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Season 4

24 Sep. 1999
Just Fancy
Jamie and Fancy share a memorable night--but sexy guest DEBBE DUNNING (herself) causes trouble.
24 Sep. 1999
Mr. Bo-Jingles
Fancy and Braxton receive promotions at the hotel--but not Jamie.
1 Oct. 1999
Poker Face
Fancy takes action when Jamie rejects her in favor of his poker game with the guys. Braxton wreaks computer chaos.
1 Oct. 1999
I Believe I Can Fly
Jamie makes a big effort for his first commercial jingle pitch. Fancy finds a novel way to bring business to the hotel.
8 Oct. 1999
Why Don't We Just Roll... Reversal
Jamie and Fancy learn about themselves during a disastrous role-playing game.
15 Oct. 1999
The Ugly Truth
Jamie questions whether a new hire's success is based on her talent or her looks.
22 Oct. 1999
Homie, Lover, Friend
Jamie recognizes the flirtatious methods of Fancy's former schoolmate.
5 Nov. 1999
Give Me Some Credit
Jamie must prove his worth to Fancy's wealthy parents (BILLY DAVIS JR. and MARILYN McCOO). Braxton faces a tough decision when the hotel exceeds its budget.
12 Nov. 1999
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
Jamie hides the reason for continually arriving home late and canceling dates with Fancy. Braxton steals an idea from Fancy.
19 Nov. 1999
Joy Ride
Jamie finds adventure when he takes Fancy's new luxury car out for a drive. Braxton causes an uproar among the hotel staff. TRACI BINGHAM guest stars.
3 Dec. 1999
Get Up, Stand Up
Jamie causes problems after advising Fancy to be more confrontational with her inconsiderate friend. Helen and Junior try to find a date for Braxton.
7 Jan. 2000
Super Ego
Series star JAMIE FOXX reunites with his fellow Any Given Sunday stars, professional football greats LAWRENCE TAYLOR and JAMIE WILLIAMS, along with football players CHARLES WOODSON, FRED WILLIAMSON and DARRELL RUSSELL (all playing themselves). When Fancy parties with the sports heroes, Jamie's ego gets him involved in a serious gridiron game against the professionals.
14 Jan. 2000
Family Business
Jamie gets into trouble when he demands payment for a jingle he wrote for the hotel.
28 Jan. 2000
Friendly Fire
Jamie is elated to be promoted at Jingles 2000--until he is ordered to terminate his friend.
4 Feb. 2000
Home Suite Home
Jamie's enthusiasm for his fancy new penthouse is dampened by Fancy's womanly decorating.
11 Feb. 2000
Behind the Jingle
Desperate Jamie steals his best friend's jingle--and suffers the consequences.
18 Feb. 2000
Partner fo' Life
A misunderstanding leads to Jamie being listed as his friend's "life partner" in hospital records.
25 Feb. 2000
Hot Coco on a Cold Night
When Fancy takes on a subservient persona, she discovers what Jamie really wants in a partner.
7 Apr. 2000
Rollin' in the Dough
Jamie wreaks havoc when he invades Braxton's investment club.
21 Apr. 2000
Musical Chairs
While replacing a missing accompanist, Jamie realizes that he wants to perform again--to Fancy's disappointment.
28 Apr. 2000
Jamie in the Middle
Rap stars METHOD MAN (himself) and REDMAN (himself) get Jamie into trouble when they both want to date Nicole.
5 May 2000
I Second That Demo-tion
When Jamie is terminated from his jingle-writing job, he makes a major career decision--to Fancy's chagrin.
12 May 2000
Roadtrip: Part 1
In Las Vegas, Jamie's career interferes with his and Fancy's relationship--especially after Nicole kisses him. Part one of a two-part episode.
19 May 2000
Roadtrip: Part 2
Jamie must decide whether to ask Fancy to marry him or accompany Nicole on a performance tour of Europe. Part two of a two-part episode.

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