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Season 1

19 Jul. 1997
I Worship His Shadow
The reincarnation of The Divine Shadow is flawed. A series of events unfold, that cause the destruction of the Shadow's power and allow a group of accidental rebels to steal the most powerful weapon in the Universes, the Starship Lexx.
26 Jul. 1997
Super Nova
The gang visits Kai's dead homeworld as the planet's sun is going supernova and ends up caught in a death trap set by the insane hologram of the planet's last survivor known as the Poet Man who died there driven mad by loneliness.
2 Aug. 1997
Eating Pattern
Lexx and the crew are running out of food resources. Desperate they visit what appears to be a garbage planet, but quickly become separated and under go a series of individual adventures in a culture thats basically cannibalistic.
9 Aug. 1997
Giga Shadow
The cleansing of the Cluster is complete and the birth of the Giga Shadow is progressing. These events are unknown to the crew of Lexx when they decide to journey to the Cluster for one last attempt to get the proto-blood Kai needs to continue his existence.

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