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An unfairly treated spy series
Jack_Yan25 December 2005
A very short-lived spy series that didn't deserve its early cancellation, Mr & Mrs Smith filled a late-night slot in New Zealand—where hardly anyone saw it.

Still, those of us who stayed up were rewarded with light-hearted scripts, the occasional plot twist, and an insight into the world of modern espionage—one done by a private concern, rather than a government department.

Each story would generally begin with Mr Big (Roy Dotrice) receiving an assignment by way of a private contract, assigning it to his two field agents who would invariably have to pose as a couple. However, as the credits put it, 'We're not married'—though most of the episode would feature a great deal of 'Will they? Won't they?' tension.

Of course, they wouldn't, and never did, thanks to the series' cancellation a few episodes in to its first season.

There were some techniques that were refreshing for the mid-1990s: the Thomas Crown split-screen effect was put to good use and took us back to an earlier time; the production designers gave everything a slick—but not too slick—style that suggested a nice blend between fact and fiction; and a jazzy theme tune, 'Do You Want to Dance', delivered with soul and more melody than most of the electronica served up in the period.

All this paled in comparison to the performances given by Maria Bello and Scott Bakula. Bakula perhaps had the same uncertainty in his Mr Smith character as his Sam in Quantum Leap, but Bello played her role with great charm, showing that femininity and strength (she did many of her own stunts) were quite compatible. It's not something that Hollywood does well with its stereotypes. And if you hadn't heard of Maria Bello prior, you would after this. The fact she managed to get larger roles after Mr & Mrs Smith highlights the impact the few episodes had.

Mr & Mrs Smith's cancellation is mind-boggling at best. There are no surface reasons for its failure, given that the production values were high, the scripts were strong, the cast was well skilled. It was better than its contemporaries. The stories were not overly complex—just complex enough to please most people for an hour at a time. Nor was it out of step with tastes in 1996. That usually leaves one explanation: closed-door meetings and politicking among the network, forgetting the one group that needed to be pleased. The viewers.

The movie version with Pitt and Jolie was obviously inspired by this; but when that movie's credits give no mention of this foray, it's an added injustice on a series which, while it broke no new ground, was a highly entertaining, well made distraction.
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The Smiths Had Everything Going For Them....But Time.
pooh-247 August 2000
Looking back now I really wish CBS could have kept "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" on the air a while longer than it did,it was a decent and fun comedy-drama to watch.There may have been 13 episodes but I swear CBS did not show them all,so sad.

About two adventurers, who were married,going around the world on secret missions,the show's stars Scott Bakula and Maria Bello should have been more than enough to guarantee success.Maria Bello is soooooo cute here it is unbelievable CBS cut this show when they did.Bello was just hitting her stride here as an actress. I want to see the 13 episodes just to see her like that again,young,cute and fresh.She and Bakula had a good thing going.

But I guess the network didn't want a watered down version of Moonlighting or Scarecrow And Mrs.King,but Mr. And Mrs. Smith wasn't that.It was a decent effort with a great cast and it had everything going for it.....except more time.
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Terrific and Much Missed Show
Rassilon9 November 2005
This was a wonderful tongue & cheek show which ended in the USA after only Nine of the Twelve Episodes were aired. I never missed an episode. I learned later that Austrailia was luckier and aired the entire season. And after all these years would still like to see the episodes I missed.

I can only wonder why after this years "Mr & Mrs Smith" movie with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie which was based partly on this series, Why Warner has not attempted to market this series, especially with the recent success and marketability of both it's stars, Maria Bello and Scott Bakula.

I would love to see a High Quality DVD set of this series in my own Collection. For fans of this series I recommend a search of the internet, as there are a number of sites still devoted to this series.
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Great Memories from the 90's
IrinaOma29 May 2012
I still don't understand the reasons of its cancellation. Low ratings? It's hard to believe cause the show had a big potential. Its creators Kerry Lenhart and John J. Sakmar did a great job. It was a very entertaining Action/Adventure series with great plot, acting, directing, editing etc. Call me silly but I didn't know Maria Bello and Scott Bakula until this TV show came out on my local channel. I became a huge fan of these 2 and started watching their other projects. "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" was truly amazing and catchy spy series. You would like it guys. It was as great as "Spy Game" (1997) - another superb spy series that was canceled too soon
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Good show
Abi Khoo30 April 2001
i loved this show and felt that it shouldn't have been cancelled. it had the suspense, the mystery, the excitement and as in all shows, the sexual tension between the 2 lead characters. i was utterly disappointed that they had to cancel the series in its beginning stages. Maria Bello was fantastic in the show and so was Scott Bakula. It was one of the better tv shows around.
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Highly entertaining short lived TV series.
chrnaess26 February 2000
Too bad this TV show only lasted 13 episodes, because it was one of the most entertaining and more watchable TV series in the 90`s. It starred the very fine actor Scott Bakula, he did a great job, by his side Maria Bello stood, a fine looking actress who also did a fine job. They played undercover agents going from mission to mission for a secret agency. Many of the episodes were filmed on great locations.

Although not all the episodes was equally good, the series provided good quality entertainment that should have continued for more seasons.
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One of the best TV series ever!
fitzwtr4 January 2005
This TV series was one of the most interesting, intriguing and entertaining I have ever seen on TV. The obvious attraction and yet restraint between the main characters was humorously and yet poignantly done. The plots were diverse and revealed the expertise of the two spies. The blend of action, romance and humor was perfect. Both of the main actors were excellent in their roles as well as their disguises. I was pleased with their attempts to discover all they could about the personal lives of one another and Mrs. Smith's buying Mr Smith's piano was very touching. I was so sad when the series disappeared. Are there ever any reruns? Has there been any consideration of offering the 13 episodes on DVD? I certainly hope so!!! Please let me know. Darrell
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Stupid CBS...this series was going to be a hit..
mmc1233 April 2001
First Johnny this. CBS needs a kick in the ass for cancelling a great show like this. I loved this series...

The cast was great the premise was great and they screwed up--

Oh well maybe it was for the better-not.
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Great Series that never got a chance
talynir-126 September 2007
Series is based on two spy's being recruited by a intelligence agency to work together and pose as man and wife. What made the show exceptional was this: They were career spies, who had worked for various unnamed agencies in the past, possibly at cross purposes.

While they are eager to get the job done and learn to work together and trust each other, they are careful to avoid exposing their true identities, past accomplishments or special skills - because these are the secrets a spy lives by and the last person you want to give that information to is another spy you may be working against the next time around.

So you end up with a show full of undercurrents as they get to know each other and respect each other as equals. Who is this person? Did I ever run into them in the past without knowing it? Did I ever get in their way? Did they ever get in mine? Where have I seen that technique before? Was he/she there? Does he/she have info about something that happened that I never resolved to my satisfaction? It's been so long I don't remember specific episode plots or details about their pasts, but the undercurrent of curiosity about the other person battling each characters need for secrecy was what I remember most.
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Mr and Mrs Smith deserved more time
kathleencamano18 January 2005
Mr. and Mrs Smith was a great comedy/drama with a sense of sheik style. Scott Bakula, sexy as ever, was smooth as Mr. Smith, a spy playing it cool and yet curious to know about his partners. Maria Bello was a calm and and entertaining as Mrs. Smith, and equaling as "secretive" in the games of following the rules and breaking them at the same time. The series reminded me of 007 movies and Moonlighting. This series was ahead if its time, used to be on CBS which did not even air the last two episodes of first-run shows. I would love to see the series again, especially because I recognize much of the scenes for the upcoming movie ironically called Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
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