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Unlike anything you've seen before
xxxoren19 May 2001
The unlikely paring of Germany and Canada resulted in "Lexx: the dark zone stories" four telemovies which spawned the hit cult TV series simply named "Lexx". The movies themselves remain pinacles of the alternative sci-fi genre. The first episode sees Stanley H Tweedle (A security guard who accidently destroyed 94 reform planets, played to perfection by Brian Downey), Zev Belringer of B3k (A young woman who was transformed into a love slave for

failing to perform her wifely duties, a freak accident occured during her transformation leaving her part Cluster lizard; portrayed in her first incarnation by Eva Habermann), Kai (an emotionless undead assasin, played by Michael McManus) and 790 (the robot who worked on Zev was decapitated and it's head given the "falling-in-love" part of the transformation thus 790 fell madly in love with his subject; voiced to perfection by series writer Jeffery Hirschfield) unite by chance on "The Cluster" the planet ruled by almost eternal His Divine shadow who rules the universe, and accidently steal the LEXX (a 10 kilometre long dragonfly, also the most powerful weapon ever built/grown). After their intial escape from the Orwellin-like rule of His Shadow the "crew" escape into the dark zone, a paraell uinverse of chaos. The show is not only well designed, written and acted it also manages to combine genres such as horror, comedy, sci-fi and fantasy all at once. The regluar cast perform wonderfully in one hell of a love triangle: Stan wants Zev, Zev wants Kai but Kai is dead and wants nothing. While 790 wants to kill Stan (and any other living male Zev comes in contact with) find a body and have Zev all to himself. So if you want some thing a bit diffrent to Star-trek, something a bit more on the edge you'll find it and a whole lot more in Lexx. Check out the series where things become a whole lot more weird!
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A weird, twisted, totally enjoyable experience
poisontaster7 December 2000
The Lexx series is the next step in (d)evolution for those of us who love and miss Dr. Who and Red Dwarf. It contains all the quintessential characters, the cowardly and low-minded everyman, the aloof and mysterious dead guy that every girl *must* have, the beautiful and fierce heroine for the guys, and the biting wit of their robot companion. Not to mention the Lexx itself, most powerful ship in the Light or Dark Universe. Although often dismissed as hoky and low-budget (and it can be both), the Lexx series has strong characterizations, good solid writing with multiple story lines that always seem to come together seamlessly at the end (and that is NOT easy), and plenty of eye candy. I highly recommend it.
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DoctorSkyTower14 July 1999
This is my favourite TV sci-fi to date! Totally different to your usual Star Trek, this tv programme doesn't take itself seriously Star Trek fashion and the humour is entertaining.

What makes this so great is its originality. This is the virtually the opposite of every cliche you see in sci fi. For example....

1) Stanley Tweedle. He is a coward, but oddly endearing in a way, you have to feel sorry for him. His antics are also ridiculous! He is also the commander of the Lexx and he's definitely no cowboy Captain Kirk.

2) The Lexx. No flash chrome coloured starship, but a gigantic, insect spaceship that eats its prey! It also behaves as though its alive - because it is!

3) 790 robot head. Has more of a personality than Data, in love with Zev, how's that for originality???

4) Kai, the 2000 year old dead Brunnen G 'anti-hero'. His attitude toward Zev is completely the opposite of how a 'normal' hero would behave toward her! And also Zev, being part cluster lizard...

Having only recently found out there is a Lexx series on the net, we've yet to see it here in NZ. This will be the third time the original series has been aired this year! I look forward to seeing it in the (hopefully) near future...
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This is absolutely brilliant and so funny!
denis8889 October 2006
No, you have never seen anything like that! The most vivid, merry, cynical, kinky, bizarre, crooked and wry TV show made a mini film. And, this is just awesome. If you have no sense of humor, or if you take the space films too seriously, then this is not for you. Instead, if you are open-minded and do not mind the unimaginably crooked and even slightly perverse sense of humor, then this is for you. The very idea is just a hilarious space farce. A group of the most mismatched fugitives enter the board of Lexx, the semi-dragonfly, semi-spaceship, which is the most dangerous weapon of X distraction in both Universes. And the crew is unbearably bad for each other - well, all of the members could have never made it at all, be it not for the time and space. Stanley H. Tweedle is a chance captain of the Lexx, and he is small, cowardly, lascivious, cunning and cautious man, who is never fit for such a grand job. He always is hungry, both in his stomach and sexually. But all his tries on Xev Bellinger, a stunning blonde sexy beauty, are a failure. And she loves Kai, the last of the mysterious race Brunnen Gee, but he is 2000-years dead and he is a Divine Shadow's Killer. Then, there is a talking robot head 790, who is madly in love with Xev, and thus this impossibly funny team travels all throughout the universe, trying to get a new home. Everything in this film is funny. There are jaw-dropping situations connected with sex, there are extremely funny planets that they visit... and all the time, your stomach is just achy of laughter. This is a real grand adventure, and real winner!
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A brilliant original Series like nothing you've ever seen.
Kai-189 November 1999
One of the most original and fun mini-series I've ever seen. All the characters are likable and the story was well put together. It's in fact probably the first living spaceship in sci-fi history and has some incredible effects (The Giga Shadow was quite impressive. Watch the series too. They both kick ass.
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Original, epic, bizarre, and incredibly unlike anything seen before.
Lothos13 February 1999
I have to congratulate whoever came up with 'Lexx.' It is the least Hollywood influenced series I've seen since Babylon 5. The story and costumes are completely new, the acting perfectly suited for what is needed, and the effects certainly enough to fascinate viewers.

One of the scenes I liked best was in Episode One, which has a His Shadow ship attacking the homeworld of the Brunnen-G. Kai and several other ships fly to attack it, all chanting the same war song in time with each other. Very creepy, very poignant, and very rarely seen before.
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Paul Donovan's masterpiece
Raleon6 August 2003
The Donovan brothers have tried hard to keep a industry in the Maritimes. Michael Donovan has produced a number of hits with Rick Mercer. However, although Paul Donovan has made some popular movies such as Life With Billy and Buried on Sunday, he hasn't had anything really critically acclaimed up to this. Even watching Paint Cans you cannot tell this was made by the same person. Paul Donovan, with the help of Lex Gigeroff and Jeffrey Herschfeild, has created not only one whole Universe parrellel to our own, but a whole new unknown universe in which we reside in 9though it is not until the show that we figure out which is which). Brian Downey could replace Gordon Pinsent as the great actor from Newfoundland. He's been settling for small roles for far too long. He's very talented and one reason alone to watch the mini-series. Michael McManus as Kai is just as good. Even though I perfer Xenia Seeberg as Xev because she's funnier, Eva Habberman has more of that fierce energetic quality about her that Xev doesn't. A whole different twisted universe that is worth seeing even if you're not a fan of the show. Paul Donovan will probably be making some really great stuff after this.
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Eva Habermann is the best kept secret in the movie industry!!!
tomcod-125 July 2001
Why Eva Habermann is still working in Europe is beyond me. After watching this series I expected every casting director and agent in America beating her door down with offers. A breakout role for her, as Zev Bellringer, this series is the tale of a small band of rebels fighting through and fleeing from the evil leader "His Shadow" and his followers. This fantasy has all the elements of a good flick; Action, adventure, suspense, comedy and creative thinking by the writers. My favorite, never-before-seen, concept was the use of half insect/half machine spacecraft. With all Lexx (Tales From a Parallel Universe in the US)has to offer, my interest was held fast by Eva. I was smitten. I can't remember seeing a sexier, more refreshing female on the screen. She is a much needed breath of fresh air. Don't just take my word for it. See it for yourself. You won't be disappointed.
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Intricate and exciting
Jo165021 February 1999
This is not your run-of-the-mill sci-fi story. It is dark (pardon the pun) and basic "good vs evil"...no lofty suppositions or rules to follow. It also possesses an undercurrent of sensual innuendoes that is quite appealing. The violence, although not overly done, is not understated and some may not appreciate the struggle for freedom is sometimes down and dirty. The music, as others have eluded to, is great and the concept of the Lexx and the Dark Zone as a Parallel Universe, interesting. All in all, it is a great series of movies and are worth watching .
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Sex, insects, and more sex! (Spoilers?)
chibi1712 February 2000
Warning: Spoilers
A movie that has hit home to this 15 year old, in a strange way. When I originally saw it in 1997 at the age of 13 I thought the movie was over, but when I watched some more I knew it had just begun. More than a movie but a new liking.

Set in the future (I guess) a bunch of run away misfits accidently steal the LEXX, the most powerful destuctive force in the two Universes, the Light Universe and the Dark Zone.

Stan, a secruity guard, Zev/Xev, part cluster lizard part love slave, 790, a robot head in love with Zev/Xev, and Kai, a dead assassin of more than 2000 years, also the last of the Brunnen-G, who saved both Universes from the Insect race, set off to find a new home. Yet find trouble everywhere they go.

The comedy is funny at someparts, expecially the banter between 790 and Stan, I refer to it as the new age C-3PO and R2-D2. IF you like Sci-Fi, crummy comedy, and Star Trek this may be for you.

LEXX: "Star Trek's Evil Twin"-Supreme Bean
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The best morbid humor in the universe
jbpott29 September 2000
Lexx is one of the greatest sci-fi shows to come along in years. The plots are fantastic while the visuals are breathtaking. It is anti-Star Trek and very anti-Star Wars and that's the way it should be. Life is short in the world of LEXX and it is almost as if it was lifted from the pages of HEAVY METAL. I love this show and it's weirdness captures my interest everytime I see it.
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sci-fi for the 21st century
twoten27 October 2002
I was flipping channels one night while my buddy was over visiting and we came across the wildest looking sci-fi we had ever seen.

We were completely riveted by the unique look and feel of Lexx. It was sexy, funny, awe inspiring and even profound. To our delight

there was not just one but four 2 hour long movies and we became regular and devoted viewers. Our other friends could not beleive we

saw anything in that badly acted dumb crap and to be sure, there are some parts of Lexx that don't win any converts. But in the climactic fourth episode where the Lexx battles the Giga Shadow and the nature of the eternal battle between human and insect is

revealed, well it's just outright profound!

Not every scene or episode is a winner, but when Lexx does ring the bell it rings it louder and clearer than anything else that's come along in a long time. In a genre choked to mediocrity by a flood of american sci-fi garbage, Lexx is completely refreshing.

Sexy, funny, dark and deep, this show breaks the stale mold and establishes some exciting new directions for science fiction into the next century. Love it or hate it, it's different and it's not going away.
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Superior to the T.V. series
ortegatwins14 April 2004
In my personal opinion, I consider the Lexx movies (better known under the alternate title Tales from Parallel Universe) to be way better than the lexx t.v. series that aired on the Sci-Fi channel a few years back.

The reason I think this because I thought the series (particluarly during it's fourth and last season) got slowed down by too much bathroom humor and the writers decision to keep the characters in one setting for long periods of time. I also thought Eva Habermen was a much better Zev than Xenia Seeberg was.

So far I have only seen the first and last of these movies (I Worship His Shadow and Giga Shadow). I hope to see the other two soon.

In closing I hope these four films get a DVD release in the U.S. someday, with features if possible.
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Frodo-1821 November 1998
A very good example for German and Canadian Moviemakers working together. Great Movie, strange and crazy.
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crazy original sci-fi designs
SnoopyStyle12 February 2017
The Cluster is the capital planet of the League of 20,000 planets with the Divine Shadow ruling the Light Universe. The Brunnen-G was prophesied to destroy the insect civilization. Kai (Michael McManus) was the last Brunnen-G killed. The Divine Shadow kept his dead body to be reanimated with protoblood to become his indestructible assassin. It's 2008 years after the destruction of the Brunnen-G. Thodin and his fellow Heretics mount an escape on the Cluster. Stanley Tweedle (Brian Downey) is a lowly security guard sentenced to be used as meat. Zev (Eva Habermann) is sentenced to be turned into a sex slave for not performing her wifely duties. A Cluster lizard gets caught up in Zev's transformation turning her is a sex-starved volatile dominatrix and the robot 790 (Jeffrey Hirschfield) into a slave to Zev. Zev, 790, and Tweedle escape by stealing the powerful world-destroying insect spaceship, The Lexx. With the brains of the predecessors, Kai, and the cannibal Giggerota on board, the Lexx travels through the fractal core into the dark zone. The Lexx loses its memories and can only be controlled with Stanley Tweedle's hand.

This is one of the most unusual looking sci-fi with a crazy story background. The designs are weirdly organic. Brian Downey is great as the pathetic worm Stanley Tweedle. Eva Habermann is a great Germanic sex-bunny dominatrix. It doesn't hurt that she performs a shower strip show in the second episode. Kai has his crazy brooding hair and 790 is a fun robot head. This mini-series unexpectedly got renewed and this becomes essentially its first season. Eva Habermann couldn't continue and she was written out of the show. It's hard to take the lead being eliminated in that way. The two hour episodes in the first season are a little long and sometimes the show is a little slow. On the other hand, the show never passes an opportunity to do something weird. Surprisingly, there are recognizable actors doing this show. It ends up as one of the weirdest-looking sci-fi show with crazy usual plots. The show continues for three more seasons but I really couldn't follow it much further after Habermann leaves the show in the second season. I wondered if she would return. Replacing her with the new actress was too much of a disruption.
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Singing for Kai since the beginning and Loving Zev all along
sigynnez26 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This was a great miniseries.

I watched it when I was teen in a cable channel.

I always wished to watched again, and fortunately I could did recently.

All three character are likable/dis-likable. Anti-heroes. And a sentient ship that is not that smart make the complete lovable team.

I didn't liked it 790, found it dis-likable completely, and a part that was in for a comedic relief, in a dark way.

It was a great drama, scif-fi, dark humor, series and loved it.

Each chapter was a great way to sink in a parallel universe with tales that cannot be forgotten.

I recommend it for those like me who likes sci-fi and the bizarre.

The worst: missing some characters in plot holes, I would like to see a better development in some parts. Forgivable.

The best: the special FX, the acting, the writing.

Watch at your own risk. Jerhume Brunnen-G
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Great sci-fi movie
Tolyanka16 May 1999
.......one of the best sci-fi movies i've ever seen.....the music is great, cast characters played at their best, & the compostion of movies is thrilling......good maked film.....i'll buy it soon, & offer ya to do the same......!
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great storyline, lots of laughs, incredible
Trillion-23 May 1999
I've seen this movie just a month or two ago, and I must say that this was one of the greatest movies I ever heard of... Of course, there are some things that I don't like too much, like the too poor surrounding nature and the unnatural moving of the moths. They really look like they were sticked on the screen! However, the graphics is great (especially for 1997). Whoever came with the idea for LEXX, I must congratulate him. The story is so unusual, but also so possible to be happening somewhere in some 'parallel universe' right now. It's really great, and original too. What else? Oh, yes. There are so many funny things, that anyone will find something to laugh at. For an example, just look at the poor Stan trying to find the most important thing in life, you know what it is. So, the word is "incredible"!
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Sci-fi like never before
DaveKerr27 December 1998
Lexx is a non-PC version of Star Trek with elements of horror, comedy and drama all mixed into one to form one of the most amazing sci-fi series around today. The music from Marty Simon is brilliant, the special effects are excellent, the acting is of a high calibre and the plot diverse and refreshing. The basic storyline is that of Kai, last of the Brunnen-G being prophecised as the person who will destroy the evil forces of 'His Shadow'. However, Kai is the last of the Brunnen-G alive and is killed at the hands of 'His Shadow'. 2000 years later and 'His Shadow' rules 20,000 planets and is the most powerful force in the galaxy and is unopposed. However, the predecessors of 'His Shadow' are still scared of the prophecy even though Kai is dead and so they do not leave 'The Cluster' which is his base planet as it was prophecised that their downfall would occur once they left The Cluster. However, 'His Shadow' is reincarnated once more in another human body which was not properly cleansed and so part of the human personality is left behind and the new, much more arrogant 'His Shadow' decides to leave the planet to command 'The Lexx' (the most powerful destructive force in the galaxy) on its voyage of destruction...much to the objection of the predecessors. Most of the predecessors begin to comfort themselves in the belief that a man who's been dead for 2000 years cannot harm them. However, one of the predecessors (the one who killed Kai) iforms them that he had Kai's body preserved and turned into a mindless assassin...and then things really begin to get interesting.
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Great work!
franco-2824 December 1999
This film was very well done, the plot was the ongoing saga of a crew in space including a cowardly commander, a dead warior & a gorgeous sex-slave. Everything is so surreal but in a psuedo believable scenario. Rutger Hauer gives his usual good performance. Eva Habermann, man talk about outstanding looking! Do yourself a favor & rent this one, it's also titled Eating Pattern.
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