Spin City (TV Series 1996–2002) Poster


Barry Bostwick: The Mayor



  • Mayor Winston : I am not a child, and I *will not* be treated like one!

    Charlie : Sir, you forgot your shoes.

    Mayor Winston : I don't care.

  • Mayor Winston : Mike, look out that window. We preside over the greatest city in the world.

    Mike : Sir, that's New Jersey.

  • [Mike is on TV] 

    Mike : I can't believe that's me.

    Mayor Winston : Oh, I know ALL about that. You're here talking, but you're there talking... tricky.

  • [the Mayor is about to meet the President] 

    Mayor Winston : What if I slap him?

    Caitlin : Why would you slap him?

    Mayor Winston : Well, you know, you tell yourself, "Don't slap the President, don't slap the President."

  • Roberta : Mr. Mayor, would you consider marching in the Gay Pride Parade this week?

    Mayor Winston : What, are you drunk?

  • Drew West : So, Randy... what's your favorite sexual position?

    Mayor Winston : Well, that's really not any of your business. However, I hear yours is "Man on top, woman in magazine."

  • Mayor Winston : Are you sure this is the best title for my autobiography? "Winston On Winston"?

    Mike : Hey, as long there aren't two guys on the cover, I think we're okay.

  • Mayor Winston : Did you know that when I was in college, I made a student film?

    Mike : Really?

    Mayor Winston : The Yale Daily News called it "an incoherent mess".

  • Charlie : Sir. You called me Charlie!

    Mayor Winston : Ah, don't let it go to your head, Mike!

  • Mayor Winston : [to Mike, after a picture of Mike kissing Heidi Klum's butt appears on the front page of a newspaper]  That used to be my ass, Flaherty.

  • Mayor Winston : New York City, this is the mayor. I have been stolen.

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