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Best show on late afternoon tv.
EricYu25 July 2000
This show combines ever action movie stereotype and compacts it into one hour segments every afternoon, and it's the funniest show on afternoon tv because of it. Every episode is guaranteed to have a car chase and shootout. Witty one liners abound. While it is undeniably low brow entertainment, what else do you want, really? The show will amuse you, unless you are utterly humorless.
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Brilliant series
IrinaOma5 January 2014
"L.A. Heat" is one of my all-time favorite TV shows from the 90's. It has a very interesting and intriguing story line, many intense action scenes, good humor, impressive locations etc. Many people compare this series to the Lethal Weapon franchise. Well, I consider it as a TV version of Lethal Weapon.

The cast did a great job too. Wolf Larson was brilliant as Det. Chester 'Chase' McDonald. Yes, he reminded me of Mel Gibson's Martin Riggs. Believe me, Chase was as great as Riggs. Steven Williams, Renee Tenison, Dawn Eason and Kenneth Tigar were no less impressive.

The main theme is another achievement of this show. Even nowadays it sounds very fresh. BRAVO!! There is only one bad thing about this show - it was canceled! It deserved way more than 2 seasons.

Brilliant but so underrated series!!!
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Action. Action! ACTION!!
dex-1220 February 2000
"L.A. Heat" is the most action-packed television series, and the most enjoyable of all not-too-realistic series, I've ever seen. Each episode is full of feature film-quality stunts. I've never seen so many cars flipped, rolled, or blown up on one series! This puts all other cop/detective shows to shame (in terms of adrenaline). Wolf Larson and Steven Williams are dynamite together, and I'd love to see a feature film version. Enjoy!
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An awesome, if not entirely realistic, TV cop drama
coverme629 July 2000
Among all those who try to imitate the high-octane action and

humor of the "Lethal Weapon" films, by far the afternoon-TV cop

drama "L.A. Heat" is the most successful. This show is almost a

carbon copy of the hit movies that starred Mel Gibson and Danny

Glover, because "L.A. Heat" is practically using the same

characteristc format. You have two cops, black and white,

ridding the city of Los Angeles of crime. The white cop is wacky

and cool, while his African-American partner is more laid-back

and careful in their jobs.

Even though this show can be terribly cliched, "L.A. Heat"

stands out as a really good show thanks to the rapid-fire action

and the excellent chemistry between the two leads, played by

Wolf Larson and Steven Williams. This show has so much

explosions, car chases, and shoot-outs, it almost gives "Lethal

Weapon" a run for its money, almost as if the original has been

undone by the carbon copy. A discriminating viewer might

consider "L.A. Heat" to be a bit hokey because of the many

outrageous action sequences (cars flying up to 30ft in the air

after a collision, a whole building blowing up to smithereens).

Reality basically has no call in this show, compared to other

cop dramas like "NYPD Blue" or "Homicide," where outrageous

occurences barely happen in those shows! So, if you're in the

mood for good, mindless fun regarding a couple of cool cops,

"L.A. He
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Great action show
cosmic_quest26 August 2006
I don't think anyone would ever accuse 'LA Heat' of being a dark, emotional cop drama on the calibre of 'Law and Order' but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable. The series centred on LA detectives August Brooks and Chase McDonald as they track down criminals resulting in many car chases and shoot outs.

The show relies very much on a 'Lethal Weapon' formula where Brooks is the older, black cop who is more mature and laid back while McDonald is the young, reckless white cop whose over-energetic ways often requiring reining in by his veteran partner. The two leads, Steven Williams as Brooks and Wolf Larson as McDonald, have a great rapport and portray their characters in a likable manner.

'LA Heat' often does pushes the boundaries of realism with the number of car chases, shootings and explosions shown every episodes but that's what makes it fun. It doesn't pretend to be deep and dark and instead revels in light-hearted action, excitement and humour. Definitely a must for fans of 'Lethal Weapon' and 'Bad Boys'.
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Eat your heart out, Riggs and Murtaugh!
Vice-56 November 1999
TV cop dramas don't get cooler or wackier than this. "L.A. Heat" makes a great carbon copy for "Lethal Weapon" and "Miami Vice". They got all the trimmings for a typical cop show: two cops, black and white, a funny chemistry between them, great action sequences, a bossy, loudmouth captain (Kenneth Tigar) and the cops' hot lovers (Dawn Radenbaugh and Renee Tenison). Wolf Larson makes a cool cross between Sonny Crockett and Martin Riggs as Chase McDonald, being crazy and stylish at the same time, while Steven Williams is August Brooks, the calm, methodical partner; a more of a smooth Rodger Murtaugh!! Together, they clean up the usual trash that lurks in the fine streets of L.A., chasing down drug dealers, serial killers, mobsters, punks; you name it, Chase and August had busted them down!
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comments on L.A. Heat.
moibser2 December 2001
Brilliant show. Excellent cast. The best show of it's kind on tv. The imaginative stories combined with the high standard of acting and production make this series stand out in a class of it's own. It helps of course that Wolf Larson and Stephen Williams are so talented in all ways.
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Super Hot TV Series
jasonfiggs27 February 2007
This television series sizzles, rocks and rolls! I cannot believe the action they cram into an hour episode. Wolf Larsen is a little over the top, but the show is so well written and so funny I don't care what anybody says. It must cost a fortune with all those car chase scenes and major explosions and shoot out scenes. The only time I see stuff like that is in some 100 million dollar action movie. Having lived in L.A. most of my life, I got to say it's a perfect parody almost of L.A. lifestyle, but still has edge and grit and tragedy that makes good drama. I can't believe it didn't get more exposure than on TNT and the writers should have gotten an Emmy for their talents. Some episodes are just an all out hoot and fun to watch. This is the type of series that could air twenty years from now and still be great to watch. It's not all stuck on itself like most prime time dramas and needs more credit than it gets. You can buy the first season on DVD and it's worth every penny!
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Probably the worst cop show ever made.
Victor Field3 July 2001
Admittedly most cop shows are unoriginal, but this one seemed like a parody of a cop show - and not the good kind of parody a la "Police Squad!" but one with all the cliches present and correct and trotted out like new. Black cop/white cop, one by-the-book and one wild and crazy, obligatory cute girlfriends, police captain one step away from lunacy thanks to their antics... it's all here, and it's all mind-rotting.

Even the title - "L.A. Heat" - sounds like the kind of bad cop show people in TV shows or movies either watch or see being filmed. Steven Williams should have stuck with "The X-Files" or "21 Jump Street"; this is right down there with "T.J. Hooker" and "Dempsey and Makepeace" in the ranks of Cop Shows That Should Never Have Been Made.
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Awesome Action, Gruesome Comedy !
elshikh417 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
At first I didn't have high hopes for this one. But after number of episodes, I began to appreciate it rightly.

The cast had an irony I hated. (Wolf Larson), strangely the first name in the opening credits, was just a blond guy with colorful shirts, while (Steven Williams), best known as the mysterious Mr. X in (The X Files), was the only important actor around. That's a problem, since it's a buddy show, where the 2 leads have to have a sort of balance. So forget the star value or the productive chemistry. The production wasn't big. And it had a taste in bad comedy. Oh My God, this show did the worst comic moments I have ever seen in TV. Sometimes it was embarrassing to follow a relief moment, between one hot scene and another, being acted very blandly. At times the actors were curbing their laughs in no laughing situations (the very definition of SILLY !). However, when it comes to action, this show wasn't good only; it was exceptional.

It runs pretty usual, except whenever there is an action sequence. There were obvious efforts behind every chase, fight, or explosion. Clearly they saved the money for these parts. The stunts were perfect. And I didn't watch a choreography of that thoroughbred kind in many action shows. In the second season, they raised the bar a bit, challenging their own selves, giving us some action gems indeed (one of them, concerning "Larson" getting down a building by a robe speedily, still reruns in my head for more than 10 years now !).

While having awesome action and gruesome comedy, it is way better than (Nash Bridges) which is another buddy cop show that started in the same year of 1996. Although (Nash..) lasted for 6 years, but the action there, along with the comedy, both SUCKED. Makes me a little sad for the 2 year old (L.A. Heat) !
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