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13 Mar. 2001
Odds On
Jack's father, a bookmaker, gets into trouble caused by the owner of racing dogs.
1 May 2001
Line of Duty
Donna coincidentally recognize a wanted man but gets taken prison before she can call for backup.
8 May 2001
True Blue
The Rats are shaken when they hear the news of the sudden death of former colleague Dave McCall from a heart-attack. A wake is hastily organised in the Cutter Bar. As the alcohol flows, so do the stories. One by one, their fears, secrets and true feelings are revealed. Donna confronts Quinn over their one night stand-is that all it was ever going to be? Reilly teaches Quinn a lesson on relationships. It's Alex's 29th birthday and she mourns her rapidly departing youth. Gavin Sykes, refusing to listen to any bad stories about Dave McCall and then cops a punch in the ...
15 May 2001
Strike Out
Sophie is given a brutal introduction to the realities of police work when she's first on the scene of a hit-and-run jet-ski accident that results in a young water-skier dying in her arms. Unwilling to show what she thinks are signs of weakness, Sophie pretends to be unaffected by the girl's death and avoids Jack's attempts to discuss the matter. Alex too, is moved by the girl's death, causing disturbing memories to resurface for her, as she and her mother were once the victims of a hit-and-run driver. Alex's eventual capture of the jet-skier responsible will put a ...
22 May 2001
The Devil You Know
Alex is having disagreements with her neighbor and is at the same time herassed by someone leaving her weird gifts which freaks her out.
29 May 2001
The Marrying Kind
A discovery of a wetsuit leads to a investigation of a woman who went missing two and a half years ago and everything points to the involvement of her husband. Meanwhile love is flourishing and Gavin is getting ready for his wedding.
19 Jun. 2001
Red Ice
A diver shot in the leg leads to the possibility of a hit by the russian mafia.
26 Jun. 2001
Family Matters
A young man is found shot dead while repelling but his friend is too afraid to tell what happened.
3 Jul. 2001
A slot machine is found on the bottom of the ocean with a pair of handcuffs attached to it. The question is what kind of crime has lead to this?
10 Jul. 2001
The Long Run
When an armored transport gets robbed and the guards killed a manhunt begins.
17 Jul. 2001
Bureaucracy Rules, OK?
Jack temporarily relieves chief inspector Hawker, while Alex and Michael tries to solve why the body of a boy has been thrown into the water.
24 Jul. 2001
The Removalist
A copycat is on the lose robbing safety boxes of boats.
31 Jul. 2001
And the Winner Is...
The shooting of a woman leads to some shady operations and while protecting a witness Alex and Gavin's life are suddenly in danger. Meanwhile Gavin's wife goes into labor.
7 Aug. 2001
Cats and Pigeons
While Gavin fight for his life in hospital, Jack is using all means necessary to find the shooter and unravel the truth.

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