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Season 4

20 Sep. 1999
Boob Job
Debra is unhappy by Ray's excited reaction to a friend's bigger breasts at a PTA meeting. Thinking Ray would like her better if she had bigger boobs as well, she decides to stuff a pair of socks in her bra to see if he'll be surprised.
27 Sep. 1999
The Can Opener
Ray and Debra have a fight over a can opener.
4 Oct. 1999
You Bet
Frank uses Ray to win bets on sports.
11 Oct. 1999
Sex Talk
Marie and Frank talk about their sex life.
18 Oct. 1999
The Will
If Ray and Debra both pass away, they want Bernie and Linda to adopt the kids.
25 Oct. 1999
The Sister
Debra's sister Jennifer visits and announces her intention to become a nun.
8 Nov. 1999
Cousin Gerard
Ray's annoying cousin Gerard is hired by Marie to help Ray write his book. Ray's entire family starts to see that Ray has many of the same annoying traits as Gerard. Ray decides to work on Gerard while trying to make himself feel better.
15 Nov. 1999
Debra's Workout
Debra's has been very amorous and Ray wonders why. He later learns that her desire occurs after her work out. So Ray goes to the gym to see the guy and joins the class and wrecks it.
22 Nov. 1999
No Thanks
Debra tries a new approach to Marie's negative attitude.
29 Nov. 1999
Left Back
Ray and Debra decide to have the twins stay back in Preschool for another year.
13 Dec. 1999
The Christmas Picture
Ray decides to take a family picture for Marie's Christmas present. But she didn't want Debra's family to be in it.
10 Jan. 2000
What's with Robert?
Marie begins to think that Robert is gay when he breaks up with Amy again.
17 Jan. 2000
Bully on the Bus
When Ray and Debra find out a bully is picking on Ally, Ray decides to investigate.
31 Jan. 2000
Prodigal Son
Frank tells Ally that Ray is going to Hell because he doesn't go to church. Feeling guilty about Frank being a good religious role model, Ray decides to be a regular parishioner.
7 Feb. 2000
Robert's Rodeo
Robert gets gored in the rear by a bull and has to stay with Marie and Frank for a while.
14 Feb. 2000
The Tenth Anniversary
Ray accidentally tapes football over his wedding, which results in Debra being really mad.
21 Feb. 2000
Ray tries to learn about Ally's favorite card game.
28 Feb. 2000
Debra Makes Something Good
For once, Debra makes a good meal, but it drives Marie crazy.
20 Mar. 2000
Marie and Frank's New Friends
Frank and Marie make friends with a couple that have similar personalities to their own.
17 Apr. 2000
Alone Time
Debra wants to be alone for a while. Ray wonders why.
1 May 2000
Someone's Cranky
Robert is still recovering from his bull accident. He finds out he has to stay 3 more weeks with Frank & Marie before moving back to his apartment. He is cranky and taking it out on everyone. Debra tries to make his birthday festive.
8 May 2000
Bad Moon Rising
It's that time of month for Debra and Ray walks on egg shells to avoid the mood swings. Encouraged by Robert, Frank, and fiends, Ray buys pills that are supposed to help her mood. Debra is not pleased.
15 May 2000
Confronting the Attacker
Robert is back on the force and back with Amy. But something is still wrong.
22 May 2000
Robert's Divorce
Flashback to when Robert got divorced.

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