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8 Sep. 1996
The Return of the Beast: Part 1
Bruce Banner builds a machine in order to finally cure himself of the Hulk. The experiment fails when the laboratory is attacked by General Ross and Major Talbot. Banner becomes the Hulk but it eventually calmed by Betty Ross. The non-powered Banner is then captured by the military who make an attempt to cure him of the Hulk. Meanwhile, the Leader and Gargoyle send the Abomination to halt their efforts.
15 Sep. 1996
The Return of the Beast: Part 2
The Hulk escapes an attack by General Ross and runs into a pack of animals that were mutated in the same accident that created him. The Leader sends the Abomination to capture the Hulk. The Leader attempts to siphon off the Hulk's power, but Betty and Rick Jones manage to save him with the help of the irradiated animals. Meanwhile, General Ross gets the government to fund Hulkbuster technologIies
22 Sep. 1996
Raw Power
Shield dispatches Gabriel Jones to General Ross to assist in the acquisition of the Hulk. Betty Ross recruits Doc Samson to help save Bruce Banner. Meanwhile, Bruce Banner works with a a nuclear worker Mitch McCutcheon to cure him of the Hulk. Unfortunately, the effort goes astray and Mitch becomes Zzzax a dangerous being of pure energy.
29 Sep. 1996
Helping Hands, Iron Fist
Bruce Banner goes to California and attempts to contact Tony Stark. He is suffering from amnesia and attack Rick and Iron Man when they show up to help. Hulk regains his senses transforms to Bruce Banner. After a conversation with Jim Rhodes, Gabriel Jones and General Ross realize were Banner is hiding and send Hulkbusters to get him. Stark tries to help Banner purge the Hulk, but the Hulkbusters interfere despite the efforts of War Machine. Due to the interference, Banner transforms and Stark has to put on his special anti-Hulk armor. With Rick's help, the Hulk ...
6 Oct. 1996
Innocent Blood
Ghost Rider appears and tracks the Hulk believing him responsible for destroying a town. Bruce Banner is hiding in a shelter in Chicago. When an accident at the shelter endangers a nun, Hulk tries to save her. Ghost Rider, however, attacks Hulk and chases him away. Major Talbot goes to Chicago with a tranquilizer ray but he fails to capture the Hulk who only grows angrier. Rick manages to convince Ghost Rider that Hulk is an innocent. Ghost Rider and Doc Sampson help the Hulk stay conscious long enough for the effects of the tranquilizer to wear off.
13 Oct. 1996
Man to Man, Beast to Beast
Bruce Banner travels north into Canada in an effort to track down Walter Langkowski a scientist who specializes in gamma radiation. After falling into a frozen lake he transforms into the Hulk and goes into town. He is mistaken for the Sasquatch and is chased away. After the Hulk passes out in the woods, Bruce Banner is rescued by Langkowski. Banner later discovered that Langkowski has been experimenting on himself. He has turned himself into the Sasquatch who attacks Banner for knowing his secret. Banner managers to calm the Sasquatch. He and Langkowski run an ...
20 Oct. 1996
Bruce Banner goes to Washington, D.C., and visits his cousin Jennifer Walters. The two of them are attacked by robots sent by Dr. Doom. The robots kidnap an injured Jennifer and Doom threatens to kill her if the Hulk does not obey him. The Hulk turns back into Banner when Jennifer's condition worsens. Banner gives her a blood transfusion before Doom uses technology to transform him back into the Hulk. On Doom's instruction, the Hulk goes on a rampage against the U.S. military. Meanwhile, Banners blood turns Jennifer into the She-Hulk. She attacks Doom and frees the ...
27 Oct. 1996
Fantastic Fortitude
Bruce Banner and She-Hulk go to New York in order to meet Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four. Meanwhile, Leader sends Ogress to track Rick Jones as he tries to enlist the help of the Thing. Ogress eventually attacks the two of them, but She-Hulk and Hulk appear to save them. The Thing lets Banner into the Fantastic Four laboratory. Before Banner can use the equipment he is kidnapped in an attack by the Leader's Gamma Radiation mutants. She-Hulk and the Thing manage to rescue Banner and the Hulk helps them to defeat the Leader's warriors.
3 Nov. 1996
Mortal Bounds
Bruce Banner wakes up in South Dakota and General Ross goes after him with his Hulkbusters. Meanwhile, a gamma virus breaks out in Detroit and Betty travels there to assist Donald Blake. Blake transforms into Thor and heads off to get the Hulk. Thor takes him to Detroit, but the two fight driving the Hulk away. Banner returns and realizes there is a Gamma virus outbreak. He meets Betty at the hospital and works to fix the virus. After an accident, Betty is exposed to the virus. The Gargoyle realizing that the Hulk is in Detroit sends the the Abomination to kidnap him....
10 Nov. 1996
And the Wind Cries... Wendigo
Betty intercepts instructions for General Ross warning about a possible Hulk sighting in Northern California. Betty decides to go there in an attempt to find the Hulk first. Unfortunately it is really the Wendigo a cursed Native American man forced to walk the world until he finds humility. The Hulk has a run in with the Wendigo, but is helped by a Jefferson Whitedeer. The Wendigo hunts Betty, but when Hulk attempts to save her General Ross arrives and after a scuffle ends up handcuffed to the Hulk. Hulk hears Betty's screams and goes off with Ross to save her. Ross ...
17 Nov. 1996
Darkness and Light: Part 1
Betty finishes developing a nutrient bath that can separate Bruce Banner from the Hulk. Doc Sampson attempts capture the Hulk and the two fight in the desert. Betty and Rick arrives to stop the fight, but the Hulkbusters arrive shortly thereafter. With the help of the gamma irradiated desert Outcasts, they manage to escape. They go to the lab and Hulk is convinced to go into the nutrient bath. After interference from Glenn Talbot the experiment goes awry, but Banner and Hulk are separated. SHIELD takes the Hulk's unconscious body from General Ross. Doc Sampson tries ...
24 Nov. 1996
Darkness and Light: Part 2
A deranged and unrestrained Hulk ravages the countryside. Rick Jones tries to connect with him, but the Hulk doesn't seem to remember. The Leader sends the Ogress and his Gamma Soldiers to grab the Hulk so that he can drain his power. Hulk manage to fight them off until the Hulkbusters show up to make it a three way fight. Eventually, the Leader's forces prevail and they capture the Hulk. With the Gargoyles help, the Leader places his mind the the Hulk's body. The Leader with his new power attacks Gamma Base in order to capture Bruce Banner. The Leader loses control ...
1 Dec. 1996
Darkness and Light: Part 3
Bruce Banner in a mechanical Hulkbuster suit fights the Hulk. He manages to restrain the Hulk using his insights about the creature, but can't bring himself to harm him. General Ross and Major Talbot converge on the their position. Meanwhile, the Outcasts help an injured Rick Jones. Banner switches strategies with the Hulk intending to drive him more and more angry. The Hulk suffers from sensory overload until Talbot and Ross arrive. Ross tries to kill the Hulk, but Betty manages to stop him. The Hulk makes it clear that he remembers Betty and leave. Bruce passes out ...

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