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Season 6

6 Oct. 2000
Rock and a Hard Place
A deranged ex-cop has planted a bomb in the city and will give the location to Nash only if Nash kills Joe. Meanwhile Nash must also handle bringing Harvey a new partner, evicting Joe and Inger, and Cassidy's first day on duty. Inger and Joe purchase a house that seems too good to be true.
13 Oct. 2000
Jump Start
Nash butts heads with Cassidy's partner in vice and takes over her partner's case. Joe takes on a private investigation from a wine seller's who's pricey vintage bottles are being held hostage.
20 Oct. 2000
Lap Dance
It's a double whammy with Nash and team having to deal with Tony B. and Tamara Van Zant. Joe goes undercover as a triangle player in an orchestra for a private detective gig.
27 Oct. 2000
Land Pirates
Nash investigates a series of robberies committed by an organized group targeting wealthy people. Joe seeks help in stopping a neighborhood speeder. Meanwhile Joe takes a side gig to find a missing cat on top of a gig Nash takes on to solve the mystery of a pregnant nun claiming immaculate conception.
3 Nov. 2000
Nash accidentally stumbles upon a group of Marine's who've stolen D.E.A. property, lead by an ex sergeant of Babcock's. Harvey finds out Babcock has yet more secrets that have been kept. Nick sets up Nash on a blind date with his lady's daughter, whom has more going on than meets the eye. Joe has troubles with his contractor.
10 Nov. 2000
Double Trouble
Nash and Joe find not only themselves but their private investigators business impersonated. Harvey finds himself as the deciding vote in the neighborhood over a contentious issue. Cassidy investigates the supposed accidental death of a young college man.
17 Nov. 2000
End Game
Nash and Joe investigate a group of men killing each other to score points in a real life video game battle. Boz seeks Nash's help to clear himself of a murder charge, which also leads to surprising discoveries about Boz.
24 Nov. 2000
Blow Out
Rick Bettina escapes from prison with the help of an old foe of Nash's, leading on a hunt for him and the missing money. Joe has to deal with his contractor and his architect having a big fight and splitting.
8 Dec. 2000
The Messenger
A news reporter with a murderous stalker impedes Nash's investigation to help her. Joe decides to sell Inger's old car himself but things go bad when it's stolen and Joe is accused of having an affair. Harvey asks out a woman he accidentally gets naked pictures of.
15 Dec. 2000
Grave Robbers
Tony B is supposed to be dead, but his funeral leads Nash back to an old nemesis and blast from his past. Nick gets arrested for protesting the impending demolition of a building. Cassie goes on the hunt to find why this building is so important to Nick and how it ties into his past. Joe is accused by Inger of using marijuana, and Ulla is to blame. We find out about Nash's grandmother.
12 Jan. 2001
Bear Trap
An old acquittance of Nash and Joe's, a Canadian cop, is on the run from Canada and on the hunt in the U.S. for a couple of bad guys. Nash has McCabe write Cassidy's 20-week probation report. Nick has troubles with another pier fisherman that gets blown way out of proportion.
2 Feb. 2001
Recover Me
Nash and the S.I.U work to clear one of their own when McCabe is framed for a murder she didn't commit. Meanwhile, Dominguez looks for some muscle within the department to compete in S.F.P.D's annual arm wrestling competition.
9 Feb. 2001
Something Borrowed
Nash's estranged wife Tamara Van Zant shows up with millions of dollars in her bank account and a murderous former son-in-law out to get the family fortune back. She also gets mixed-up with someone that may put an end to her ways.
16 Feb. 2001
Out of Miami
Nash is reunited with an old familiar friend who is involved with gangsters out of Miami. They kidnap Nash in order to get a federal witness released from protective custody. Dominguez gets audited by the IRS.
23 Feb. 2001
Slam Dunk
Nash and the S.I.U investigate the shooting of two high profile lawyers by a former client, one of whom is killed. Despite the evidence, Nash suspects it's a set up. Dominguez buys a house without reading the purchase agreement.
9 Mar. 2001
The Partner
Nash and the S.I.U search for a man in a black hooded outfit who is practicing vigilante justice and calling himself a partner of Nash and his unit. Nash's cousin visits from Ireland.
30 Mar. 2001
Blood Bots
Nash and the S.I.U look into the world of battle bots and their builders to find out who's using their bots to rob convenience stores and armored cars. Dominguez thinks he's found an original copy of The Declaration of Independence.
6 Apr. 2001
Quack Fever
Nick tells Nash he thinks his son, Bobby is back and following him. They think he's missing in action in Vietnam but Nash knows he's alive and is in the drug business in Southeast Asia. Nash sees someone following Nick but it's not his brother, he's too young but he does look like his brother in his youth. Someone pulls a gun on him so Nash intervenes. He learns the one with the gun works for a drug dealer who also operates in Southeast Asia. Nash finds the young man and talks to him learns that he is the son of Nash's brother. And that his father and the other drug ...
13 Apr. 2001
Kill Joy
A psychotic man out to avenge his brothers death is tracking down all the Joy Larson's in San Francisco, killing some of them, until he finds the one that was his late brothers girlfriend. Dominguez is promoted to Lieutenant.
20 Apr. 2001
Change Up
Cassidy and McCabe walk in on a bank robbery and shoot it out with the perpetrators. One of the customers is killed, but it's unclear who's gun the fatal shot came from and Cassidy is suspended pending an inquiry.
27 Apr. 2001
Cat Fight
Harvey is enjoying a night out at a benefit concert when two beautiful young women use a front end loader to bust through the wall and then make off with all the proceeds on a custom Harley motorcycle. The S,I,U tracks them down.
4 May 2001
Fair Game
Nash and company track down a serial killer who picks people up in a cab; Rachel reveals the truth about what she's been up to at the SIU; and Cassidy debates whether she wants to be a cop anymore. Though not officially advertised at the time of airing, this was the series finale.

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