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Season 5

23 Aug. 1999
Good Vibrations?
After deciding to fore-go college, Moesha is now working at "Vibe Magazine" Her friends are jealous of her seemingly glamorous job but in actual fact she is just a gopher. Meanwhile Moesha's cousin Dorian, has run away from his home in Oakland and is seeking refuge with Myles.
30 Aug. 1999
Fired Up
In her new job, Moesha manages to set up an interview with Dr. Maya Angelou and convinces Niecy to be her secretary. Dr. Angelou gives Moesha some advice on going back to college. Later Joe discovers Moesha's deception.
6 Sep. 1999
The Party's Over (Here)
While trying to keep up with the social life of college as well as the academic life, Moesha and Niecy are invited to their first college party. After discovering that the punch is spiked the hard way, Moesha's faced with having to call Frank to pick her up.
13 Sep. 1999
Mis-Directed Study
Moesha tutors athletes and an NBA candidate tries to get her to write his English paper for him.
4 Oct. 1999
Just Above My Head
Moesha struggles to deal with her new history professor who has AJ unfortunate habit of making racially disparaging remarks in his attempts at humor.
8 Nov. 1999
Isn't She Lovely?
Moesha prepares for the homecoming dance but "friends" Moesha and Hakeem soon start to realize that the depth of their friendship may be reaching a new and unexpected level. Meanwhile, Myles disappoints Frank after selling the comic books that Frank handed down to him for his birthday.
6 Dec. 1999
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
Moesha begins to have rather erotic dreams about Hakeem. She tells Niecy, who believes that the two were always meant to be together. There is even more stress as the three prepare for a ski trip and Niecy wants them to work it out before Moesha considers backing out of the trip.
7 Feb. 2000
Secrets & Lies
Odd-ball Aunt Hattie comes to visit Frank revealing life changing secret to the entire family. Meanwhile Moesha tells her family that she will be moving onto campus.
8 May 2000
The Robbing Hood
Dorian spends a weekend with Moesha, and all the residents in her dorm are robbed except for her, who draws a conclusion that puts them at odds. Meanwhile, Myles doesn't appreciate his friends comments about how "good" Dee looks.
15 May 2000
Arriving Right on Q
Moesha and Hakeem hit the first bump in their relationship when Hakeem spends more time away from Moesha. Elsewhere Doreen gets a job working for Frank.

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