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18 Mar. 1996
Coming Together
Three 20-something lawyers, Miles, Milly and her boyfriend Egg, sharing a house in London are looking for two new lodgers. Anna, a former one-night stand of Miles arrives for an interview at his firm. She and Milly are old friends and Anna moves in, much to Miles' annoyance, since he has already unsuccessfully attempted to reignite their relationship. At Milly's firm, both Egg and another newly-qualified student, Warren are hired.
25 Mar. 1996
Happy Families
Working with Warren is beginning to irritate Egg, and matters aren't helped when the others offer Warren the remaining room in the house. Miles falls for a client of Anna's: Delilah, an out of work model and a drug addict. Warren is panicked when his cousin Kira begins to work at the firm, due to his fear of his family discovering that he is gay.
1 Apr. 1996
Living Dangerously
Anna is annoyed that Miles has moved Delilah into the house, although Miles accuses Anna of jealousy. Egg gets friendly with a client who has cancer but is devastated when he dies. Warren realises that Delilah is bulimic and tries to help by lending her money, which she then spends on drugs. The house is later burgled, with the others pointing the finger at her.
8 Apr. 1996
Sex, Lies and Muesli Yoghurt
Anna resorts to devious means to get rid of Miles's girlfriend, Delilah.
15 Apr. 1996
Fantasy Football
Increasingly frustrated with work, Egg loses his sex drive. Miles frets about the possibility that he may be HIV positive and along with Warren tracks Delilah down in order for her to take a test. Anna, worried about her lack of assignments, attempts to network at a party to little success. Delilah's results prove negative, while after some soul searching, Egg quits his job at the firm.
22 Apr. 1996
Family Outing
Concerned for Milly and Egg, Anna and Warren organise a special dinner for them. Working on a big case, Miles reluctantly enlists his father for help to no avail. Much to Warren's initial worry, Kira discovers that he is gay, but promises not to tell their family. Later, Warren's brother Dale visits.
29 Apr. 1996
Brief Encounter
Miles is furious at being taken off a big fraud case and Egg starts to write a novel.
6 May 1996
Cheap Thrills
Egg starts a job in telesales, but gets fired within the same day. Anna, in attempt for work, socialises at her boss's birthday party. She manages to clear things with Jo, who had been very hostile towards her. Egg's father Jerry arrives at the house with the news that he has split from his wife.
13 May 1996
Just Sex
Warren meets up with a motorcycle courier, Ferdy and has sex with him. Jerry tells Egg that he's written a novel which has received interest, Egg meanwhile goes to the job centre in an attempt to find work. Milly is working late again, but fails to notice that her boss is paying her much interest. Warren, having immediately fallen in love is shocked when Ferdy tells him that he's straight and is engaged to be married. Warren finally tells Dale that he's gay.
20 May 1996
Father Figure
O'Donnell and Milly are on the verge of an affair, and Anna starts something with Jerry.
3 Jun. 1996
Let's Get It On
A night out clubbing comes back to haunt Anna as she is forced to defend Egg's dealer.

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