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Sabrina is a very entertaining show (well until College seasons)
Chandlergellar6 October 2005
Sabrina The Teenage Witch is a very well produced and funny show because of one good reason, the characters all have great chemistry. The Story is about a young half witch/ half mortal called Sabrina Spellman (Melissa Joan Hart) and she went to live with her Aunts Hilda (Caroline Rhea) and Zelda (Beth Broderick) and their world dominating mad cat Salem Saberhagen (Voiced By Nick Bakey). My favourite character (s) are Sabrina because Melissa Joan hart is a very funny comedy actress and she can make everything funny (plus shes fine), Salem because he makes me laugh all the time i watch him Nick Bakay is a very talented actor and Aunt Hilda, Caroline Rhea is the best actress on the whole show because she portrays wacky Hilda with brilliance. This show was very funny when they had Mr Kraft, Libby Chessler and Harvey Kinkle but it went down hill when they brought in talentless actors and actress, such as that girl from Clueless and Solei Moon Frye who is not a good actress at all.

In Conclusion i give the School Years of Sabrina 10/10 and the College years a 7/10 because i felt that it lost its sparkle after this! Sabrina The Teenage Witch 1996-2003
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The Best Of TGIF
Ginger8725 August 2004
I used to love watching "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" Friday nights on ABC's TGIF. I think this was one of the best shows on TGIF. My friends and I used to get together every Friday just to watch this show and we never missed an episode.

My favorite character was Salem. He was adorable and sooo funny. I liked Sabrina's boyfriend Harvey, too. He was HOT. I think Melissa Joan Hart played a good teenage witch, too. My favorite episodes were "Sabrina Through the Looking Glass" and "Hilda and Zelda: the Teenage Years". Those episodes were great.

Overall I really miss this show. I hope one day ABC brings it back with new episodes. I give this show 10/10 stars.
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Sabrina is the greatest!
sabrina063821 December 2004
I love Sabrina! I really hope the whole series comes out to buy on DVD, because I can guarantee that I would buy and watch all of them. And I know I am not alone. The show is funny, Sabrina is so cute and fun, and Salem is pretty witty. If I could, I would watch Sabrina every day (which I practically can since it is on every day but Sunday) but still, it hardly seems like enough. It is on a newer channel (to me anyways) called the N and now there are new shows on that channel that I hope to god don't replace Sabrina. Not unless all 7 seasons come out on DVD-which they really, really should! I looked on e-bay for Sabrina stuff and bought the original movie (it is on its way), but other than that, there wasn't enough. So really Sabrina's only flaw is that they haven't made enough for the loyal viewer to buy!
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I love Sabrina!
dee.reid27 August 2008
And it's not because since her days on "Clarissa Explains It All" that I've had a bit of a crush on Melissa Joan Hart, who at the time this show was popular was already well into her 20s, but was still able to get teenage roles. "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" was Hart's next big leap after her "Clarissa" days. Based on the comic strip, Sabrina Spellman is - you guessed it! - a teenage witch who attempts to balance her witchcraft antics with the demands of everyday teenage life. She is aided in her endeavors by her two aunts and a wise-cracking black cat as she goes from high school, to college, and finally to her career in journalism.

As usual, Hart is the show's heart & soul. "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" is quite moving and very funny, and it's a shame that it took me so long to realize how great it was. I only wish there were some newer episodes that we could all enjoy.

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A show that lost the magic...
casinada2712 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Once upon a time there used to be a teenage witch named Sabrina that made us laugh and have a nice time while we were watching.

"Sabrina, the teenage witch" was a show full of life and...well, charm. Sadly, over the last 2 seasons, the magic started to fade away.

The show was filled with fun, light-hearted adventures and situations that the characters had to manage, with the aid of magic, but never lacking of 'mortal' emotions. Along with Sabrina, who was portrayed perfectly by the beautiful and talented Melissa Joan Hart, we got to experience her new-found powers, achieve her magic license and discover the secret of her family.

The cast was amazing. Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick were fantastic in each and every episode and shone a light of their own even in the dusk of the show itself. No one could have predicted what happened next.

As Sabrina grew up the show was forced to put her in new situations such as getting a job, moving out and starting college. However they could have done it better. MUCH BETTER. The constant eliminations of characters increased more and more. We even lost Harvey, but I thought he had to go sooner or later. But the breaking point was when aunt Hilda and Zelda mysteriously disappeared. I had not seen the show in a while when this happened, and when I saw I was in shock. The show was over.

The only laugh we could get was from Salem. The plot line didn't feel good anymore. The characters were unfamiliar (Who's that guy? Wedding? What?!) and we were all lost. The magic was gone.

Finally, towards the very end of the series we got Harvey back and the show had a perfect final episode. It was the proper way to say good bye to something that made us happy for a long while but slowly died away. The way it should be. It was just the perfect end.
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Really, an excellent show
Besok28 November 2006
Why did I enjoy the show to the last episode? Because of the true talent Melissa Joan Hart and her supporting cast had of demonstrating that whit, comedy, light-hearted humor, and deep thought could actually coexist. What I enjoyed most was the fact that I could come home from a hard day's work, and bust a smile... I was inspired... and why? It was an inspiration to watch as this magical person was so happy while helping others.

Sabrina was a hero in my opinion... even though she was vulnerable in ways that were not so different from our own... to very different; she had powers at her fingertip, wishes, and command that could be used for good or bad which may only exist in many of our imaginations. Most everything we see, have, know about, own, or even desire... can be used for good or bad, and how we choose to define that, defines the person we are.

She traveled the globe and other realms with these constant and unwaivering ideas in mind... to learn, to live, to laugh, and to love. She was always learning how to improve her skills to the benefit of all around her; she made mistakes as she was living life, going through different journey's of growth, as she, her aunts, and Salem (the underrated, yet imperfect hero) did well to demonstrate that even through mistakes, you can still be noble, gifted, and wonderful.

She also demonstrated many selfless, learning, and loving acts as she went along her way. If this isn't reason enough for 10 stars in this war torn world where people are so hostile toward each other, not realizing how differences are the spice of life rather than a reason to kill... then I don't know what is. This show was most certainly a trip to a better world as well as an inspiration to be better ourselves and a gift intended to bust a smile on our chops... I've heard from a doctor before that everything that I've mentioned above leads to a healthy "hart"... and isn't that what we all need? :)
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Sabrina, the Cutest Witch
SanDiego5 April 2000
There have been many comedy witch movies and TV shows through the years. With little exception the witch is usually cast opposite type, going for a beautiful actress in the role. From Veronica Lake to Elizabeth Montgomery to Michelle Pfeiffer beauty has worked it's magic spell. Lovely Melissa Joan Hart has evolved from the cute kid in "Clarissa" to a sexy young actress with remarkable comedic talent. Her facial expressions, delivery, and attitude make the premise enjoyable. In a day when most actresses go on a purging binge and cop an attitude that will land them a Melrose Place or Scream 2 role (and a rehab clinic...or jail), it's nice to know that the girl-next-store is enjoying remarkable success playing, of all things, a wholesome witch.

Sabrina, like Melissa, is very attractive, but accessible. Despite her magical differences she attempts to live a normal teenager's life. While trying not to stand out she also keeps her individuality in her dress, her tastes, her friends, and her morals. Trying to do that and not be an outcast is tough for witches AND mortals. Sabrina is a terrific role model for kids and enjoyable for all ages.

Now, a word about a recent magazine photo shoot that showed a sexier side of Melissa Joan Hart. I'm not going to make the obvious comment that the actress must be separated from the character she plays...well, duh! Judging any young adult, be her Sabrina the Teenage Witch or Melissa Joan Hart, one must be pleased with the judgements made so far and have some trust at this point. The photos were very tasteful and showed no more skin than we might expect to see Sabrina or Melissa wear at the pool or beach. I think what was threatening is that many people assumed Melissa Joan Hart was the cute teenager they see on television and not the beautiful adult she is in real life. Seeing her in poses and make-up not typical for a teenager was an awakening. As a young adult, there was nothing wrong with the photos and nothing parents should be concerned about their children seeing. Not only is Sabrina a lovely role model, but so is Melissa Joan Hart. She shows us how to appear sexy without being pornographic (something teen pop queens delve into frequently). Of all the photos I have seen of her, there are none that I wouldn't allow my 13-year old son to pin-up on his wall. I appreciate she is both wholesome and attractive and she has set limits.

It is wonderful to see this actress literally grow up on television, I just wished that her character was allowed to grow up as quickly as the actress herself.
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Sabrina and Harvey
christopherandbarb7 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I love this show! We (my husband, son and I) watch it every morning! I wish the writers had continued the story after Sabrina leaves Aaron at the alter and rides off with Harvey on his motorcycle. They make such a sweet couple. They could drive to Vegas and get married while she's still in her wedding dress. They could live in her family's house and finish college. There are a lot of possibilities they could have gone with, beside "and, they lived happily ever after." They could even bring back Hilda and Zelda. They could have included Roxy and Morgan, as they finish college, too. The end really left us hanging. Other than that, "Sabrina rocks!!!"
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Was once a great show but has gone downhill
genew20 January 2004
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch was once a great show but it has gone downhill over the past several seasons. The high school seasons are the best but when Sabrina went from ABC to WB, this is where the show went downhill because when Sabrina went to college, the show lost its charm. The show lost its charm during the college years because Sabrina moved out of her aunt's house, she didn't use her magic that much.

The high school years of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch are excellent because it has a very good amount of great characters such as Mr. Kraft, Valarie, Libby, et al. My favorite character was Mr. Pool but Mr. Pool was only featured in the first season of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.
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Has Gone Downhill
jewelp2414 October 2002
When this show first went on the air, it was a good show but got to be a little repetitive. When she went to college, it got a little worse. Then this season, it went way downhill. They got rid of the aunts (and Josh and Miles) with no explanation at all. Not to mention that Sabrina took a job at an entertainment magazine so the show could get famous guest stars every week. Also, if Sabrina is living in her aunts' house in Boston, how is it that she works in New York? I think this should definitely be Sabrina's last season.
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jessie-821 June 2002
This show is the best.Melissa Joan Hart is the perfect actress to play sabrina.This show conbines humour and some real life situations but the great thing about this show is that its not realistic some great shows are realistic but sometimes it's cool to watch a show that doesn't show you real life and bad things that go on. I love this show. A+++++++++++
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You know, it really is time to do something about that title.
Victor Field25 November 2001
Now in its sixth season (and a success on both Nickelodeon UK and ITV, though even its biggest fans must wonder how the latter managed to go head-to-head with "The Simpsons" on BBC1 and beat it in the ratings), it's fairly amusing, and the makers had the basic right idea in letting Sabrina go on to college (life moves on even for TV characters). Although Salem still gets most of the real laughs, and the supporting cast of people from other sitcoms (David Lascher from "Blossom," Elisa Donovan from "Clueless," Trevor Lissauer from the awful "Running the Halls," and of course Punky Brewster) seems out of place because of the familiarity.

But if the series started with Sabrina finding out on her 16th birthday that she's a witch, and this is six years later, then she can't be a teenager on the show any more than she is in real life (Melissa Joan Hart started playing Miss Spellman when she was 22, after four years playing explain-it-all Clarissa). If the new opening sequence doesn't suggest it's time to call the show "Sabrina" or something - and the American edition of "Maxim" didn't call MJH 'Sabrina the Increasingly Voluptuous Witch' for nothing - then nothing will.

Still, the "Bewitched" du jour is several cuts above those horrible NBC teen sitcoms, that's for sure.
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Gimmicky, sloppy and predictable, but everyone loved it growing up
TheBlueHairedLawyer29 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I absolutely fell in love with STTW when I was in junior high school. I had the soundtrack on CD, I had the books, I had the DVD sets, some episodes taped on VHS, everything (which these days leads me to believe that the show was used mainly to sell merchandise that nobody would give a damn about ten years later). Being a kid, it was my first real experience with one of the "cool" shows since the only other that aired in my small town was The Secret World of Alex Mack, which was very hokey. I guess STTW wasn't terrible for kids, but going back and watching it as an adult, it just looks like it mimicked every fad of its time in all the worst ways, all while subjecting its viewers to its sea of whiny, spoiled, immature and self-centred characters. Melissa Joan Hart especially, watching her as an adult I've realized now more than ever that she could never even act worth anything, and her character of Sabrina was a lazy, shallow and coddled brat who never seemed satisfied with anything or anyone. She was sick of her mundane life and kept complaining about it. Then she finds out she's a witch with magical powers. Then she whines and complains about how she hates being a witch and wants to be normal. All she seems to care about is her own self-image, clothes and boys. She puts down everyone, from her doting albeit eccentric aunts, to her talking cat. She's supposed to be this insecure semi-geek type girl, and yet she's just another queen bee who just happens to do all the judging and teasing of others in the privacy of her own home. She's hardly a likable character at the best of times, so for the main lead it perhaps wasn't the best way to go about it. I've gotta say that the only characters I truly liked or cared anything for were Sabrina's funny and quirky teachers, from Mr. Poole to Ms. Quick, and of course, the jerky but not entirely bad guy Mr. Kraft. The show did bring on some good guest characters too, but rarely did they make more than one appearance overall.

The show's "special effects" (and I use that term lightly) have never been realistic or convincing, from a repairman with a fake raccoon tail tied to his behind, to the Salem puppet which terrified me when I initially saw the show as a kid because it looks almost like a ventriloquist's dummy (at least Salem was at least somewhat tolerable compared to Sabrina herself). To be fair though, we're talking about a comedy show, and Season 1 was when it was only just trying to get off the ground. I had hoped that it would progress as it continued but actually it got worse, especially when Sabrina entered her college years, got a bad dye job and the element of crass humour and innuendo jokes entered the picture, too. It had hit a point where it was too adult for children but too childish for adults. It became one of those types of obligatory shows that you would put on every day after school simply because there was nothing else on. So I'm honestly not surprised that it ended when it did. Its very campy performances, lame dialogue, predictable episode plots and annoying soundtrack by various 1990's pop bands of the time all seemed to drag it down to the point where it could go no further.
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Magical for three years
studioAT6 October 2016
'Sabrina, the Teenage Witch' is an odd show. Almost cartoonish in it's humour and yet a traditional audience based sitcom in other ways.

For the first three series it was also crucially a good show. It was warm, it was funny, and the story lines were good. Mellissa Joan Hart demonstrated that she was a good comedienne and was ably supported by the two actresses playing her aunts, as well as the lovely Lindsay Sloane in seasons 2-3.

Then it all went a bit sour. Hart was growing up and the show outgrew it's own premise of her being a 'teenage' witch. But with the network having a hit on its hands they weren't about to let it go, so we ended up with an almost spin-off show showing Sabrina at college dealing with the sort of teen issues that felt like they'd escaped from somewhere else.

If you're wanting to see the show at its best, check out seasons 1-3.
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pegmeg9 October 2006
I love Sabrina! Its one of my fave shows!! My favourite episodes are; the one where she turns Libby into a geek, the first episode, the true love episode and most of the rest from the first series. I do think the college episodes were not as good as the high school ones but they were better than the last series which was awful. Valerie was a good character as she was more rounded than Jenny, but Jenny was in some brilliant episodes. Hilda and Zelda were amazing, and there seemed to be no explanation for where they went! Libby was a good character too. I never liked Morgan or Roxy, they just weren't as good as her other friends.
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A simple, light-hearted teen drama that just works
tapio_hietamaki27 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I watched three seasons of 'Sabrina' as an adult and don't regret doing so. It's not 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' but it's fun, charming and harmless.

This is a standard teen drama suitable for everybody. It's not brooding or mysterious, it doesn't really even have a story, it's just a collection of fun episodes about a 90's high school girl with magic powers, a talking cat and two crazy aunts.

A TV show this simple just works. It's like 'Friends' - it doesn't need any flashy special effects, plot twists or long story arcs. It just needs light-hearted jokes and imaginative ideas, and 'Sabrina' delivers.
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Sabrina the teenage witch rules
april_gwen5 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I liked this TV show because it was it's own thing a girl who is on her sixteenth birthday finds out that she is a witch and her she lives with her aunties in the house and they are both witches as well. Well this took her about a few weeks of getting used to. When she used her powers for the first time it was so funny because she turned her enemy into a pineapple. She had to turn back time and repeat a day. This series is really cool and it is a typical teenage series but it wore thin when she moved out of her house and to an apartment with her fellow college friends and then it got boring and I stopped watching.I loved her aunties they were so funny and the other one was really ditzy. I loved Valerie and I hated Sabrina's enemy Libby she was ugly.
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Great Show
Captivity15 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
OK The show started in September 1996 and it was a very,very,big hit ! Its about this Girl named Sabrina Spellman who has to live with her aunts Hilda and Zelda one aunt is very serious about her work the other one is happy-go-lucky. I didn't really like them. As the show grows and develops it talks about Her boyfriend Harvey who she met at 12:36 and she falls in love with him they date all through high school until she meets Josh who she dates and then breaks up with him and all her boyfriends that she have always end with magic.Magic is the cause of her boyfriends dumping her. So now that she has finished her collage she works for a reporting company in the final season and then she meets Aaron and decides to get married to him but then after the wedding takes place she realizes she is not meant to be with him she is meant to be with harvey and she runs out of the church and goes to HArvey and they kiss at 12:36 on the dot ! Great End Great Show EnJOY!
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Magically Entertaining
Thor200024 September 2001
I loved Sabrina from the get-go for one reason, Melissa Joan Hart. She is cute and lovely and there is a lot of potential to be made from a gorgeous teenager with supernatural powers. Its predecessor, "Out Of This World," was a huge hit except that it stereotyped Maureen Flannigan from the roles she wanted. One thing wrong with Sabrina though is that it sometimes tries to be a physical comedy, which is obviously something Melissa can't pull off. Another thing wrong, like Bewitched, is that it is really nothing but creativity unleashed. No one bothered to do any research on witchcraft or decided to try to explain anything. "Well, you see, the Other Realm is really just another plane of existence where we go to escape mortals." If anything, I guess Sabrina, Samantha, Tabitha and Jeannie could be an evolutionary off-shoot of humanity who were responsible for showing real people how to tap into witchcraft and sorcery. The series did copy Bewitched with its rotating door of characters; if someone didn't work, they were replaced. The show though was at its height of popularity while Nate Richert, Lindsay Sloane and Jenna L. Green were available, but it quickly went down hill as it introduced the illogical Willard Kraft as a faulty nemesis. The show has really hit the skids now that Sabrina has left the networks behind to be overshadowed by its own replacement. The aunts aren't even funny anymore and the cat Salem has gone from funny to irritating as the scripts repeat the same material ad infinitum. It was funnier the first time around.
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Except for the acting of Beth Broderick and Caroline Rhea, this is disappointing
president24200324 January 2005
"Sabrina The Teenage Witch" is one of those programs that promises much but delivers little. With some very talented actors and actresses, an intriguing premise for a plot and the potential for some wonderful story lines to unfold as the series progresses, this should be a compelling TV series and should provide good entertainment. But unfortunately it fails to live up to expectations.

The whole premise for this show was presumably based on the comic series and also on the made-for-television movie that was the immediate prelude to this series. The movie actually exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and enjoyment and the acting and script was actually very strong and entertaining. Again, however, this has not carried over to the series.

Melissa Joan Hart was great in the movie but here the character she portrays is just very annoying, precocious and even obnoxious. It's impossible to feel any sympathy for the plight of Sabrina or, even as a person of her age group, to relate to her. In the movie, the scriptwriters provided Sabrina with a considerable amount of depth and dimension which seems to be lacking in the comedy. Melissa Joan Hart tries hard with the script she is given but just cannot make it work.

The aunts are the characters who really provide the show with some quality and class. Beth Broderick and Caroline Rhea are excellent, wonderful, first-class actresses and they really did the best that they could with the scripts that they were provided with. They were perhaps the only endearing aspect of this show and indeed they were the only two characters who kept me watching this show. But even here the scriptwriters and producers fail to use Rhea's and Broderick's full acting potential to their benefit. I've seen Broderick in other movies –she shines in every movie and TV series that she does –and it's painful to see both she and Rhea being sidelined to such inconsequential roles when the potential exists for so much more from them. The dialogue that they were provided with is weak and predictable and their roles were essentially very stereotypical and lacking in imagination. Again this is not the fault of Broderick and Rhea –they did add a much needed depth and dimension of life, zest, enthusiasm, energy and high quality to the show and I cannot commend their actual acting highly enough. But once again there were so much underused potential here for Hilda and Zelda.

In other magical shows such as "Bewitched" and "I Dream of Jeannie", the producers and scriptwriters did what they could to make the show imaginative and innovative. I find this lacking here. The plots for each episode are laborious and predictable and the script clichéd and even painful and even given the enormous plot potential for a teenager with magical powers, the powers that be in relation to this show don't seem to be able to come up with anything exciting, adventurous or enthralling for Sabrina to be involved in Despite all this I keep watching the reruns of this show –simply because I like Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick so much and, the more I can see of them the better. But I can't help feeling like this show is a wasted opportunity, a void of potential that never quite got filled. And that is sad
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cheesy but good!!
phoebebuffay_friends22 September 2002
People that slag off Sabrina 4 being cheesy: Yes its cheesy but thats part of the show!! Its directed @ kids and teens and all those types of progs have a certain cheesiness 2 them!! Salem has 2 b the best character, very funny cat!! Though Sabrina is also brilliant and I think Melissa Joan Hart does a fab playing her1! As long as u realise that this is intended 2 b partly cheesy than u should enjoy it cos its fantastic!!
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a bit silly
ilw3 September 2002
I haven't watched this show that much because I find it a bit too cute, all those lovy kissy huggy moments Sabrina has with her aunts for an example, besides I'm not too fond of Sabrina. The cats kinda cool. What really annoys me though is what she chooses to do with her powers. I mean, she's a witch and can do so much cool stuff, but in the intro she changes *clothes* on herself in front of a mirror. Oh PLEASE! has she no imagination or what. Sabrina is kinda lame overall. I dont know who the intended target audience is but I guess they're pretty young.
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Worth Watching
White Dolphin20 October 2000
This TV series isn't hilarious- it will never get laughs out of me like those that Friends and Seinfeld achieve but it's a cute show and does manage to bring some laughs and smiles. The acting is actually pretty good (at least from Sabrina, Zelda and Hilda). And Salem the cat is my favorite character. The show maintains originality and doesn't try to be something it's not... which I like about a show.
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Cute and funny
AdrienneGrayceMusic30 August 2018
I watched the show when it first came out back when I was a teen. I watched the movie, "Sabrina the teenage witch" first, with Ryan Reynolds. I was excited to see the tv show as well. No one could play the character of Sabrina better than Melissa Joan Hart. It's as if the role was made specifically for her. It's funny but in a corny kind of way. I don't know why people complain about the college years seasons. You can't expect Sabrina to stay in High school for 6 years. The show needed a change. I liked the new character of Roxy, but the other two roommates not so much. The one thing I did not care for was the cat Salem. He was almost annoying. I could have lived without seeing him. He wasn't even funny, and it was a little silly. I loved the aunts Zelda and Hilda, but I think they remained on the show too long, as they should have went off the show as soon as Sabrina went to college. All in all, its a great show and a part of my teen years that I will always cherish.
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Good Fun For Kids
itsmcpaolo18 July 2018
This show was really good fun for the kids. I know all the kids in our family really enjoyed it. Not much here for adults though, but that doesn't really matter since this show obviously is meant for the kids. Kind of predictable stories and jokes, and the cat was pretty creepy sometimes (to the kids)...
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