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A gentle and beautiful movie
barb195321 December 2009
I loved this movie when I stumbled on it in a video store and after viewing it, I promptly bought it, but that was some time ago. It is no longer manufactured on DVD and is no longer available in video stores, nor can it be bought on Amazon.

I have seen this 3 times so far and never tire of the wonderful heart warming story, it holds you throughout the whole movie.

The young boy Biddle has problems with his eyes after a fall from a horse, he consequently no longer likes horses and will have nothing further to do with them. His father has a horse ranch so all the work is left to the father and older son.

Young Biddle's life is about to change as a Blacksmith turns up at the ranch with a huge horse pulling a type of gypsy caravan with all his tools in it. At first Biddle is scared to death of the huge horse being much larger than what he is used to at the ranch.

Slowly the huge horse named Amanda senses his fear and that his bike (BMX type) is his horse replacement, that she starts to change his thinking.

I won't tell you anything of the story as it will ruin it for those who may still be able to get it. But it is worth buying and is a marvellous family DVD.

More movies like this should be made, rather than all the blood and gore for the sake of it.
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A good movie !
johnng456 September 2003
It was so funny and delightful ! Kieran Culkin took a part as a person who has sick in the eyes. He's so poor, but he didn't give up himself. It's a good point from the movie. The boy fell down from horse when he was young, since the accident, his eyes got worse. The father always think it's his fault. In fact, he loves his son. Dennis Haysbert, Chris Mulkey gave their wonderful work in this movie! It contains love & friendship. I love the horse , it gave us a hope of life :-) Thank you for bringing me a nice story !
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Wonderful movie
sabaldwin19 April 2005
I watched this movie by accident while staying in hospital & thoroughly enjoyed it. Story covers trust, belief, family values, friendship & is a great movie for all ages (I am an oldie). The struggle of Biddle in overcoming his fear is well portrayed without being too overdone. The moments of comedy are a delight. The older brother faces his own problems as does the father who blames himself for the accident that causes our hero his eye problems. Amanda is wonderful - such a well trained & gentle horse. The movie again shows what trust & belief will overcome.Even shed a small tear. Highly recommends viewing. Wish it was obtainable on DVD.
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I loved it
Lauren-4725 September 1999
This was a VERY good movie! I liked it a lot! The cast was really cool! Everyone should go out and rent it now!
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