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Season 1

17 Mar. 1996
Hometown Heroes
Four aging former high school buddies relive their youth by planning a prank to steal the mascot of a rival high school football team.
24 Mar. 1996
Big Bad Stosh
Stosh's convict dad busts out of the big house and sets up camp at his son's place; Mert is mortified when he discovers who Bonnie dated in high school.
31 Mar. 1996
Mester Meister
Mort succumbs to a dangerous flirtation and agonizes over that perennial question, "Do I tell the woman that I love that this happened?" Meanwhile, Eddie's desire for a big-screen TV set off a well-meaning but doomed caper.
7 Apr. 1996
Not the Booth Who Shot Lincoln
The guys enter a contest to win a deluxe sky box at the Stadium, and win-but they've made so many promises along the way to the contest that they're crowded out of the box and have to watch the game back at the diner.
14 Apr. 1996
Unfriendly Skies
To prove that she has the right temperament to become an airline attendant, sassy waitress Gloria bets she can go an entire week without being rude. Meanwhile, Eddie schemes to win the lottery.
The Birds and the Beers
The guys challenge each other to perform a dangerous stunt; Mrs. Trakacs gets revenge on her neighbor, but it's Eddie who suffers.
Eddie's Secret
Mert resurrects his career as a pianist; Eddie lands a great job but is too embarrassed to tell the guys about it.

 Season 1 

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