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Season 1

19 Jul. 1997
I Worship His Shadow
The reincarnation of The Divine Shadow is flawed. A series of events unfold, that cause the destruction of the Shadow's power and allow a group of accidental rebels to steal the most powerful weapon in the Universes, the Starship Lexx.
25 Apr. 1997
Super Nova
Zev, with help from 790's mega-memory banks, searches for Brunnis, Kai's long lost home planet, in order to find a way to keep him alive. Stan goes along reluctantly and Giggerota, the not-so-attractive cannibal, moves in for the kill but goes out with a bang.
4 Sep. 1997
Eating Pattern
The Lexx is forced to land on a planet to replenish its energy supply. The crew discovers a lost outpost occupied by lunatics, led by a manic Rutger Hauer.

 Season 1 

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