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A Beautiful Show that never should have gotten cancelled
heavenangelslive8 August 2005
I only just discovered Promised Land in 2004, but I can't believe how long it took for me to find it, afterall I enjoyed Touched By An Angel very much and the crossovers with the Greene's were always quite powerful. But WOW! I never could have anticipated how dramatic Promised Land would be. I absolutely love Gerald McRaney...he is so talented playing Russell Greene, because this character is so warm and strong that he is such a great father figure..I admire McRaney incredibly for portraying such an caring and wise character. But Wendy Phillips is also extremely talented, I love the chemistry between Gerald and Wendy its so intense. The truth is everybody on this show were all great actors, Celeste Holm is one of those legendary, great actresses who always shines with maturity, Austin O'Brien and Sarah Schaub gave PL more depth and angst and Eddie Karr amazes me with his older-then-his-years humor. Promised Land is by far the very best..and I can't believe it got cancelled, it has great morals and taught me a lot. I enjoy it much more then TBAA, because these people aren't angels..they are just going from place to place lending a hand and changing people's lives for the better. The acting is so much more deeper and spiritual. I hope I'll never forget this show or the people in it and the ones portraying has truly entered my heart and I hope it will never truly leave. I'll take what I have learnt from it and take it with me for the rest of my life.
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The best TV I have ever seen!!
ready4god30 March 2008
All I can say is I really miss this show!! My wife & I just got married around the time this show started up!! Why did CBS take it off the air??? I think it was the best show for the whole family to enjoy!! It made me laugh!! It also made me cry. But when CBS took it off the air my wife & I thought CBS made a big mistake. You know what would be so great?? Have a reunion show!! That would be so cool!!!! Anybody know if it is on DVD yet?? On the last season of Promised Land, did CBS show the whole last season?? I think CBS took it off the air at mid-season. My wife & I will never forget it. The opening with that theme song was fantastic!!! This show only comes once in a life time! May we never forget Promised Land!!
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The BEST T.V. show I have ever seen.
timelorddrwho28 April 2000
I love this show with its warmth, love,caring and morel values that unfortunately, society nowadays lacks. I'm more a sci-fi , action adventure fan but this show (Promised Land) is my absolute favorite. I only just a few weeks ago (April 2000) discovered this show and it has made me do a lot of thinking. This show has values that people should follow as it will make them better people. I recently discovered that Promised Land is no longer in production and that saddens me greatly. The Characters and actors who portray them, have entered my life and my heart and I hope I never forget them and the show. I love it.
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Wish this show were still on the air
FilmNutgm12 December 2001
Warning: Spoilers
I really enjoyed the family dynamics of this show and the way that the characters had to face tough problems which weren't always automatically solved by prayer. I really don't understand why this show was cancelled while "Touched By An Angel" is still on the air. This show asked difficult questions and wrestled with faith and the main characters had to wonder if they were doing the right thing. In "Touched By An Angel" when the going gets tough, an angel shows up and outlines solutions and brushes away all doubt with a "God is mysterious" or "God loves you" without acknowledging the fact that sometimes such bad things happen to good people that they are left shaken and confused and need more than platitudes. In my opinion, the acting on this show is richer and deeper and makes you think more about spirituality. **POSSIBLE SPOILER AHEAD** I must admit that I was disappointed when the show decided to settle in one city for its' last season and I missed that year, but now that the show is in syndication on PAX-TV, I'm catching up on the shows I missed and find that it's good to see the characters having to deal with situations that they can't just drive away from. I also liked the last season's cast additions--especially Eugene Byrd. The only part I found unrealistic about the show was how well Clare always got along with Hattie--a daughter-in-law and a mother-in-law trapped in a trailer with no major battles--now that's a miracle!
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One of the best dramas on television these days!
We love watching this series! It is one of the few television series for the entire family. It has moral values, it is artistic and it is true to life. Promised Land is not necessary about a place in particular. It is about the entire U.S., where the family travels, or used to travel together in a trailer through out the country. The U.S. is a country of so much wealth that it flows with milk and honey. The Greenes are a family that trusts God, and sees angels, occasionally you can see an angel from another top series "Touched by an Angel" show up. Russell Greene, Gerald McRaney, is a wise and godly man. Claire, Wendy Phillips, is a school teacher. Don't we all need and thank them for our learning. Joshua, Austin O'Brien, is such a good kid! Dinah, Sarah Schaub, is always challenged with good and evil and chooses good. Nathaniel, Eddie Karr, always gets into trouble, but has a good adopted family to support him. Hattie, Celeste Holm, Academy Award winner for Gentleman's Agreement, plays a grandmother we would love to have, if ours isn't like her. I love Margot, Ashleigh Norman, sophisticated and poetic. She is so cool! L.T., Eugene Byrd, was a pain in the beginning but as his character develops he has become very likable, becoming a photographer, and writing a script for a competition on the controversial topic of the black family born to Thomas Jefferson. This is a wonderful show! I recommend it! We are on the road of life together!
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Values and Veterans
stevelaughton@hotmail.com31 October 2005
Although it has been off the air for 6 years now, Promised Land was one of those shows that comes along once or twice in a generation. Good cast, supporting cast(among them, Richard Thomas and Ossie Davis) and crew. The plot is believable with McRaney packing up his family and just saying "to hell with it all" after being subjected to so many disappointments and incidents since his return from Vietnam years earlier. I think a lot of Vietnam-era veterans, myself included, could really relate to McRaney's thought process in finally deciding on his course of action. Many of us did precisely the same thing in real life, after returning from that war and finding that America was not the same place we left. The show imparts not only values but a glimpse into what took place in one veterans life. In those two respects alone, I think it is one of the more poignant TV series of our time. Why this program only ran for 3 years is beyond me.
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A wonderful series for the family....
tblackstock20 April 2006
I absolutely loved this series, and was very sad to see it go. Yes, it's Christian based, and traditionally as well. It deals with some tough issues, as the other reviewer points out, but I guess it depends on your viewpoint on these matters, and as a teenager growing up and now as a mother myself, I was so happy to see a TV series that was clean and, well, quite frankly, wonderful! I, unlike the other reviewer, was heartened to see how they dealt with the condom deal. Instead of hearing the typical wishy washiness about condoms, they showed the son actually working at being chaste and applying it to his later relationships, which were pure and Godly because of it, and A lot safer because of it (100%!).

After watching this entire series, you become extremely attached to all the characters in the family and outside the family (once they settle down more permanently), and the moral values they teach in each episode are just priceless. I found Touched by an Angel (made by the same producer) to be cheesy here and there (although overall I liked it), but this series, in my opinion, was a lot better made and had better acting and was more interesting as well. It was good for the entire family and was interesting for the entire family, which was a huge plus. The family wasn't outstanding, they had their own faults, but in the long run they did what was right and you saw them grow and change and struggle like any true family does. It was my favorite show at the time and will always be near the top of my list, I hope it comes out on DVD!
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a good show that they ruined
dtucker8620 September 2003
Gerald McRaney is a really amazing actor. He is almost like Gary Cooper in projecting the image of the "common man" in the character that he plays. He was so wonderful in "Major Dad" he was so good in portraying a strong and loving father figure that it really warmed my heart. I remember in particular when Operation Desert Shield and Storm happened in the Christmas of 1990 and how they wrote that into the show. At the conclusion of the war, Mac read a message of congradulations to the troops who served and thanked them. As one of those troops, I have always remembered what he did and I thank him to this day. Promised Land was a spin off of Touched By An Angel and it had a lot of sarcasm attached to it when it premiered, even from TV Guide who predicted in its fall issue that it would not last long. They were wrong and the viewers were right because it was a great show that all of us needed to see. It was like Little House On The Prarie and Mike Landon would have been so proud of it because it taught us old fashioned issues that we all need to open our heart to. Promised Land was a tv series that all of us needed to heed, especially in these troubled times. It was a simple and wonderful show that Frank Capra and Jimmy Stewart would have been proud of because of its simple and loving message that brought the family unit to the forefront and made the common man a hero. I am so glad that Celeste Holm was a part of this wonderful show! She is a living legend and one of our true greatest actesses. I write to famous people as a hobby and wrote to her a number of years ago and she was kind enough to send me a reply and talked about how wonderful it was to work for "Mac" and everyone else. This is a show that we need more of in this negative time especially after 9/11, Why did they cancel it.
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Now On Gospel Music Channel
interndaniel14 August 2009
Hey Yall! The best drama every is now on Gospel Music Channel! Go to their website to see the schedule and find out what number it is on your cable or satellite This was one of my favorite shows growing up. It has everything that I want a TV show to be, a clean family friendly drama that does not gross me out. The story about a man, who after loosing his work, decides to set off for a great cross country adventure. Along the way they meet all sorts of interesting people and find themselves in the midst of all kinds of trouble. This show was originally a spin off of Touched By An Angel, another really good family show. Make sure you check it out!
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Favorite TV show
myrobnoyes16 May 2006
This program is a favorite of our family, and we feel it MUST be released on DVD by seasons!!! The title of "Promised Land" is very apt, as it is a positive statement about all the good that is left in this great country and the people who live in her! It's a "God Bless America" type of program with inspiring stories, old-fashioned values, down-to-earth characters, truthful and encouraging messages, beautiful scenery, and well-written humor and drama. It's a show the entire family is able to enjoy and benefit from--without worrying about bad language, "adult" themes, crudeness, violence, etc. We always felt blessed when we were done viewing an episode and can't wait to see each one all over again when they're finally released on DVD!
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Great Show. Bring it Back!
bones-rmj6 February 2008
I absolutely love Promised Land. The first episode that I saw, was while I was on my mission from 2003-2005. I really loved the rich family background portrayed in the show. Here was a family with struggles of their own, but instead of dwelling on them; they would reach out with love to others who may have had the same problems, in an effort to forget themselves, and go to work. This is what caused me to fall in love with the show. All of the actors; especially Gerald McRaney; had demonstrated the true meaning of "Family" which has left an indelible mark on my life. I have been down the same road they have, but It has taken allot of time for me to develop that kind of character. I love this show so much, that I have wanted to share it with friends; but I was really stunned when I had heard that it was taken off the air. I thought and still think they should BRING IT BACK! So many lives can benefit from heaven inspired media. i honestly believe that this show was divinely inspired; because it brings the spirit every time I see just one episode. This show really (in my book) has truly defined what a "Promised Land" is. It is the Love that you hold in your heart for others; which brings you to a higher destination. The spirit of Love, is one of the most potent messages in this series, and all I can say is, Bring it back. -Robert
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FrogFear23 September 1999
I think it's great to see that someone out there promoting strong values (a term I hesitate to use because it is so often abused for corrupt political intentions) understands that morals are about love and compassion rather than hate and judgmental, holier-than-thou attitudes. You don't win people over to strive for good things by creating negativity and it's nice to see that recognized. Additionally, I've worked as a background actress on this series and everybody on the set put a lot of heart into what they were doing. That's the way TV ought to work, because it's not just about communication. It's an art form too. PL did a nice job with that.
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I liked the show
wwjd_mandi_200322 January 2005
My family watched this show together when it was on and we enjoyed it. I loved the show it had a good meaning to it and was a great show for Christians to watch and people who tank God that the show went off need to rethink their words and if they still believe that then they need to rethink their faith in the Lord. I am a faithful Christian and I was really upset when they took the show off the air. I watched the show every time I could and if I was not home I recorded it so I could watch it later. The show had a good meaning and could help people out if they would pay attention to the show. I learned a lot from the show and wish the show was still on the air so I could watch it. Now I have to watch several shows that have nothing to do with family and religious values. There also very few shows on TV now that have good family values.
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Great Show
AustinOBrienfan112 August 2002
I started watching Promised Land in September of 2001. I think it is a really great show and I wish they hadn't cancelled it. They should make videos of the whole season so that people who just started watching the show can see what they missed in earlier episodes. I think Promised Land teaches you about how you should get along with the people in your family and help he people who aren't in your family even if you don't like them or wish you didn't know them.
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Promised Land - one of the best TV series since 1990
ellery-719-87795310 April 2016
Each and every show there was a learning for youths and young adults. All types of the issues of the 90's generated plot lines and was honorably treated from racial problems, unemployment, child abuse, parenting problems, caring for one another, divorce, fear, downsizing, anger, hurt, cancer and shame. The Oklahoma City bombing episode brought forth a tribute episode and was great in the way the issue was handled. The closeness of the cast showed in each and every episode. I believe they really enjoyed making each episode. VEI this should be your next DVD. The public would appreciate it and will shower you with sales (and profits for your company).
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We should get down on our knees and thank the good Lord...
Sebastian Valmont II7 April 2000
...that this awful show has been cancelled. Just when you thought Touched by an Angel could do no worse, it spawned this evil offspring. This show's characters and messages are so hideously right-wing, I'm surprised they don't overbalance. The episode where the parents got angry with their teenage son for owning a condom was idiotic, dangerous television in this age of AIDS and unwanted teenage pregnancies. And what family could be this happy living in a &*$^%*&#%$ trailer?!!! And DO NOT get me started on the allegedly-lovable crochety old aunt Mooster...
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