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12 Mar. 1996
The Taco Bell Dana Carvey Show
Host and creator Dana Carvey begins this first show with his portrayal of President Bill Clinton giving his assessment of challengers vying for the 1996 Republican Party nomination for president. After declaring the Republican primaries a "freak show," the US President then goes on to reveal just how he will nurture the country during his next term...with his new breasts! Then, after Carvey fields some questions from the audience, the show takes a look at Leftover Beatles Memories, out-takes from television's 1995 look back at the history of the Fab Four.
19 Mar. 1996
The Mug Root Beer Dana Carvey Show
Entertainment Headlines, Toddler comics have their say on Under 5, Charles Grodin, The Ambiguously Gay Duo in It Takes Two To Tango, More Leftover Beatle Memories, Celebrity Bloopers and Dark Sides.
26 Mar. 1996
The Mountain Dew Dana Carvey Show
Larry King interviews Ross Perot, Eleven O'Clock News That's Easy To Take, The 96 Vote featuring Bob Dole and Grandma The Clown.
2 Apr. 1996
The Diet Mug Root Beer Dana Carvey Show
On Regis and Kathie Lee, Regis goes to extremes so he can dress up like mashed potatoes and jump in gravy on Letterman. Geraldo interviews Kato Kaelin and O.J. shows up. Germans Who Say Nice Things and Howard Stern roasts Bill Clinton.
9 Apr. 1996
The Pepsi Stuff Dana Carvey Show
After Dana provides his impression of Jay Leno interviewing director/actor/producer Quentin Tarantino, the Pepsi singers extol the many health benefits of their soft drink. Following some audience questions about Dana's experience with stalkers and actor Nicholas Cage, and a commercial touting a companion-finding service for the insane, the Stupid Pranksters try out their joke at a movie theater box office. Then, Dana presents a promo for Rich Little's All Rich Little One Man Easter, in which he portrays a host of biblical characters. Following Waiters Who Are ...
23 Apr. 1996
The Szechuan Dynasty Dana Carvey Show
Bill Clinton and Bob Dole's workout routines.Technofuture shows us new inventions.The unabomber on Singled Out.Skinheads From Maine.EH does a feature on Madonny, the man Madonna ripped off.Grandma The Clown and cable networks "After Dark".
30 Apr. 1996
Episode #1.7
This episode of THE DANA CARVEY SHOW opens with Congressman Newt Gingrich proposing some innovative ways to make Washington D.C. pay its own way. Included are reducing the size of Congress to one, converting the White House into a riverboat casino and putting the homeless in zoos. Following his impression of special guest audience member Regis Philbin, Dana portrays a cynical, mocking auctioneer at the Kennedy memorabilia auction. The Cutting Room Floor host Gene Shalit looks at a little-known character who was left out of the final version of the movie Wizard of Oz ...
7 May 1996
Episode #1.8
To begin this final show, Charles Grodin examines celebrities who are getting talk shows, including Jeff Goldblum, Gene Wilder and Abe Vigoda. Following his impression of actress Katherine Hepburn, Dana plays President Bill Clinton as he's being shadowed by his opponent in Bob Dole Undercover. Infiltrating the Clinton campaign, candidate Dole tries to create havoc for the President, and even masquerades as Hillary Clinton in bed with her husband.

 Season 1 

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