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The First Season was great but Season 2 reeked"
Kai-184 May 2000
The first season of rocked. It had decent voice work, fun plots, great characters, and great moments. It even ended on a kick*** cliffhanger with Rick Jones turned into a monster and Hulk going gray (like in the comics, though I don't think the Rick Jones thing happened). Sadly season 2 was really Hulk and She-Hulk. It was bad. So if you watch it just stick to season one.
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Another series with great potential vanishes
Op_Prime18 April 2000
A cartoon about the Hulk was an excellent idea and it seemed to work for a while. It was true to the comics, or should I say the earlier comics, with the Hulk as a fugitive and on the run. There was lots of excitement and Hulk even ran into some familiar faces (Iron Man, War Machine, Thor, Dr. Strange and Ghost Rider). They even brought in the Grey Hulk and really showed how the Grey and Green Hulk battled for dominance. That was fun. What I found to be a major flaw in the show was She-Hulk. She was annoying and her dialogue was stale and dull. She was not needed but kept showing up. That and a decrease in quality of the stories contributed to the show's demise. Rest in piece The Incredible Hulk. Better luck next time.
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The first season was a smashing success!
The-Hulk24 April 2004
The first season of this cartoon series ranks 6th on my all-time list of cartoons and the best of any Hulk cartoon ever made! I've been a fan of the Hulk for over 25 years and know the entire history of the character like my own (hell, I AM THE HULK FOR CHRIST SAKE...RRRRAAAGGHHHH!!!) The first season was so successful and entertaining because it stayed true to the classic Hulk stories of the 60's and 70's. Regardless of the the contemporary tweeking of things (a gamma-reactor instead of a gamma-bomb among a few), the cartoon was just soooo entertaining and true to early Hulk stories! I recommend this to anyone interested in superhero action/tragedy cartoons. Sure the Hulk didn't look and scream as cool as he did in his 80's cartoon along side of Spider-man and his Amazing Friends, but at least Banner's clothes didn't keep coming back. And the appearances of other heroes and rogues were great!! The episode "Mortal Bounds" was a Hulk vs Thor battle for the ages!! This episode was based on Hulk (vol.2) #255! The Hulk vs Wendigo battle was a real treat too in "The wind cries Wendigo" based on Hulk (vol.2) #162). And let's not forget the Hulk slugging it out with Sasquatch (based on Hulk (vol.2) Annual #7! These are the elements that make the Hulk great, raw power unleashed, titanic slugfests, and the despair of Bruce Banner trying to find a cure and peace with his love, Betty Ross. The first season captured what made the Hulk work in comics. Sadly, when the second season came and the She-Hulk became a starring character and all that multiple-personality crap with the gray-Hulk (that ruined the Hulk in the comics)ruined this series. The cartoon flopped and I became the person wandering the world looking for a cure. What do some writers think??? How do they get jobs by going against what makes a cartoon successful??? Thank god the series got stopped and saved me from the depths of despair. I'll just recommend the the first season as the Hulk's finest hour in a cartoon. And if you want the Hulk at his best, then look no further than this. HULK SMASH!!!!
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Too many Hulks, She-Hulk and poor writing doomed this cartoon.
Nic_hse8 May 2003
The 1996 Hulk cartoon started off great, the stories remained focused on the green savage Hulk, the army chasing the hulk, and Banner's relationship with Betty Ross. The art style is pretty good but the animation is jerky which means it has a low frame rate. The 1982 Hulk cartoon had better art and animation. The second season introduced the Grey Hulk and She-Hulk which quickly turned this cartoon to garbage. I never liked the grey Hulk in the comics and I stop buying Hulk comics in the late 1980s because of it. The grey hulk wasn't savage and talked way too much. The Hulk is supposed to be a brute savage, the extreme opposite of Banner's personality and to hear the Hulk talk like he has a college education just doesn't work.

The She-Hulk should have only appeared in one episode. The writers somehow got the impression that the Hulk couldn't carry a show by himself (even though he carried a comic series by himself for thirty years). So they rename the show "The Hulk and She-Hulk"... big mistake. She-Hulk has the same problem the grey Hulk has, she talks way too much and gets too much screen time. A better idea (maybe) would have been to have a spin off cartoon for She-Hulk. Anyway watch the first season episodes and forget the rest. Marvel has botched a few super hero cartoons in the 90's. Fantastic Four and Iron Man are also total garbage. Watch the 1982 Hulk cartoon instead.
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Good, until the Grey Hulk and the She Hulk came into the picture.
mack31757 June 2002
I'm a big Incredible Hulk fan. The first season started out great. It was a mixture the orignal comic book story and the live action show. In this cartoon,Dr. Banner was on the run but instead of a reporter, he was on the run from a government. I really enjoyed this shows first season. But when the She Hulk and the Grey Hulk became regulars on the show, I did'nt watch it has much, the shows appeal was gone. It was becoming silly and dumb. If they make another Hulk cartoon series, please do it a little better.
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Great 1st season, lamentable 2nd one
maiquedi12 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The Incredible Hulk, albeit having IMO some seriously forgettable villains, it did feature a serious tone appropriate for the drama lived by the scientist Bruce Banner, in a way "cursed" to become the menacing Hulk, who is constantly pursued by the military due to his wave of (unintended) destruction. His relation with his lover and the friend Banner saved from the gamma rays (which ended up cursing him with the anger transformation process). However, the series is strongly toned down not only during the second season, but right after a specific event occurs.

________________________________POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT__________________ Well, this isn't actually a spoiler since it's mentioned in the title of the second season itself, but just in case, it's worth the warning: the occurrence of She-Hulk, some kind of comic-relief, doesn't suit the dramatic tone of the series at all, rather on the contrary. And basically, it's She-Hulk I have issues with, since she manages to become one of the main characters, and not only an occasional special guest. Also, the **********************************ANOTHER POSSIBLE SPOILER?************************************************** appearance of the Gray Hulk was kind of... forgettable?
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Criminally underrated cartoon!
lee-4375 February 2008
I loved this cartoon when it was on in its prominence! Neal McDonough really brought Bruce Banner to life and what a brilliant coup to get the services of Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk. Also what a good voice cast they had for this cartoon including the likes of Luke Perry (Beverly Hills 90210) as Rick Jones, Matt Frewer (Max Headroom) as the menacing Leader, Mark Hamill (Star Wars as Luke Skywalker/The Joker in the DC Animated Universe) as the incompetent Gargoyle, Lisa Zane(Billy Zane's sister)/Cree Summer(Susie in Rugrats)as the She-Hulk, Simon Templeman (best known as Kain in the Legacy of Kain video game series) as the evil Doctor Doom.

So all I can say is love this cartoon then get reading the Hulk comics.
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Bar none the best Hulk cartoon
inchulkman14 February 2005
This is the hulk come alive from the comicbook. this cartoon does the green Goliath more justice then booth the television series and Ang Lee's (2003)film. The hulk is a force of nature and this cartoon shows that but it also shows the child like side to the hulk. And having Lou Ferrigno do the voice of the hulk was just awesome. Pluse the villains here you got the Leader The automation and many more classic Hulk villains. God I so miss watching this cartoon. during the second season is started to go down hill when they decided to bring the she hulk in on almost every episode something that most definitely wasn't needed and is probably one of the reasons why this show didn't last very long. Still the first season was Amazing and the second season had some memorable moments before going to crap. Seeing the grey hulk in the second season was cool
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Out of this world!!!
Being a cartoon in the 90's, this cartoon did great justice to the HULK in terms of accuracy, destruction, you name it!! The fact that Lou Ferrignou (70's HULK) gave the voice of the HULK in this series makes it pretty interesting to watch, hearing him say "HULK smash!!!, HULK crash!!!" This is currently coming on air. Watch it before they take it off the air soon!!!!!
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One of the best 90's marvel shows
DCfan11 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Out of all the Marvel shows in the 1990's this was the only one I watched from beginning to end. I found this show very good it showed the complications between family, friends and who to trust at the right time.

I would defiantly recommend this show to anyone who is a fan of The Incredible Hulk. I even think General Ross and Major Talbot were a nice people they were just trying to protect the world same as The Hulk but from protecting it from him. I am glad this show ended on good terms in the end.
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An unfairly neglected gem.
I agree with a previous reviewer that this animated "Incredible Hulk" show is most under- rated. Lasting for two seasons, there are many great episodes to see. Having likes the of The Mighty Thor, The She Hulk, The Thing and Doctor Doom can't be all that bad and it sure isn't. The military angle that featured in the comics has been included, which is to the shows advantage. There are some tense and exciting episodes with General Ross, who will stop at nothing in capturing the Hulk. The episodes from the first season are enjoyable by far the best. The ones from the second season are good but the animation has been changed and that disappointed me. There are some talented actors amongst the cast, Mark Hamill and John Vernon in particular. It was ideal to have Lou Ferrigno provide the voice of the Hulk. This is a masterpiece and deserves more recognition.
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Not as good as other Marvel Shows of that time..
adonis98-743-18650318 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
A nuclear scientist is afflicted with the tendency to change into a powerful green monster under stress. This show i feel like it's working pretty fine even to this day especially for a 90's Kids Cartoon unfortunately tho once the Grey Hulk and She-Hulk get into the whole plot the story becomes a mess and the overall story turns into a big cheesy comedy with the characters trying to throw some jokes here and there and basically everyone turning into a Hulk for some reason it also tries to be something better and bigger than X-Men and Spider-Man but it lacks both the charm and the fun that those shows had and it's something that you're going to enjoy just for a little bit (6.9/10)
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"Hulk Smash!"
Angelus217 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I feel privileged to have grown up during the 90's, simply because of the wonderful cartoon shows that graced the screen on a 'Saturday' morning. Today, there's simply nothing that can match the excellence of the 90's.

We the audience follow Bruce Banner as he tries to find a cure to stop the Hulk, his alter-ego from causing anymore destruction. A creature that is the true manifestation of rage. But, there's always someone who wants to challenge the incredible Hulk.

I thought this show was brilliantly done, it had a sadness to it that other shows didn't have..I as a nine or ten year old felt Banner's pain and loneliness...But what was truly great was the Hulk's he destroyed everything and anyone who got in his way.
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