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prior to David Strickland's death
mltmn29 December 2006
This show and its ensemble of characters was one of the funniest and creative shows on television. The comedy's center was the workplace with each character finding his/her own niche, completely separate and different from the others. Brooke Shields was excellent as the foil to many pranks/quips relating to her relationship with her cohorts, especially after the addition of Maddie. Unfortunately the shows strengths diminished after the death of David Stickland and the departure of Jack and Maddie. The whole show's premise and hilarity was lost with the addition of Eric Idol and the change to the magazine as well. Bring back the origin of this sitcom. David Strickland must have never known how he affected so many in his life. It is a shame, God rest and bless his soul.
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I miss Suddenly Susan still!
Syl23 September 2002
One of the reasons that Suddenly Susan works for me is the ensemble cast of characters including Brooke Shields. Even though she is the star of the show, she manages to evolve her supporting cast of characters like the unbelievable Vicki and Judd Nelson as her boss Jack Richmond. The show is well-grouped with this cast of zany characters working at a fictional San Francisco newspaper. When tragedy struck the cast, the loss of David Strickland who played Todd was so catastrophic for the cast and crew for it to ever recover from his loss. David Strickland committed suicide in a Las Vegas hotel room. The cast was never the same again without him. The pairing of Vicki and Susan living together brought great laughs. These two should get together and spin off the characters into their own series. The show was never an Emmy winner or critically acclaimed. But from all reports, this show actually had a pleasant environment to grow and mature. Brooke Shields as a producer was not afraid to let her supporting cast branch out which is why I like this show.
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Searching for something nice to say
ProofUndeniable24 July 2003
The one and only reason I ever tuned into this show was to see Judd Nelson on a regular basis. And on that point I was not disappointed. I found him to be charming and engaging and quite funny. And a pleasant surprise was the comedic abilities of the late David Strickland. He had an endearing quality combined with a knack for delivery. The glowing review ends there. Brooke Shields was hit and miss, with a strong emphasis on miss. She could be humorous at times, but it was usually due more to circumstance than her delivery or timing. Kathy Griffin's Vicky had an obnoxious nastiness that could wrangle a snicker out of me every now and again. But, Aundrea Benewald and Nestor Carbonell were forgettable window dressing for the most part. The last season was not pleasant and I think I only suffered through the season opener. I don't try and sit through any of the fourth season re-runs, even if nothing is on but infomercials.
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Suddenly Noticed!
Brooke Shields was long overdue for recognition when she was finally given her chance to shine in this funny, quiet, unassuming little gem. What people seem to forget was, that it finished its first year in the top 4 in the Nielson ratings. It more than held viewers from the lead in show. Then NBC foolishly moved it. Always the kiss of death...or at least the beginning of the proverbial handwriting on the wall. However, this show defied the odds and improved in years 2 and 3! Thanks mainly to Brooke's self-deprecating humor and delivery which was reminiscent of Mary Tyler Moore. And supporting her was the cast's individual and unique contributions which were also reminiscent of that glorious cast of MTM. Now, in all fairness the shows writing didn't rival the show I have just used in comparison, but it more than surpassed shows that were on TV for triple the number of years than SS. It is more than worth your time for viewing! One day, if she returns to Movies and TV, Mrs. Henchy will receive her long overdue awards of merit to go with her long overdue "awards of motherhood"!
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Good cast, weak scripts
Red6615 June 1999
The cast is very good. The scripts are patchy. Maybe they can bring in the Mad About You writers now that the show has ended. Brooke gets better and better. She was a little stiff at first, but now she is relaxed and nuanced. I'm glad Kathy Griffin's character is single again. What will happen next season without Stricland and Ne
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Everybody wants a girl like Susan!
Brian-27231 May 2001
"Suddenly Susan" isn't the best series it likes much in terms of the stories and plot work to make the many episodes interesting. I can say that if you like Brooke Shields at all then watch this series! Now don't you like the fact of having Brooke working in a magazine company! I always just liked everything about Brooke Shields she is so beautiful and very sexy. You can watch the "Suddenly Susan" reruns late at night on WGN. This is a must see if you like and enjoy watching Brooke Shields.
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Weakly written show with good comic actors and charming, lovely Brooke Shields
trpdean12 March 2002
This was never a wonderfully written program. In comparison to shows like Frasier, Friends, Seinfeld, even Mad About You, the plots, the jokes, were just thin. One good reason why is that the subplots never meshed with the plots.

For example, I just watched a rerun of one: the subplot is about the photographer taking pictures of Nana in order for Shields to present a portrait to her grandfather. Predictably, the photographs are far more racy than Shields expects. The main plot is about Griffin's jealousy over Shields' "sudden" success as a star player on Griffin's basketball team - the jealousy spills over into jealousy of Shields' beauty (and she responds that no one has life easy, being so tall, etc.). The plot has NOTHING to do with the subplot. They could have been put in different episodes - that's not very good writing.

For me, the reason for watching the program is to watch Brooke Shields -whose graciousness, modesty and essential sweetness come through in all she's done as an adult. (I was too old to be a fan in her "Endless Summer", "Blue Lagoon" days). More than any other actress, she has that Mary Tyler Moore character's humility, that eagerness to please. I would expect that she is always one of the most diligent actresses in any project.

When someone so beautiful is also so obviously this lovely seeming a person, one's in danger of losing one's heart. That's why I watched this fairly weak program. Shields deserves better writers - and she's really born to be a movie star, not one on television.
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Brandy-2825 May 1999
I thought the tribute to David Strickland last night was extremely touching and surprisingly enough very funny. I know in my heart they did David Strickland very well with the tribute and the season finale. There was real emotion and sadness. I did not see anything phony about their sadness, it was truly genuine. On a more personal note, I really thought David Strickland was very funny and very talented. What it really all boils down to is listening to our youth and trying to understand the problems, because no matter what, there are always warning signs.
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Suddenly Snoozin'
luvuwildbill6 December 2002
Hastily pasted together sitcom, and a rather dull one at that. Brooke Sheilds is a charming girl, but not really a comedienne. Kathy Griffin is funny, but the rest of the cast, including the late David Strickland, didn't get much to do. In fact, when Andrea Bendenwald joined the cast, I literally kept forgetting who she was each week. Not offensively bad, just bland. I stopped watching when Judd Nelson left-I just couldn't bear to see a comic giant like Eric Idle act down to the level of the writing. One bright spot: The Shawn Colvin song,"Nothin' On Me", heard to better advantage on her cd "A Few Small Repairs".
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Great show! Two thumbs up!
bookwormcassie27 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Suddenly Susan is funny and creative. I watch it every single day. In New York, S.S. is on at 4pm on LRW. (lifetime real women) My favorite character is probably Todd. It's way too bad he killed himself. After the tribute episode to him, the show seemed to go down the hill. They moved to another office building and there were suddenly (excuse the pun) a bunch of new people we'd never seen before. I kind of don't care for the 1999 and 2000 episodes. That's not to say all of the 1999 episodes were that bad. Before Todd's character disappeared, it was a great laugh-out-loud comedy. Then it just got really inappropriate and I didn't race to the TV when it was time for S.S. anymore. In the beginning though, it was good.
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not very funny but really lovable
mlinci8 August 2003
After watching reruns of Suddenly Susan over the last couple of months I got strangely addicted to it. I find myself really looking forward to the "new" old episodes every day. I don't usually fall for American sitcoms, I prefer British sense of humour, but I really got to like this show. I love the characters (especially those in the first three seasons), and unlike some other viewers who have commented on it, I think there is real chemistry between Susan and Jack. I also think that Luis is an excellent character.
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Why, NBC? Why?
Miguel Cruz7 May 2002
This is one the examples I use whenever I rant about the fact that NBC cancelled Freaks and Geeks after only 14 episodes, but yet gave this show three seasons. I saw only bits and pieces of the show during it's original network run. Tonight I caught the first ten minutes of an episode in syndication. I wondered if maybe there might have been something I had missed. Maybe the show had a charm that I had overlooked. I saw nothing that changed my opinion.

When it comes to sitcoms I'm pretty easy to please. I don't necessarily have to find something funny every episode. Sometimes the characters and the chemistry of the cast is enough. Suddenly Susan has none of that. Even the absense of that might not be enough to make me change channels. What I cannot forgive is whenever a sitcom lays in an uproarious laugh track almost literally every 5 seconds for lines and facial expressions that don't even seem intentionally funny. If a show truly has the goods I'll figure it out for myself. I don't need the help of a sound editor.
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iLoveLamp629 July 2001
Suddenly Susan is a great show! one of the best! It is by far the second best because NOTHING can beat "FRIENDS" One of the reasons I love Suddenly Susan so much is all because of one guy! the soooooo hot and irreplaceable Judd Nelson! he makes the show better!the other characters give alot too, like Kathy Griffin she is so funny, Brook Sheilds is great too and of course Nestor Carbonel.David Strickland's character got on my nerves...ALOT! but David himself was a great actor and it's sad to say that the show could of taken his departure but then Judd Nelson left and BOOM!!! everything fell appart!! they changed the place of the office and Matty left, they got a new boss who I ABSOLUTLY HATE AND CANNOT STAND!!! and Oliver is a pain in the ***. I still watch the reruns everyday but stop as soon as they air the episodes without Judd and David. One of the best episodes they made was the tribute to David Strickland that was sooooo sad I actually almost cried! and the other best episodes were the one's where Jack told Susan he loved her when she was on her way to Italy (I think) then later she breaks his heart by telling him she doesn't feel the same!! I just wanted to kill her!! I just love Judd Nelson, he doesn't get enough credit for his work! he is a GREAT actor and not to mention very HOT!! and this is all coming from a 15 year old girl! so over all I say that Suddenly Susan beats every sitcom, exept for the one and only FRIENDS!, I give Suddenly Susan 9.9 out of 10
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I like it!
Bob-78520 April 2001
Although this is not one of the best television shows ever created, I have to say that the writers are very good. The way that they handled the tragic death of actor David Strickland was excellent. And I have to praise the stars for their performances in that episode. During the story it cuts to all of the main characters in a blackened room all relaying their favourite memories of Todd (David's character) and they were blatantly speaking, not just about the loss of the their fictional friend but also their real life friend. The characters are extremely run of the mill, present in every sitcom set in a work place but their is something endearing about all of them. Sometimes the redhead's 'spunkiness' is sometimes a little over played she is an interesting character for the majority. And the show would be nothing without the presence of the irreplacable, majorly talented Judd Nelson. His characters wit and charm are inexpendable, not to mention the fact that he provides a nice little spot of eye candy! Overall, I have to say that this is a watchable, though not excessively brilliant show.
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Hard to comment on but here it goes:
policy13428 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I have tried to come up with the right words to describe this show and I always came up short. Therefore, I will simply try to describe how I feel about it, because even though I don't think it is terribly funny, I do think some of it's background story is fascinating and it featured my one time favorite wise ass, Judd Nelson.

Actually, I haven't even seen the first episode of SS and though I don't think that's very important, the first episode is a guideline to what the show will become, even if it's something completely different (eg. the Seinfeld Chronicles). Brooke Shields has become famous for being a pretty face more than anything and her attempt at doing comedy is a bit "iffy". Judd Nelson has played in comedies before but playing a nice guy doesn't suit him very well, especially someone who is a total introvert when it comes to women. So what saved this show was the supporting players like Kathy Griffin and David Strickland.

The story of David Strickland is the most fascinating aspect of the show. If you saw the E! True Hollywood Story you pretty much know how he died but the fascinating part is the way you could see him deteriorate on the show. He started out as the one with the quick lip and slowly become a ghost like creature in the background.

As for Kathy Griffin, she is too much like Peggy Bundy in a way, that I don't really find her funny but I admire her for being able to make a completely ass of herself time and time again and just shrug it off as being just another day at work.

The many cast changes I didn't mind that much, except when the eternal guest star Rob Estes found his way to the show. Why is it that in shows that have women in the foreground must make every male character look like buffoons. It happened here and essentially every hit women's show like Ellen and to a lesser extent Friend's because it's not really a women's show as much as a teenage girl show. So to put it mildly when even Eric Idle can be transformed into a raving simpleton you know what you are in for.

So to repeat what I said at the beginning these may not be the right words to describe SS but is how I feel. Take it or leave it.
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Comedy by numbers
The Horseman31 May 2002
Enter scene. Two or more characters talk for a while. They say things which aren't funny. Background laughter. All present pause while the background laughter is on. Resume talking. Somebody will use a joke that was once funny in 1953. Background laughter again. Resume talking. Some physical bit of comedy will be used. Nobody will laugh at home. The audience will split their sides. Like before, everyone will pause for a nanosecond while the background laughter plays

Enter scene......
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faceless_unknown14 April 2003
I just saw an episode of this show and I am appalled. I don't even want to mention the plot of the episode because it was so terrible. How could anyone watch such garbage? I sincerely hope this show wasn't popular though it was on for four years. Could this have actually had an effect on people?!
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A great and enjoyable series...
ghost-911 June 2002
Suddenly Susan is one of my wive's and my favorite series. It always makes us laugh out loud which is unusual of today's sitcoms. We are sorry we didn't discover it until it was on reruns. Of course, some humor is funnier than other and all is subject to the mood and personality of the viewer. In my opinion, Suddenly Susan stands head and shoulders over contemporary sitcoms and also has a little bit more heart than other shows which makes all the difference in the world.
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Sound familiar?
HailMary10 May 2000
If you look at Suddenly Susan and NewsRadio, do you notice the similarities? NewsRadio came a few years before, and had better and different writers. A small magazine and radio station with similar sets, desks with a boss office, a romance between the boss and the star worker, a wisecracking red head, present in both sitcoms, they even look alike! Plus, of course, they have to add the ethnicity, despite the fact that the show takes place in San Francisco and there is not ONE asian person in it. Instead, to compete with NewsRadio's Italian guy, they add a latino. Racism, plagirism. Is there anyone this show does not offend?
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Brooke Shields
patygirl_df25 February 2000
I've always loved Brooke Shields, she had a wonderful and quick career as a movie star. I don't understand what happened, because she is even more talented and beautiful than she used to be when she made her best movies. Maybe she enjoy doing television or maybe they stop sending her good scripts. The show is great, very funny, interesting but it so below Brooke's competence, she could be so much more. I really miss her in the big screen, but I watch the show every week and I have a really great time...
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This is a good show, folks. Give it a break!
johnscook18 July 2000
Even though this show was not original, it was light entertainment on a Monday night. Given all of the other garbage available on TV, I don't know why so many people have slammed this show.

I think there are people who just hate Brooke Shields and, as a result, will hate anything that she is in. The actors were talented, funny people who made their characters come alive. I've never been a Brooke Shields fan, but I think this show actually worked for her. She didn't have to be the center comic, but rather a constant victim of comedy.

I do think that the absence of David Strickland and Judd Nelson caused the show to die. I stopped watching at that point because I liked that group of actors/characters. That's the problem with formula sitcom; it cannot stand up on its own because the actors and characters carry the show. Even the actors were limited because of its formula foundation. Three's Company was the same setup, but even less to enjoy. It's amazing how long Three's Company lasted. Consider that Law & Order is story driven, not character driven, and therefore Law & Order can go on in spite of actors leaving the series. The characters in Law & Order simply set the stage for the story rather than the story setting the stage for the characters. Good Morning Vietnam is a reasonable balance between story and characters.
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So formulaic it's embarrassing
lucrezia-29 December 1998
A has-been star, a workplace full of zany characters (including a wisecracking redhead), and a Ross-and-Rachel type love story -- there you have half of NBC's lineup. But this show's writing is worse than usual -- it proves that if you put a thousand chimps in front of a thousand typewriters, they'll eventually turn out a sitcom.
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Well worth a watch just for season 2 and 3
dci_burnside8 November 2005
Mixed bag comedy, in seasons 2 - 3 easily one of the funniest around mainly because of the comic genius of David Strickland (Todd) playing off against Nestor Carbonell (Luis). The rest were just supporting cast around this extremely funny duo.

In fact the show could have been stronger from the start by recasting Brooke Shields for someone who had a bit of comic timing or could say... act.

The show collapsed at the end of season 3 with the unfortunate suicide of David Strickland and it should have been left there, at its peak, released on DVD and left to be enjoyed.

Its the 4th series that just leaves a bad taste in the mouth, with Judd nelson jumping ship with the lame excuse of not seeing his character developing properly ( more likely got a better offer serving happy meals), and just the ever bland miss Shields and Eric idle (who really looked like he didn't want to be there), left to hold the show.

Still hopefully one day the studio will release season 2 and 3 for us to enjoy, then burn Brooke shields and the series 4 writers for their crimes against comedy
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Thank you, Suddenly Susan. One of the greatest sitcom ever made.
tanjolan16 August 2005
Suddenly Susan is one of the greatest sitcoms ever. I love it so very much. At the time I'm watching the reruns at 1:00 p.m. here in Germany. And it is WELL WORTH it to stay up that late. Sometimes I still laugh about jokes, days later. Susan is a fantastic actress, it's like she was born for sitcoms. And of course Vicky is great, too. She could not be replaced by anyone. Maddy, Luis, Todd and Jack were excellent, too. There is no question about it. And I think they need to get an award for this sitcom. Definitely!!!------ I was really shocked, when I heard about the suicide of David Strickland. I really miss him a lot. The show could not be the same anymore. And I needed a little bit time to get used to the new story, were "the Gate" got a new owner. But now, after watching a few shows, I love it, almost as much as before. I think that Oliver Browne matches perfectly to Susan. He is a wonderful actor.-- AND NOW SOMETHING TO THE PEOPLE THAT DON'T LIKE SUDDENLY SUSAN: I think that ALL of you just plain and simply don't UNDERSTAND the jokes. Open your mind, and TRY to get the jokes. I get them. And believe me, I only laugh about REALLY good jokes. Thats why I laugh out loud every few seconds of this unbelievable, great, funny, wonderful, brilliant sitcom.:-)) THANK YOU SUDDENLY SUSAN. I LOVE IT and can't get enough of it !!!!!!!! I have to add something. If you don't find a reason to live, watch SUDDENLY SUSAN. There is your reason to live. It enriches your life.
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Suddenly Bored...
unguarded_heart3 April 2005
I remember first tuning into this show in 1996, when it first started now being only 12 going on 13 I remember being bored and flipping to a much more worthy show, Boy meets world. I decided this year at 21 to watch it again and see if it was just my youth speaking back then....but it wasn't. The only parts of the show worth watching were Luis, Nana, and my favorite actor of all time, Judd Nelson. They all had these odd characters that at most times were poorly written but they worked with it and the rest of the cast which was kinda blahhh (But David Strickland was pretty good too...R.I.P.) and carried it. I will admit I never saw Eric Idle but I like him too, but in my opinion, cannot hold a candle to Judd Nelson in things like this.

Brooke Shields isn't that great in that role, thats my opinion but shes not all that funny and most of her "humor" is really predictable and not well played. Kathy Griffin annoys the living daylights out of me BIG TIME to the point I cannot watch her. But I haven't seen enough to know everyone else yet but the writers were asleep most of the time from what I've seen and whose brilliant idea was it for them to break into that "Rollin on the river" song in the earthquake episode? If thats Brooke Shields' real voice, she can sing that I will say even if she was lippin (not very well). Other than that, the only reason I watch it is because Judd Nelson is such an awesomely talented guy---other than that...I'd flip to Family Guy or something...
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