ruins what was up to that point an interesting movie with its myriad and complex threads of family life. Music score is nice and the end credits are highlighted by a jazzy, moody trumpet solo.
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"Postman" without the delivery
rhinocerosfive-125 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Robert M Young likes to do less with more. He's not bad at a sort of pale realism - his movies always feel like they could really happen, as if his scenes are less orchestrated than, well, caught. It's just that the worlds he captures, often in spite of their component elements, aren't very interesting ones. I am rarely compelled to finish one of his movies, and I rarely do. This, though he works all the time with one of the best actors in the business, who is also one of my very favorites: Edward James Olmos.

CAUGHT is a credible, competent, thoroughly boring film composed of really exciting ingredients. Aside from a centerpiece of dueling Oedipal tragedies, it features forbidden love, a suitcase full of money, a mysterious drifter, a murderous stand-up comic, Olmos with a knife in his hand, and Maria Conchita Alonso naked. How could this possibly be less than entertaining?

Well, set it in a fish market, for one thing; then have your mysterious drifter - who turns out to be not only not mysterious but not even very unusual - act the whole movie with a single look on his face. Then make none of the elements matter any more than any of the others, so instead of packed with thrills it's just a tired mess. Stir weakly and serve tepid.
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Realistic and tense
thomas-522 April 1999
A movie to see. The erotic scenes were not tasteless, but the age restriction should be a bit higher. Ms Alonso was very good ...... looks and acting. The rest of the team were also good. A movie with a lesson to a lot of People!
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