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Season 2

22 Jan. 2013
Rude Removal
When Dexter creates a new invention to get DeeDee's rudeness under control, her foolish antics cause both her and Dexter to end up in the machine, resulting in them becoming polite, and their rude, evil counterparts being made. Now, the polite Dexter and DeeDee must find a way to rid of the disrespectful clones of themselves before they cause even more trouble.
16 Jul. 1997
Beard to Be Feared/Quackor the Fowl/Ant Pants
Dexter decides to emulate his hero, Action Hank, and grow a synthetic beard to make himself more rugged.
23 Jul. 1997
Mom and Jerry/Chubby Cheese/That Crazy Robot
When Dexter's brain transplant experiment goes awry, his brain is switched with that of a mouse.
30 Jul. 1997
D & DD/Hamhocks and Armlocks
"D & DD" Dee Dee wants to play Monsters & Mazes with Dexter and his friends. Against Dexter's wishes, she is made the game master! Dexter is relegated to a secondary character, but his friends have a great time in Dee Dee's world. "Ham Hocks n' Arm Locks" While on a road trip, car trouble forces Dexter and his family to pull into a truck stop. When Earl, a local arm wrestling champ, gets Dad angry, they decide to have an arm wrestling contest. Knowing Dad has no chance of winning, Dexter comes up with a technological way to make Dad stronger.
6 Aug. 1997
Hunger Strikes/The Koos Is Loose/Morning Stretch
Dexter is denied dessert when he doesn't finish his vegetables. He decides to use gamma radiation to alter his tastebuds.
13 Aug. 1997
Dee Dee Locks and the Ness Monster/Backfire/Book 'Em
Dexter tries to entertain his ill sister by reading to her out of his science text. Bored by protons and neutrons, Dee Dee uses her imagination to make up a story of her own.
20 Aug. 1997
Sister's Got a Brand New Bag/Shoo, Shoe Gnomes/Lab of the Lost
Dee Dee sees Big Daddy Fat doing a new dance on "Groove Train" and has to learn it.
27 Aug. 1997
Labels/Game Show/Fantastic Boyage
During a fight with his sister over the chair in front of the TV, Dexter gets the idea to start labeling his things.
3 Sep. 1997
Filet of Soul/Golden Diskette
"Filet of Soul": Dexter and Dee Dee are haunted by the ghost of a dead goldfish. "Golden Diskette": Dexter obsessed with finding a golden diskette to get a unprecedented tour of an eccentric inventor's mysterious factory.
10 Sep. 1997
Snowdown/*Figure Not Included/Mock 5
Dee Dee keeps pelting Dexter with snowballs.
17 Sep. 1997
Ewww That's Growth/Nuclear Confusion/Germ Warfare
When the whole family goes to the carnival, Dexter can't go on a ride because he's too short. Using his lab, he makes himself grow taller, but can't stop.
24 Sep. 1997
A Hard Day's Day/Road Rash/Ocean Commotion
In "A HARD DAY'S DAY", every day is a fine day for science until things take a turn for the worse thanks to the position of the stars in the sky. In "ROAD RASH", Dexter's mom forces Dexter to go outside and ride a bike, with Dee Dee challenging him to catch her on her roller blades, resulting in a chase similar to one between Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. In "OCEAN COMMOTION", on a visit to the beach, Dee Dee (dressed in a mermaid bathing suit) gets kidnapped by some manic seafarin' sailors and Dexter vows to save her.
1 Oct. 1997
The Bus Boy/The Justice Friends: Things That Go Bonk in the Night/Ol' McDexter
When Dexter is harassed by two bullies and forced to go into the back of a school bus chasing his #2 writing implement, he must brave the legend of little Billy Blumberg who disappeared back there years ago.
8 Oct. 1997
Sassy Come Home/Photo Finish
While vacationing in the woods with his family, Dexter finds Sasquatch tracks and hopes to photograph the mythical beast.
15 Oct. 1997
Star Check Unconventional/Dexter Is Dirty/Ice Cream Scream
In "STAR CHECK UNCONVENTIONAL", Dexter and two friends are on their way to the Star Check convention, only to not wind up exactly where they wanted. In "DEXTER IS DIRTY", Dexter will do anything to avoid bathing forever... even laminate himself. In "ICE CREAM SCREAM", Dexter tries to get the ice cream vendor to stop to allow him to get some ice cream, but the vendor isn't too keen on doing that.
22 Oct. 1997
Decode of Honor/World's Greatest Mom/Ultrajerk 2000
When Dexter and Dee Dee get their Action Hank and Pony Puffs decoder rings mixed up (respectively), each goes through the other's initiation.
29 Oct. 1997
Techno Turtle/Surprise!/Got Your Goat
When Dee Dee rescues a wounded turtle from a hawk's talons, Dexter helps rebuild the little shelled animal into a bionic powerhouse.
5 Nov. 1997
Dee Dee Be Deep/911/Down in the Dumps
Dee Dee wants to join the choir, but her bad singing is making it impossible for Dexter to work.
12 Nov. 1997
Unfortunate Cookie/The Muffin King
Dexter and Dee Dee get stuck together by a Chinese Finger Puzzle, they track it to its maker in Chinatown, USA.
19 Nov. 1997
Picture Day/Now That's a Stretch/Dexter Detention
It's picture day at school and Dexter must face the truth: he is not photogenic. Using Dee Dee's Teen magazine as a guide for restructuring his physical appearance, Dexter becomes grotesquely handsome.
26 Nov. 1997
Don't Be a Baby/Dial M for Monkey: Peltra/G.I.R.L. Squad
Being too young to watch an R-rated movie, Dexter tries to make Dee Dee and himself older than Mom and Dad.
3 Dec. 1997
Sports-a-Poppin'/Koos a la Goop a Goop/Project Dee Dee
"Dad tries to teach Dexter a sport, like all the other fathers and sons. But Dexter is just horrible at every sport - from baseball to football, soccer to badminton, Dexter stinks!
14 Jan. 1998
Topped Off/Dee Dee's Tail/No Power Trip
When Dexter has to have a "parent-principal" meeting at school, the boy genius is distraught. He's never been in trouble so how can he disappoint his parents now?
21 Jan. 1998
Sister Mom/The Laughing
"Sister Mom": Dexter is so worried about something bad he did at school that, when his mother is called on it, he has Dee Dee turned into their mother instead. "The Laughing": Dexter is accidentally bitten by a clown and turns into one himself at night.
28 Jan. 1998
Dexter's Lab: A Story/Coupon for Craziness/Better Off Wet
When Dexter takes in a lost Labrador Retriever, he decides to enable the dog to talk.
4 Feb. 1998
Critical Gas/Let's Save the World You Jerk!/Average Joe
Dexter wolfs down a burrito and suddenly feels a growing pain inside. After having his computer analyze the pain, Dexter thinks he's going to explode.
11 Feb. 1998
Rushmore Rumble/A Boy and His Bug/You Vegetabelieve It!
Mandark and Dexter battle each other with Rushmore Presidents Washington and Lincoln brought to life. / Dexter has a metal eating termite named Timmy as a pet. / Dee Dee uses way too much of Dexter's super growth formula in the backyard and turns the plants into man eating monsters.
18 Feb. 1998
Aye Aye Eyes/Dee Dee and the Man
When Dexter returns a little girl's stuffed bunny to her, she falls in love with him. She is soon stalking Dexter. With the help of Dee Dee, Dexter is eventually able to divert the girl's affections toward another little boy.
25 Feb. 1998
Old Flame/Don't Be a Hero/My Favorite Martian
Dexter wants to meet the original genius who invented fire and zips back in time. He grabs the unsuspecting and frightened caveman and brings him back to the lab.
4 Mar. 1998
Paper Route Bout/The Old Switcharooms/Trick or Treehouse
Dee Dee and Ninja Clan fight for who delivers the newspapers; Dexter and Dee Dee destroy Dad's bowling trophy; Dee Dee builds a tree house in the garden.
11 Mar. 1998
Quiet Riot/Accent You Hate/Catch of the Day
When a bully who hates kids with funny accents sets his sights on Dexter, the boy genius has until 3:00 before he receives an after-school beating.
18 Mar. 1998
Dad Is Disturbed/Framed/That's Using Your Head
Dad tries to watch a golf game but is constantly interrupted; Dexter gains popularity with broken glasses; Dexter brings home an eccentric man with a lot of electronics on his head.
25 Mar. 1998
DiM/Just an Old Fashioned Lab Song.../Repairanoid
While Dexter is working in his lab, one of the light bulbs burns out. Mom takes him to a giant hardware store in an exhausting journey to replace it.
1 Apr. 1998
Sdrawkcab/The Continuum of Cartoon Fools/Sun, Surf, and Science
Dexter develops a reverse belt. While wearing the belt to get a snack in the kitchen, Dee Dee sneaks into the lab to play with the belt controls.
8 Apr. 1998
Big Bots/Gooey Aliens That Control Your Mind/Misplaced in Space
Dexter builds Dee Dee a huge robot after she tells him he can't. The problem begins when they use their robots to try to save a volcanic island from eruption.
15 Apr. 1998
Dee Dee's Rival/Pslyghtly Psycho/Game for a Game
In an episode that mirrors "Dexter's Rival," Dee Dee goes head to head with the new student in her dance class, Olga - Mandark's sister.
22 Apr. 1998
Blackfoot and Slim/Trapped with a Vengeance/The Parrot Trap
Dexter and Dee Dee are unknowingly the focus of a "Wild Kingdom" type animal documentary. During Dexter's bathing ritual, he realizes he's being observed, runs, gets tranquilized, and upon awakening discovers he's been tagged.
29 Apr. 1998
Dexter and Computress Get Mandark!/The Justice Friends: Pain in the Mouth/Dexter vs. Santa's Claws
Dee Dee uses the lab computer to send her wish list to Santa Claus, but Dexter mocks her because he doesn't believe in the Santa.
6 May 1998
Through opera we see Dexter's origins leading up to the creation of his laboratory.
15 Jun. 1998
Last But Not Beast
In Japan as part of a student exchange program, Dexter gets involved in a battle.

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