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Season 1

23 Jan. 1996
Moesha is at odds with her new stepmother Dee and gets more than she bargains for when dealing with Ohagi.
30 Jan. 1996
Moesha and Kim decided to try out for the school cheer-leading squad, at the request of Ashli. When she announces who makes the team, a friendship is tested.
6 Feb. 1996
When Moesha turns sixteen she faces struggles with boys.
13 Feb. 1996
Hakeem Owes Moesha Big
Hakeem gets his power off and has to eat dinner with Marsha and has to get a job to pay moesha back , and pay for his house but he doesn't get the job at first.
20 Feb. 1996
Million Boy March
When Moesha and Kim join a church group they are treated differently because of their gender
5 Mar. 1996
Driving Miss Moesha
Frank presents Moesha with a brand new car but isn't the one she wanted so she attempts to convince Frank to let her pick one out herself.
12 Mar. 1996
Chain, Chain, Chain
When Moesha throws away a chain letter bad luck comes to her and everyone else
26 Mar. 1996
Moesha and Kim land jobs at the mall.
9 Apr. 1996
Moesha views Dee differently after her niece (guest star Kellie Williams) comes to visit; Andell dates Deion Sanders.
23 Apr. 1996
When romantic sparks fly between moesha and her old friend matt, frank cautions her against interracial dating.
30 Apr. 1996
The Ditch Party
It's a choice between journalistic integrity and suspension when Moesha writes a potentially damaging newspaper article.
7 May 1996
Mother's Day
When Mothers Day comes around worships celebrates Dee except for Moesha.She is still hurt by the loss of her mother.
21 May 1996
Hakeem's New Flame
Hakeem begins dating a beautiful girl from Hamilton High named Geneva, but Moesha soon misses his constant presence in her life. So Kim enlists her help in a scheme designed to break up the new relationship, after they learn that Geneva has been two-timing Hakeem. But Moesha's guilty conscience leads her to try to repair the damage. Meanwhile, Dee hooks Andell up with J.W., one of Frank's colleagues.

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