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Not My Cup of Tea
Bones T15 October 2015
I WAS a Daily Show fan for years, but am completely confused at the decision to place Trevor Noah in the anchor seat. As with all nightly talk shows, it seems The Daily Show wants to be more frat party than talk show. Obviously, anyone who replaced John Stewart was going to be facing great scrutiny, but Trevor just is not a good fit. Gone is the sly wit, emotional connection, and light banter that The Daily Show excelled at. It was a struggle for me to stay up so late the watch this show (because I get up so early in the morning), but I always thought it was worth the effort. I guess now, I get an hour more sleep every night. Healthy for me, but it feels like something is missing now.
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What happened
pepe4u2231 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I used to watch this program with anticipation of the sly humor and whimsical sense to it then along came Trevor Noah. The Noah must mean no talent in some foreign language. He is not funny it is like the producers decided to go affirmative action yet could not get any real talented performer to be the host so they hired this awful host. He is not funny, not clever and trying to hard to be funny which makes the show unwatchable. In the hands of a gifted performer this show is wonderful but with Noah it is a must not see. It is a shame because I would like to see the ratings for this show since the change and I feel that viewership is plummeting. They had a Ferrari of a show but gave it to a person who has no idea what he is doing and that is the real shame.
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Not as good with Trevor
n-m-bertin8 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I really liked Jon's version, and I don't think Trevor is filling his shoes. We were pretty sure no one could, but John Oliver made a much better substitute when Jon was filming his movie a while back. Unfortunalely, John Oliver went to make his on show on HBO (with the success we know) and he is now a good replacement for the Daily Show (although his is weekly).

Trevor unfortunately still doesn't capture the rhythm this show needs. He hesitates on words, and messes up a lot of jokes because of it. Doing a stand up tour and a daily show has nothing in common. You can practice your stand up so much more so you get the precise rhythm so that every joke hits hard. But for a show that airs daily, it looks like Trevor hasn't been able to do that. Is it because Jon used to review the material much more ? Or because he got used to it over the years ? I don't know. John Oliver trips on words from time to time in his new show, but not to the extent of what Trevor is showing us.

I hope Trevor gets better at it, I don't know if it's stage fright, lack of English skills or lack of connection with the writing staff, but he's got to do something right now if he doesn't want the show to end or to have to find someone to replace him already. I mean I can't find the audience ratings anywhere, but I'm betting they're down from the first week with Trevor due to what I've just explained.
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One anchor, four correspondents, zero credibility.
Lady-of-Rohan16 October 2004
When a big story breaks, where do you turn for news coverage? CNN? FOX? BBC? CBC? No, no, no, and no. It's....Comedy Central? Oh yes. Believe it.

The Daily Show is the #1 fake comedic news show out there. Every weekday night on Comedy Central (or Comedy Network for me) Jon Stewart, officially the second funniest man in America, hosts a show that everyone needs to see. The whole show follows the main news stories of today and comments on them with hilarious political satire. Not only that, but everyday, a guest comes in for an interview. And I'm not talking guests nobody has heard of. We're talking about Bill Clinton, Matthew Broderick, Desmond Tutu, John Kerry, etc.

The Daily Show is definitely worth your time. Give it a try. You'll be glad you did.
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Jon Stewart vs Kilby
mattryan008 January 2003
Ok, I'll be the first to say: When Craig Kilborn left the show, i thought it was going to suck. Boy was I wrong.

This is the one show on television that i make an effort to watch. Amidst a wasteland of stupidity, this is the last bastion of entertaining intelligence. Since the major television networks have turned into crap factories: turning out one crappy reality show after another, it's comforting to find a place in The Daily Show that makes fun of those people.

Jon Stewart is one of the funniest (not to mention brightest) people out there. Whenever I get bored, i watch old clips of him interviewing the Spice Girls or the one about Executing the Retarded. Somebody give this man a raise (no--that was not a short joke); he has earned it.

Jon is the man!
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Trevor Noah's terrible version of the daily show doesn't deserve to inherit all the good reviews and respect of past daily show
bliz826 February 2016
***Attention IMDb admin, current daily show fans, and former daily show fans:

The good ratings and reviews of the daily show are dated and inaccurate now since there is a new host---a host that in mine and many others' opinions has tanked a formerly amazing funny and insightful and informative show.

Trevor Noah shouldn't be getting the benefit of high IMDb ratings for the daily show since it was Stewart and kilborn that most people have given high ratings for in the last two decades, not in the last 5 months since Noah began.Noah would likely only be at 4 or 5 stars with less than 1000 votes, rather than 8 or 9 stars out of 35000 voters.

Doing this is tantamount to reviewing a new bond film well because you liked Connery bond films in the 1960s just because it is the bond franchise. You don't review things purely based on franchise, you base it on the work and people coming next in a newer version of things.

For a better comparison, this is how IMDb differentiates the tonight show from host to host in its various carnations---with Carson, with Leno, and with Fallon are adages for separate pages of "the tonight show'. The tonight show isn't rated and reviewed in general, its generational and person to person as hosts, which is what the daily show should be as well since kilborn, Stewart, and Noah are all different hosts of different generational styles and humour and fans. You don't go to the tonight show with jimmy Fallon page and see reviews dated back to when Carson or Leno were hosting because thats absurd, right? Well, why is Trevor Noah not being treated so special this way, why is he for no reason riding the coattails of fans and respectability he hasn't earned at all. Its false advertising, and false review system, and makes IMDb seem completely useless.

Furthermore, since it is highly unlikely that IMDb would change this--- why it wouldn't i have no clue since its common sense as applied to everything else on the website in terms of franchises being differentiated by newer versions---i think the only measure to counter this would be to recast your votes to downgrade the current daily show, and to remove any reviews made prior to Noah, and to post more recent reviews lambasting him.

There should be honesty and merit and up to date ratings of things, otherwise what is the point of even having this website and people turning to it to get a good measure of what is good or bad? Rigging ratings in favor of someone defeats the whole purpose of the website. It needs to be updated and more accurate, and the different versions need to be on separate pages.
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It used to be extraordinary
JWJanneck17 December 2015
Jon Stewart took over a nondescript comedy show and turned it into a venue that aired some of the best political satire on television on nearly a daily basis for about a decade and a half. In a world where politicians and the media that are supposed to cover them seem to compete with each other over who is most morally bankrupt, most corrupt, most cynical, and most stupid, Stewart's show provided moments of relief and sanity and common sense, packaged as comedy around a body of top-notch research.

The Daily Show used to be extraordinary. It spawned a few other shows where former cast members explored interesting variations on the theme of satirizing public life, and might have created or defined a genre in the process. Those days are over.

I tried to like its new host, Trevor Noah. There is a phase of comparison anybody in his position has to overcome, where he is seen as replacing somebody rather than simply a voice of his own. There are all these small differences, some deliberate, others maybe not, that might annoy old fans just because they are different from what they are used to, and wouldn't have been even noticed otherwise (the out-of-breath voice of the announcer in the opening credits, introducing the Moment of Zen standing up, ...). It takes a while to find one's voice in this kind of job, and Noah still looks like he can't quite believe his luck, or how funny the jokes are (even when he messes them up), but it took Stewart a little bit of time to find the Zone of Anger at "the system" necessary for his brand of satire, so maybe Noah just needs more time to get there. All of these things are fixable.

A more serious problem, I think, is that Noah is moved by something less interesting than Stewart. When news people, cornered by public opinion that trusted a comedy show more than what they tried to create, "accused" Stewart of being their (biased) competition, he would insist that his primary motivation was comedy based on the absurdity of the system, rather than a specific political agenda. Many (especially conservative) folks dismissed this as a tactical response, but I think it was essentially true. Of course most viewers of Stewart's show would be "liberal", but I think it could have been watched and enjoyed by a conservative, too, for its irreverent criticism of across-the-aisle stupidity and callousness and Stewart's non-partisan sense of fairness that allowed him to have many productive and interesting conversations with people he deeply disagreed with.

Noah's show is different. His primary motivator isn't comedic wonder at the theater of the absurd that is American public discourse, but a specific political view. He wants viewers to think about things in a certain way, and he has little to offer to those that don't. Where Stewart's classical foe was Fox News, Noah just piles on the Trump, an easy target, but without its refraction in incompetent and biased media only of passing comedic value. Of course, Trump would have found a prominent place in Stewart's show, too, but while we enjoyed laughing at his antics, we would also have learned something about how his story was told to us by our media. Noah tries to emulate the taste of Stewart's show, but without the fiber. He has lost the essence of TDS because his interests are essentially different from Stewart's, and we are just a little poorer for it.
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Now better than ever.
Tug-34 March 1999
I have always liked the edgy, sometimes-cruel humor of "The Daily Show," but now that it has Jon Stewart at the helm I like it more than ever. Craig Kilborn was a talented host, but he often bordered on being severely unlikeable, and somehow malicious towards his guests. Jon Stewart brings to the show a much more developed sense of comic timing, plus a split-second wittiness and a knack for snappy comebacks. He has an obvious rapport with his guests, and consistently produces the funniest and most honest interviews on television. Meanwhile, the On-the-Spot reports have maintained the same level of hilarity, assaulting the pretentiousness of people who can't seem to realize they are the butt of a joke. And as sacreligious as it is, I can't get enough of the hysterical "God Stuff" portion of the show, which manages to strip bare the ignorance and hypocrisy that surround tele-theology in a few short minutes. The folks at "The Daily Show" would be well-advised to keep up the outstanding comedic work.
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Dubya: "I was not elected to one party--"; John Stewart: "You were not elected."
sprockets866 May 2001
When the show premiered in 1996, it was good. Craig Kilborn and his staff of oddball reporters showed signs of comedic genius. Five questions were always a pleasure, and the highlight for me had to be the scene from LEGEND OF RICKY in that segment's video opening.

But when John Stewart came, so did the greatness. Mo Rocca, Vance DeGeneres, Stephen Colbert, Nancy Walls, and Steve Corral, as well as the always funny Lewis Black and hilarious Frank DeCaro replaced the correspondence team--and have done very, very well. THE DAILY SHOW has grown from the small, mock news program/night show it once was into something completely new and fun. During the conventions last year, THE DAILY SHOW broke coverage of our current president with an erection while hearing his name nominated. Now this is crude, but in the context of the event, and the fact that it is pretty hard to doctor something like that, this six minute segment was perhaps the funniest in the show's history.

And it just keeps getting better. Its correspondents are better than ever (Colbert especially), and it is gradually gaining respect as a real news program. A reward for anyone interested in news and comedy--I wholeheartedly recommend you check this gem out if you haven't already!
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The new host is awful
You may like this show if you are a raging SJW that has a tendency to spit while you scream at anyone that disagrees with you. Jon Stewart was left leaning but he did the research and approached from both sides of the story. I liked his show. The new show has a heavy slant to the left and lies a lot. Look at the women's FIFA story. What a crock.

Totally turned off and not watching anymore. Please bring back Jon or get a decent host. They lost a lot of the truly funny support reporters. Samantha Bee and John Oliver. They must have changed producers also. The leftist diatribe is thick and offensive. It is too one sided and has no balance. If you are a radical leftist you may like the new show. OTOH, those types of people don't seem to like anything.

Repulsive and disgusting.
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Stinks Now
mnethersole20 May 2018
With Jon Stewart this show was amazing, but the new guy is just plain awful. I actually kind of like him as a person if that makes sense, he seems like a nice guy and everything, but just something about his delivery and sense of humor or something just is not very good. I don't think he ever made me laugh. All the jokes he delivers he just ruins with bad delivery. Still it used to be great.
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more accurate than any other news show
don-24925 July 2004
Jon Stewart's timing and delivery is incredibly good. The writing is fantastic. Of course, with material provided fresh daily by the US Congress and Administration, writing humor probably isn't all that challenging. It must be frustrating that they don't have enough time to cover more "news" in each half-hour segment.

I'd give anything to buy a "Best of the Daily Show" on DVD (especially the one with "the Congress condemning sex with a turtle" episode).
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Jon Stewart is Great!
Jailynn10 June 2000
Jon Stewart has really picked this show up. I never liked it much when the other host was there, and I have watched it nearly every night since Jon started hosting. I really like how he can deliver a joke and if it fails to generate a laugh, he can easily pick himself up and move on. The correspondants are fantastic. I get a kick out of all of them. Those stories are wonderful. If you haven't watched this before, my best comparison would be "Saturday Night Live's" Weekend Update.
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jrrowley-6058122 February 2018
Does Trevor Noah talk about anything else besides Trump? He's not funny. It's just hard to understand why the chose Trevor to replace a legend like John Stewart.
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Open satire is a rare and beautiful thing...
wildlife_4ever28 January 2003
First of all- I have a message for all those who said negative things about The Daily Show: WAKE UP! I don't know about the rest of you, but this show is a refreshing alternative to the shallow humor to be found in most of this country's comedy television.

Jon Stewart is an excellent host, just as all the correspondents and contributors are all great additions to the show. The show is a sure bet you'll get a laugh and it's a enjoyable way to keep up with the news without sitting through 24 hour news channels. Ha HA!

Rather than tuning into a predictable and annoying sitcome like saaaaay... Friends or Ally McBeal, try watching The Daily Show- you'll be glad you did.
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Easily the funniest late night talk show on the air
matlock27 November 2001
This is a great show. Stewart has the perfect sense of humor to deal with the outrageness of his correspondents. He remains the center of sanity as reporters like Colbert, Carrell, and Rocca act in the strangest of ways. The seriousness that their interviewing subjects show is absolutely amazing. They pick on everyone equally. If the Onion had a TV show, this would be it. The only area were the show could slightly improve is Jon's interviewing technique. He doesn't match up with Conan as far as getting funny stuff out of the celebrities, but he is better than most. This show is absolutely incredible and I hope it lasts forever.
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IMDb Rating is Complete Garbage.
drakejones16 June 2016
Jon Stuart's had-picked successor, Trevor Noah, is a complete flop. That is not a topic for debate; it's a stone cold fact. Google it. Whether Stuart chose a surefire loser intentionally to "protect" his legacy is a question only he can answer, but whatever the excuse, I'm disgusted with Jon Stuart for forcing Noah on us. His (Noah's) "stellar ratings" are pure BS. IMDb is using a rating system that artificially inflates the show's ratings by leveraging Stuart's justifiably fantastic ratings; i.e., Pre-Noah when the show was a smashing success hosted by none other than, yes, Jon Stewart. Noah is out of his depth, has zero charisma, and should NEVER have had the opportunity to host a venue as important as the Daily Show. Comedy Central is/was HOPING that the lower echelon of the left-wing demographic (read: well intentioned, smart but inexperienced and under-paid 14-22 year olds) would "grow" with Noah and remain loyal for the next 18-20 years. Well, forget about it. They will out-grow him and find diversion elsewhere. This may prove to be the most obtuse and misguided programming decision Comedy Central has ever made. Like Stuart, Sam Bee, Cobert, and Conan are authentic geniuses; Noah is not.
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One of the funniest shows on TV.
tRiVi8L23 January 2003
From Jon Stewart's zany wit to Stephen and Steven's outrageous sarcasm, to Lewis Black's volcanic sardonic rants, to Mo Rocca's clever political satire, to the sly, subtle, absurd humor from regulars such as Tolan, Woods, Walls, Helms, Corddry, Harris, et al. ... this wonderful, unique, insightful, and unbelievably hilarious tv show is truly a delight to watch.

For many young adults, the complex truths and shades of grey in this new "adult world" tend to be oversimplified and broadly painted by the ratings crazed popular News Media. It is a relief and a comfort to view a program to poke fun and point out the underlying absurdity of it all. Understand, this show does not preach, and its intentions are first, and foremost, to crack jokes and promote laughter. But in an era when lowbrow, kitschy humor and shock seem to be the easiest path to laughter, it is a pleasure and a blessing to have such a smart, witty, and insightful show as this one.

Not to be missed.
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only way to get the news
Rick-3419 May 2004
A recent poll showed that a surprisingly large percentage of Americans got their news from the faux news show the Daily Show. With corporate news becoming increasinly bland and sacrificing journalistic qualities in favor of ratings, news satire has becoming ever more important.

Jon Stewart is splendid as the host who pokes and prods public figures to discuss recent news in ways they cannot do on network news. The correspondents are terrific, especially Stephen Colbert. This show is the best of basic cable! Great guests who have made recent appearances include Ambassador Joseph Wilson, whose wife was outed as a CIA operative by Robert Novak, and Richard Clarke, the former counter-terrorism "czar". Conservatives get their chances to, but aside from John McCain, the audience (in NY) tends to favor the liberals.
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Unfunny and Untrue
mkellar-132311 June 2018
Why is this popular? It's just a bunch of people virtue signaling about how they know better than everyone else. Too political for my taste, especially when it's just a bunch of lies.
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Using humor as a camouflage
jux6922 April 2017
The Daily Show has been on Comedy Central for more then 20 years! The show has had a lot of talented comedians and writers. That being said, the show has increasingly pushed a smug,Liberal agenda. I have watched the show for years. I remember Craig Kilborn's tenure (1996–98) and of course Jon Stewart's tenure (1999–2015). During that time, I slowly realized that the show became more and more about political ideology and less about being a comedic take on the news. They "super-cut" actual news to fit a narrative that allows them to make fun and crack jokes about events and people. Sounds fun! Unfortunately, It is always with a Liberal "We are right,We are victims, We are so hip and cool,We so much smarter then anyone that disagrees with us!" slant. I would never go to The Daily Show for "News". Unfortunately I have met many younger people who have. -Back in 2008, a girlfriend of mine voted for Obama, Simply, because Jon Stewart's NEGATIVE jokes about MCain. She was 18 and impressionable. This is what they want. They use comedy and skew actual events, in order to camouflage their actual motives and beliefs. It is a network propaganda machine.
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Anyone but Trevor Noah
abstone-909333 November 2016
I loved John Stewart and literally everyone else that has received a spin off show is amazing. Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert, and John Oliver are among my favorites. But Trevor Noah has the comedic sensibilities of a preteen. He has awful timing, is too drab, boring, his delivery sucks more than any comedian I have ever seen make it to TV. Literally anyone from the cast of 30 Rock would've made a better host than him.

Trevor Noah sucks. He is not funny at all and I cannot believe or understand Comedy Central's willingness to double-down on several years of destroying an institution that we loved so much under John Stewart's.... Stewartship? <- See what I did there? That unfunny awful garbage would be good enough to make it onto the Daily Show with Trevor Noah. God I miss John Stewart. I guess we should all just stick with John Oliver and wait for Comedy Central to grow a pair.
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christopherblanks15 March 2017
This show is a crumbling shell of what it use to be. Now, mere propaganda for weak minds with nowhere near the talent it once had. I've tried several times to watch since Jon Stewart left and I just don't get it. The writing is horrible, no one is funny, the interviews are moronic. Noah simply says whatever will get the left wing audience to cheer over any guest he has that disagrees with him and almost every time they have a much more informed opinion and point to make.
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Trevor Noah's Mission to set a record of racism-discussion
matthijsalexander19 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Please don't get me wrong. Please don't be offended but I am getting really really really bored with Trevor Noah.

My girl-friend who is Asian remarked the other day 'why is he always talking about racism?'.

I noticed the same. Every single episode racism must be addressed, and he has so many afro American guests that I start to believe the daily show has become a anti-racism platform. Which I applaud, but don't really want from a comedy show.

I understand that racism is a big issue in the USA, and I am appalled by the war on drugs and imprisonment by millions. Thank Bill for that. And police shootings, yes they are horrible and horrendous. And yes, black lives matter. All life matters. Where I come from it is a novelty-discussion. In Holland we have national debates on black Pete, because we have no other real problems.

Dear Trevor and writers, knowing you will never read this, I would like to point out that if you continue to go on, and on, and on about racism then you de-sensitize people on the subject. You can have too much focus on it, when over-kill happens people start to loose interest. When people are bombarded with one topic, like Trump for instance, people start to loose interest. Perhaps you have this President because you collectively shame white people, day in day out that they have gone from reasonable and concerned to annoyed.
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A political gangrape, under the guise of comedy, with a lame new host.
keelhaul-8085625 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I always knew the main idea behind this show. However, Jon Stewart and others could at least pull it off and be amusing at times. Now, they have handed it over to this new Noah guy. He comes across as the self-righteous, complaining losers you new on the college campus, that take themselves too seriously, and would have no platform if not whining about social justice spookiness hidden behind every bush.

All of these shows are nothing but communist and left-wing extensions for the Democratic Party. They often start out tolerable, but like SNL and the late night shows, these "entertainment" or "comedy" shows have quickly devolved into an all-out political, social, and religious assault on those they hate.

In dominating most of the cable and regular mainstream networks, these people are able to indoctrinate teens and young adults who get most of their news from Facebook and comedy shows.

I am just sick of all this drivel, as are many Americans. I lean more libertarian and conservative, but I can see where FOX is annoying and skews everything to their own view. Now, picture the complete opposite of that view dominating nearly EVERY other pop culture outlet. The result is terrible, from both sides. I am sick of watching "comedy" shows that make me feel like I am in a congregation at a Marxist, progressive, PC, etc. church service, being condemned and browbeat every second by some young twit like Noah about how stupid and ignorant everyone is that doesn't follow his exceptional moral/political code.

These hosts don't even use the slightest tact in 2017. You can bash Christ or non-leftists with any obscene and ridiculous clips/words you wish. However, they are all scared to death of offending Muslims, who would attempt to kill them. They can't offend Jews too much, as the writers are all Jewish and Hollywood and Music are owned by them(Their own words in newspapers, not mine).

They can't make fun of LGBT people or crossdressers, lest they harm themselves and sue everyone. They don't want to offend anyone, except regular white people, Christians(I am not even into organized religion, but see this for what it is), and Constitutional conservatives. Everyone is a mean dirtbag that doesn't agree with their cultural and political viewpoints. Plus, this young doofus isn't even funny and comes across as a pompous douchebag. At least Stewart had some charisma and objectivity. All these new morons seem intent on forcing a racial, social, sexual, or political showdown on every mundane topic, or arguing with Trump(who is also childish). It just gets annoying, and you can tell that all the shows are designed to beat you into submission to the host's and producer's worldview, and to follow the pack or you just aren't "cool".
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