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Slow as a Ghost through a wall
c-hufton23 February 2007
This is mildly interesting but very slow and as stately as the buildings the programme visits. The narrative, read and 'performed' by Robert Hardy (surely a money motivated move) is obvious, clichéd and staid. It is not scary at all and it seems the same actor, though heavily made-up, crops up in every staged re-enactment of the events narrated by Robert (who should stick to archery, as his arrows in this documentary fail to hit the mark). The best moment is the story of 'IT', a spirit who is portrayed as a sheep's skull with Rod Stewart's hair - or Cousin It with parted hair. But even this story is deflated by the owner and occupier's inane description of the events. The wonderful, atmospheric effects are ruined by the lack of intensity on the part of Mr Hardy, the script, the actors and the real-life interviews. Truly banal.
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