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Season 3

1 Oct. 1998
Saving Grace: Part 2
Nathaniel is kidnapped by the woman whose family was killed in a car accident involving Joe, Nathaniel's father, who selfishly and recklessly drove drunk. Sandra Mills is an alcoholic and struggling with life. Claire visits Darlene Jones, a prisoner on Death Row who she has planned teach to read. Dinah writes a letter to Darlene which Claire has to read to her, asking her to meet her before her time runs out. Dinah shares a poem that she wrote and Claire encourages Darlene to leave a special poem, letter, song or home movie to her own little girl and to set her child ...
8 Oct. 1998
Balancing Act
Dinah refuses to answer Josh's questions about rumors that she is sleeping with a football player, but Josh ultimately defends her honor when her friend Eric begins spreading rumors about her.
5 Nov. 1998
Denver, Welcome Home
The Greenes to move into a vacant house rent free on the condition that Russell fixes up the place. They try being friends with the neighbor kid who has had a rough family life. Claire gets a job at the school and the locals are furious when Dinah gets special treatment from the principal. The locals look to get their hangout back by any means.
3 Dec. 1998
Out of Bounds
Russell volunteers at a local youth shelter, where he soon becomes the object of Amy, a teenage drug addict's, affections. Meanwhile, L.T. is given an ultimatum from his former gang member friends: help with a drug deal or live in fear.

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