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Sean Hughes obituary

Award-winning comedian who was a key figure in the evolution of modern standup and reached a wide TV audience on Never Mind the Buzzcocks

Sean Hughes, who has died aged 51, was one of the most important figures in the evolution of modern long-form standup comedy. Until his 1990 Edinburgh festival fringe show, A One Night Stand With Sean Hughes, won the Perrier award for best show, most alternative comedy shows at the fringe were little more than extended comedy club sets, gags shamelessly stitched together. Hughes did something different, weaving a narrative into his performance, which was set in an imaginary bedsit.

Today we think nothing of comedy shows having an emotional arc regarding some personal grief or loss. There is even a joke about it. Comics talk about doing a “dead dad” show. We might not have had these shows without Hughes. His former promoter Richard Bucknall has rightly called him “a pioneering,
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Sean Hughes's greatest TV moments: from Diy nursing to Finbar the talking shark

The Irish comedian was best known for deconstructing the sitcom with Sean’s Show. But he should also be remembered for his stint as an unqualified medic – and for bringing us Finbar the Mighty Shark

Sean Hughes, who died today, was an accomplished writer, film actor and standup comedian – but he was also pretty skilled as a talking shark. In fact, his various TV appearances, from fourth wall-smashing sitcoms to a regular spot on the first incarnation of Never Mind the Buzzcocks, are what he was perhaps best known for. Here are some of the greatest moments from his 25 years on screen, all shot through with an underlying spark of dishevelled Seanness …

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Carnage review

Simon Amstell's iPlayer exclusive, Carnage, is worth seeking out. Here's our review...


Carnage is a 70-minute sci-fi vegan comedy, a description which its creator Simon Amstell admits “makes it sound awful”.

It is certainly an experimental commission for the BBC. Amstell - known for sad-com Grandma’s House and causing more than one celebrity walkout on Popworld and Never Mind The Buzzcocks – was asked if he had any ideas weird enough to be an iPlayer exclusive. This mockumentary is what he came up with.

In the year 2067, a group of young people picnic on vegan foods in an idyllic landscape. The idea that anyone ever ate meat is as horrifying as genocide to them, so the film sets out to help the youth of the late 21st century forgive the older generations.

It is important to say at this point, before you tut and go back to eating your sausage and eggs,
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How Edgar Wright’s ‘Baby Driver’ Was Inspired By One Catchy Song and a Music Video — SXSW 2017

How Edgar Wright’s ‘Baby Driver’ Was Inspired By One Catchy Song and a Music Video — SXSW 2017
Twenty-two years ago, writer-director Edgar Wright was constantly listening to the album “Orange” by the rock group The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

“The first track on the album, ‘Bellbottoms,’ which is a fantastic rock track, I just listened to that song over and over again,” said Wright at a Q&A during the 2017 SXSW Film Festival. “I don’t know what it was, but I just thought that would make a great car chase song.”

Wright laid in his bedroom listening to the song on repeat, visualizing a car chase set to “Bellbottoms.” He also started coming up with the idea of a character: a getaway driver for a bank heist, who cannot do his job properly without the right music playing.

That core idea is the premise of Wright’s new film,
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Simon Amstell: 'I thought: ‘I’ll never be happy''

A decade on from Popworld, the comic has faced his demons, found love and made a mock doc about veganism. He explains why fame couldn’t fix him

Fame, says Simon Amstell, was supposed to fix his loneliness. Being on TV, taking the piss out of pop stars first on Popworld, then Never Mind The Buzzcocks, being loved by enough people, was supposed to make him feel safe. “But when it didn’t, when I still felt lonely and unsafe, it was: ‘Well, now what? What do I do now? Experience actual love? Well, that’s going to be tricky. How am I going to find actual love?’”

Amstell is now 37 but still looks, as he has always done, a decade younger. His hair’s longer, the glasses aren’t as thickly framed, but he’s still slight and boyish, shrouded under a thick grey marl sweatshirt. We meet in
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Bill Bailey: ‘The worst thing anyone’s said to me? “You’re that bloke off the Hairy Bikers”’

The comedian on mistaken identity, his love of birds and his disappointment at being overlooked for the role of 007

Born in Bath, Bill Bailey, 52, was nominated for a Perrier award at the 1996 Edinburgh fringe, and went on to star in the TV sitcom Black Books. He has appeared regularly on Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Qi, and his recent live shows include Qualmpeddler and Limboland. His book, Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide To British Birds, has just been published. He is married with a son, and lives in London.

What is your greatest fear?

Being attacked by enraged bears.

Related: Nadiya Hussain: my most treasured possession? My Bake Off trophy

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Forget Stephen Fry – Sandi Toksvig has made Qi sing

Toksvig holds her own as the sharp, no-nonsense new Qi host, cutting through the show’s smugness and blowing away the cobwebs of Fry’s tenure

When Stephen Fry abandoned Qi last year, after more than a decade of service, it seemed only sensible to assume he would be replaced by a rotating panel of guest hosts. After all, that’s what Have I Got News For You and Never Mind the Buzzcocks did to no great disaster. Viewers are used to seeing a new face drafted in every week to offer the illusion of freshness. If Qi had done the same, no one would have minded in the slightest.

But it didn’t, thank God, because it found the perfect permanent replacement in Sandi Toksvig. Watching her debut episode was both exciting and reassuring; reassuring because her introduction was low-key and seamless, and exciting because her presence helped blow
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Go 8 Bit episode 1 review

James Stansfield Sep 7, 2016

Dara O'Briain hosts a new videogaming TV show for Dave that turns out to be huge fun...

When Videogame Nation came to an end in June it left the UK games-based TV landscape barren yet again.

But not for long, as this week saw the debut of the latest attempt to combine gaming and good telly in the shape of Go 8 Bit. Clearly hoping to do with gaming what Never Mind The Buzzcocks did with music, channel Dave appear to have largely succeeded. The inaugural episode was a decent mix of laughs and controller bashing confrontation.

Derived from team captains Sam Pamphilon and Steve McNeil’s successful live comedy show that began life at the Edinburgh fringe in 2013, Go 8 Bit pairs each with a different celebrity guest each week to take part in a series of gaming challenges. The whole thing is overseen by the
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Bargain Hunt and the quest for useless knowledge

Alex Carter Aug 17, 2016

The BBC has a packed line-up of daytime antique shows, but the original Bargain Hunt still provides the most edutainment...

It is an immutable law of the universe that everything everywhere will at some point be bought on Bargain Hunt. That important looking bit you keep in that tin of random things in case you find out what it’s for? In 2064 some antiques expert who hasn’t even been born yet will explain casually that it was used as a stand for rich Moldovan aristocrats' spare eyeballs, or a small portable gardening tool for calibrating parasols. It doesn’t matter if it was actually the plastic thing that keeps your router standing on end.

It’s these genuinely true histories of random objects bought from someone’s car boot that makes Bargain Hunt the most educational of daytime shows - it teaches you about things you
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Kevin Lygo to Replace Peter Fincham as Director of Television at ITV

London — ITV’s director of television Peter Fincham is to step down after almost eight years at the U.K. commercial broadcaster, and will be succeeded by Kevin Lygo, currently managing director of production unit ITV Studios, ITV said Monday. According to an unconfirmed report, ITV chairman Archie Norman is about to quit the broadcaster as well.

Julian Bellamy, managing director of ITV Studios in the U.K., will move up to replace Lygo. David McGraynor, ITV Studios finance director, will take on the new role of chief finance and operating officer of the Studios division.

Lygo was director of television at Channel 4 from 2003 to 2010 when he was brought in by ITV chief executive Adam Crozier to run ITV Studios. He also spent two years at Channel Five from 2001 to 2003, and prior to that was Channel 4’s head of entertainment.

Bellamy spent three years at Discovery Networks Intl.
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Channel 4 orders new sci-fi comedy from Graham Linehan and Adam Buxton




Father Ted’s Graham Linehan and The Adam And Joe Show’s Adam Buxton are writing The Cloud, a new comedy series for Channel 4

Here’s some exciting news. Channel 4 has picked up new sci-fi comedy, The Cloud, from Father Ted and The It Crowd creator Graham Linehan and Adam Buxton of Adam Buxton's Bug and The Adam And Joe Show. Mr Buxton is also much praised, in this writer’s household at least, for engineering this chuckle-inducing moment in Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

"We have commissioned the series but we have no word yet on casting, though we can assure you that it will still be set in space," an informative Channel 4 source told the Radio Times.

We’ve also learned that “The Cloud follows the fairly hapless crew of Cloud Station 13, a data hub floating in space, set up to protect
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David Tennant Hosts Have I Got News For You?

Philip Bates is a writer at Kasterborous Doctor Who News and Reviews - All the latest Doctor Who news and reviews with our weekly podKast, features and interviews, and a long-running forum.

Catch Tenth Doctor, David Tennant hosting Have I Got News For You? tonight! We’re not really used to seeing him presenting, but in the past, he’s done stints on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Red Nose Day, so it’s not completely unprecedented. The satirical show will, as always, feature Ian Hislop and Paul Merton, the former of whom is...

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10 TV shows you must watch this week: Big Bang Theory, American Horror Story, X Factor's Judges' Houses

Autumn may have hit us with its reliable double-header of persistent drizzle and pitch-black commutes, but its better-looking sibling, Autumn TV, has our backs, insisting we hole in our warm sofa sanctuaries for fear of missing any brilliant telly.

Digital Spy has whittled down the next seven days' broadcasting mother lode to a must-watch list of 10, including the much-anticipated return of The Big Bang Theory, Sky1's Never Mind the Buzzcocks wannabe and the opulently decorated tears of Judges' Houses on The X Factor.

1. The Big Bang Theory - Thursday, 8.30pm on E4

The biggest TV show in the world right now returns for its ninth series, after its greatest cliffhanger yet saw Amy dump Sheldon who intended to propose. 'Bazingas' might be in short supply.

With Penny and Leonard also eloping for a Las Vegas wedding, the geeky chums are in for an uncharacteristically dramatic season opener. Sheldon might
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Sky 1's music panel show Bring the Noise shows off its new lineup - and David Tennant's dropping by too

Sky 1 has revealed the final lineup for its new music panel show Bring the Noise.

Host Ricky Wilson will be joined by team captains Nicole Scherzinger and Tinie Tempah and stand-up Katherine Ryan, while comedian Joel Dommett has also been added as a regular.

The series will include a number of appearances from special guests, including David Tennant, John Bradley (Game of Thrones), Laurence Fox (Lewis), Mel C, Martin Kemp and Foxes.

In a TV world post-Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Bring the Noise will see rounds of music trivia, music video spoofs and performance battles.

Fans in the studio will also get to take part in some games, and there will be a live house band.

Dommett said: "I am unbelievably thrilled about the prospect of being a regular comedian on Sky 1's Bring the Noise. I'm sure Nicole Scherzinger is equally as excited at sitting next to me,
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Is this the new Buzzcocks? Ricky Wilson to host Bring the Noise, Sky 1's new music panel show

Never Mind the Buzzcocks may be gone from TV screens, but Sky1 is planning a spiritual successor to the defunct music panel show.

Ricky Wilson of Kaiser Chiefs and The Voice fame is your host of Bring the Noise, which promises to blend music trivia questions with set pieces, parodies, mash-ups and a final round performance battle.

Nicole Scherzinger and Tinie Tempah have signed up as team captains, while stand-up comedian Katherine Ryan joins as a regular panellist.

"Nicole, Tinie and Katherine are all completely brilliant and ridiculous in equal measure," said Wilson, who previously hosted Buzzcocks in 2006.

"I'm no stranger to music-based TV shows with a competitive element, but this is taking music TV to another level," he continued, encouraging viewers to "swing by the off licence, phone for a takeaway, and settle in".

Former X Factor judge Scherzinger added that she's looking forward to "letting loose, sharing some
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Bill Bailey interview: The Jungle Book, Doctor Who, Star Trek

We met the actor and comedian Bill Bailey (the same person), to talk about his role as Baloo in a new Jungle Book audio production…

Bill Bailey has had a soft spot in geek hearts since time immemorial (aka the 1990s), with roles in Spaced, Black Books and Doctor Who complimenting his uncountable appearances on Never Mind The Buzzcocks and other assorted panel shows. Of course, the man can put on a hell of a show by himself, as well.

Now, Bill Bailey has signed up for the role of Baloo in Audible’s new audio production of The Jungle Book: The Mowgli Stories. We met up with Bill Bailey at Audible’s recording studios to discuss The Jungle Book, the chances of him cameo-ing in Star Trek Beyond, and a whole lot more besides…

So, what made you want to get involved with The Jungle Book?

Well! Well,
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11 magnificent moments that made Cilla Black the queen of entertainment TV

Cilla Black was a hugely popular entertainer for over five decades, presenting some of the biggest variety shows and teaming up with the biggest stars.

As the country says goodbye to 'Our Cilla' today (August 20) at her funeral in Liverpool, we've chosen a bunch of hilarious and moving moments from her successful career.

1. Meeting a real-life Mr Bean on the real Blind Date

Blind Date was known for its wacky contestants looking for love, and you can't get much wackier than Geoff Carter. Despite wearing a ludicrous shellsuit and carrying a Sooty puppet, he managed to win a date to the Seychelles. Suffice to say, they didn't get married.

2. Owning an undercover journalist on Blind Date

Cilla had her major comeback with Blind Date, a show which had so many memorable moments. One of the most controversial was when Cilla publicly outed a Cosmopolitan journalist who posed as a contestant,
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Did James Corden just shamelessly rip off Never Mind the Buzzcocks?

James Corden has become a chat show king in the Us - but anyone in the UK who watches his latest skit might experience a little déjà vu.

Corden appeared to rip off the 'Identity Parade' round of BBC Two music quiz Never Mind the Buzzcocks on last night's Late Late Show.

Sure, it was redressed as a 'Know Your Co-Star' quiz with guest Kevin Bacon, but there was no mistaking this for anything but a redressed Identity Parade.

Both involve the player being shown a vintage clip of a former star - then attempting to pick them out of a line-up.

Corden even hands out nicknames to the men stood in the line-up, mimicking the style of the Buzzcocks round - an example of which we present below:

Corden's got previous with Never Mind the Buzzcocks too - having hosted the show in 2009 and served as a team captain
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The X Factor will never be the same again: Voiceover Man Peter Dickson leaves the show

The X Factor will never be the same after Peter Dickson confirmed his departure from the show.

Dickson has been the distinctive voice of the show since it first started in 2004.

Rachel Adedeji saying goodbye to Peter Dickson is the only tweet we need today

The X Factor 2015: Everything we know so far including the judges, auditions and rumours

"After the best 11 years with the X Factor, it's time for me to check out and cut loose," Dickson confirmed on Twitter.

Dickson began his career at the BBC and was the corporation's youngest ever TV news presenter at the age of 17.

He had stints on BBC Radio 2 as an announcer and worked on The Steve Wright Show on Radio 1. His own Peter Dickson's Nightcap ran for four years on Radio 2.

The X Factor 2015: 8 stars who could replace Voiceover Man Peter Dickson on the show

The X Factor
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Question Time and Mock The Week: how do BBC's Thursday night veterans keep it fresh?

Though David Dimbleby has presided over Question Time since the time of John Major, the injection of new blood to the panel gave the programme a fresh feel. The comedy show, by contrast, was business as usual

Having so far run for 35 years and 10 years respectively, the BBC’s Thursday night double-bill of topical panel shows – Question Time (BBC1, 10.35pm) and Mock the Week (BBC2, 10pm) – are both veterans by televisual standards. Mock-nervously aware of this fact, Dara Ó Briain started last night’s opening episode of the latest series of Mock the Week with an in-the-news quip about BBC2 having just axed Never Mind the Buzzcocks, so you never knew which long-running joke show might be next.

From last night’s evidence, the two schedule perennials are taking very different approaches to the challenge of remaining fresh. Although the miraculously consistent David Dimbleby is at the start of his
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