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raysond25 April 2002
I'm surprised that The Steve Harvey Show ran for an incredible seven seasons on the WB before it was cancelled back here in February of 2002. This was a very funny show as we watched as 70's band leader of his own funk musical group and music teacher Steve Hightower(played by Steve Harvey) go through the motions and who always tries to win the hand of his lost love Regina "Piggy" Grier(who was the principal in charge at Booker T. Washington High School played by Wendy Raquel Robinson)which most of times ends up with hilarious results alongside his partner the physical education teacher and head football coach Sedrick Washington(played by Cedric The Entertainer)who was always in a jam or two either with their co-workers or other female encounters. However,the show had two bumbling students Romeo and Bullethead who were always on Mr. Hightower's last nerve and often pull pranks on him. However,the show did have a relationship between Coach Robinson and the head secretary(played by Terri Vaughn)who during the shows' initial run got married and started a family. As for Mr. Hightower and Ms. Grier(the school principal),they had their ups and downs too,but it wasn't until the shows' final episode when she not only dumped his behind,but got him fired from his job.....that's cold.

As for the students Romeo and Bullethead,well in the final episode they FINALLY graduated from high school after seven years stuck looking at Mr. Hightower and Ms. Grier.

The Steve Harvey Show knew to quit when they were ahead,but in all aspects it was a very funny and hilarious show with a message in between some of the segments. Nowadays the show is in reruns and can be seen across the country and on Superstation WGN in Chicago and Superstation TBS.
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An absolute WB classic!
Catherine_Grace_Zeh26 July 2006
"THE STEVE HARVEY SHOW," in my opinion, is an absolute FOX classic! I haven't seen every episode, but I still enjoyed it. It's hard to say which episode was my favorite. However, I think it was always funny when a mishap occurred. I always laughed at that. If you ask me, it was nice that all of the main characters had stayed with the show throughout its entire run. It seems that no one stays with a show throughout its entire run. Everyone always gave a good performance, the production design was spectacular, the costumes were well-designed, and the writing was always very strong. In conclusion, although it can currently be seen on the WB in reruns, I hope you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.
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Some Great TV!
dgordon-127 September 2002
For situation comedies, "The Steve Harvey Show" ranks up at the top of the list. Steve Harvey, Cedric The Entertainer, and the rest of the cast really made this show tick. It was always funny to watch, and the time would just seem to fly by when watching an episode. I was sorry to see it leave the air, but at the same time it had a respectable run. Any longer, and it would have been played out, and lose it's humour. I hope Steve Harvey keeps in the TV business or makes movies, because he is a real comedic force to be reckoned with!
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berthaalexander10 September 2018
Ended up adoring this show! Why isnt the dvd available with all seasons and episides? Anyway....talented cast and writers. Still love to watch present day
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drdreads31 May 2006
I was young when this show started playing and I didn't watch one episode...but then the reruns on TBS started. I got hooked instantly. Watching the antics of Steve, Cedric, Levita and Regina along with the students Romeo and Bullethead( and sometimes, Lydia) was just hilarious. Romeo and Bullethead have this on screen chemistry thats just amazing and keeps you doubled over with gut-busting laughter, and Steve's conversations with his students are even funnier. Him being a former member of the Hi-Tops just adds to the show, and furthers the plot. Basically, its just a good show, and they need more like it nowadays.
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One of the best shows ever!
misterterry5 September 2005
Man, the SHS is up there with Seinfeld and all those other classic sitcoms, I watch the show twice a day and never get sick of it, just like Seinfeld. If you love to laugh, watch the show. Steve Harvey is funny as hell, although in most cases he's somewhat like the voice of reason, when he lies to women and gets caught up (like when he pretended to be blind) it's the best. Regina is funny because although she's a professional every now and then she gets a little childish. Lovita is just like a straight hood rat, but she still has class. The funniest stuff is when she says "YOU KNOW I'M CRAZY, RIGHT?". Has me dying. Cedric is the funniest one on there. "You can't go ________ all WILLY NILLY!". All this and I haven't even mentioned the students. Bullethead and Romeo, along sometimes with Lydia or Coretta are all hilarious. Great show.
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Great Show!!!
tif1563 January 2006
The love the Steve Harvey Show! I think that the entire cast is wonderful. The chemistry between the characters works really well. I loved watching Romeo, Lydia, and Bullethead get into all sort of things. Steve, Cedric, Regina and Levita had me laughing with their off the wall comments. I really wish that there would be more shows like this! The humor is very unique and the improv comments that Steve makes has me cracking up and laughing. Regina is a huge talent. I wish I had her body, wardrobe, and dance moves. Lydia Liza def. on of my favorites. When she would talk about her lover (Arthur), I would crack up laughing. She is a huge talent and I hope to see her in many more roles. She brings so much to the cast. Love this show!!!!
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Funny Show!!!!!!!
funnyalex0426 February 2006
"The Steve Harvey Show" is a great example of comedy, singing, dancing, and great acting!!!! the show captured greatness but I'm surprised it was never nominated for an Emmy or a Golden Globe. i guess Hollywood doesn't want to recognize the greats!!! 14 Image Awards! YESSS! Humor: A+ Acting: A+ Emotion: B Overall Grade: B+ the show could have gone for 10 years. but i think the show had 6 wonderful seasons and it's nice to leave when you're on TOP! Like Michael Jordan. ON TOP!!!! those punchlines were dead-on!!!!!!!!! it takes a very funny comic to come up with lines like that "He thinks Hamlet is something you order with home fries and toast" maybe it's good acting maybe it's Steve sense of humor i'm not sure but like he says "I'm funny! you can kiss my ass if you don't think so!" but way to go Steve congrats man!!!!!
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It should have gone for years!
kendolan21 December 2004
I never caught the show at the beginning, but I saw every rerun of the Steve Harvey show at least twice. After seeing only a few episodes one could hardly help but feel like "family" with the cast. Each episode was well put together, with Steve, Cedric, Regina and the crew interacting with each other as if the show was "live". It was really a fantastic show, and if somehow another season could be added, it would be a hit! Steve has gone ahead with other shows, such as his variety show, but his talent for acting should bring back another comedy series, preferably with some of his former cohorts, i.e. Cedric and Regina.
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Great show all around
smooth_op_857 August 2006
I got turned onto the show because I was a little guy and I would just watch TV all day once I came home from school, it was my best friend. I have to say that the chemistry was a great thing to see. The characters were well developed and the talent was plenteous! I loved Romeo and Bullethead and once they added Lidya it was something that boosted the gruesome twosome to a terrible threesome and of course the always mentioned rarely seen Arthur Rebenowicz was always a riot to hear about.

I wish I would have been able to see the series finale, because if any show deserved one, it was this one. Lovita and Cedric had such a wonderful chemistry, and I loved the fact that all the laughs came from character, and also I think that this show also struck a chord in me because seeing black professionals on TV is a wonderful thing to see. They were there to empower the students while dealing with their own lives. This show had a wonderful balance to it both professionally and personally. I hope that Steve and Regina got together at the end of the show.
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What Is wrong?
PanicAtTheMovieTheater2 January 2007
How come you guys are crediting Merlin Santana and Wendy Raquel Robinson as only being in 4 episodes? You are WRONG! They were in the show for more than 4 episodes. You even put Steve Harvey as being in only 4 episodes. What is wrong with you guys? I am so annoyed at the fact that you don't have trivia for certain shows and then when you do have only ONE trivia question you guys include a "more" link when there is no more trivia.

I don't really know where I should be putting this at, so please don't be upset with me OK guys at internet movie database? I think that you should put that Merlin Santana died in the trivia section. It was very sad and unfortunate.
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yankeesgotohell1 August 2008
Cant stand this show. That woman who plays Lovita and always says "boss lady" is one of the most obnoxious and worst acted characters I have ever seen. My roommate watches the show constantly so I have seen dozens of episodes and have never even cracked a smile. Partly since I have no idea what they are talking about half the time. The writing could not be any less generic, however even with an excellent plot line this show fails due to the plain awful acting across the board. This is disappointing as both Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer can be quite funny and engaging in their stand up acts, but it does not translate over the the sitcom format.
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He had cool afros back in the day.
ThunderKing615 October 2021
Was never a huge Steven Harvey Fan. This was pre Family Feud. Imagine now.

It was a decent sitcom. Nothing amazing, most people forget Stevie Harvey even had a sitcom. If not, I know I do sometimes.

Overall just a decent show because it't not the typical house sitcom. The show took place in a school most of the time and I liked how it was different from all the rest.
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"Ye-uhh!" -- A review of The Steve Harvey Show
ufx1871 September 2003
I have to say that when I was growings up in the hood we didn't have many tv's in our neighborhood. Most of them got bad receptions, too. Well, the only show I really watched each week was THE STEVE HARVEY SHOW.

Me and my little sister Shaniqua would always watch Steve before bedtime because he'd make us laugh. He's also a great role model, having a perfect head of hair and a great personality. Cedric the Entertainer is also really cool. He has a lot of hunnies and is very very funny.

I give the STEVE HARVEY SHOW a C+ if it were a school grade. The show is awesome. "Yee-uhh!"
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worst show of all time.
pasanova1096 April 2004
this show is complete garbage. i watched one episode and started getting aggravated "so here comes another garbage new show". it is not a funny show. the worst black show ever along with with the hughleys, the parkers and some other new black shows ever since 1998 to the future. channel 9 has become THE disappointment. what happened to martin being 1 hour and married with children. martin is one of the funniest black shows. they should put this show on channel 9 instead of steve hearvey show. just compare a classic 70s black show "whats happening!( true classic of the 70s to steve harvey show( a crumb). steve harvey show is a discrace. please get ride of the pathetic show AND STOP SHOWING RERUNS OF THIS GARBAGE SHOW ON TBS. i dont understand why they wont put other classic shows from the 70s, 80s on tbs. i could go to the 60s but tbs wont put those shows on. get rid of this horrible show (the steve harvey horrible show) read this carefully please.
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Show Dedication
thisisdei14 October 2005
I'm not sure that I am in the right place to ask this question, but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere on your site. I have a question about the dedication of your shows. My mother and I have noticed that your shows end with a dedication to the memory of Midge Sinclair. My mother insists that she remembers this name from somewhere but I can't seem to find any information on her. Can you please tell us who is this Midge Sinclair? Was she a famous actress or model? Or was she a close relative or friend of Steve Harvey? I would also like to note that our entire family really enjoys watching the Steve Harvey show, I just wish it came on more often throughout the day.
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