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20 Sep. 1996
As If a Girl's Reach Should Exceed Her Grasp
Miss Geist is helped by Cher and so she recommends that Cher anonymously fill in as "Miss Buzzline", the advice column in the Alcott High School newspaper. Things start off well but then her advice begins to cause relationship problems.
27 Sep. 1996
To Party or Not to Party
Cher transfers into drama class and is immediately in love with a boy, who is also new to the class. But a date with him will see her out after her curfew. What is she going to do?
6 Oct. 1996
City Beautification
When Cher is criticised by Mr. Hall as not living up to her potential, he suggests that she do some volunteer work to broaden her outlook. Cher and Dee end up beautifying a city park, which becomes a much bigger project than she expected.
11 Oct. 1996
Do We with Bad Haircuts Not Feel?
When Cher's hair stylist ceases work, Cher is persuaded to go to Ka-feen, who gives her a disastrous shabob style. They are all are aghast at the result and her boyfriend drops her. Unfortunately, there is nothing she can do about it.
18 Oct. 1996
We Shall Overpack
After Miss Geist is injured in class, Principal Lehman bans backpacks in school and only allows them to wear fanny packs. Inspired to fight the injustice, Cher leads a school revolt against the decision.
25 Oct. 1996
Making Up Is Hard to Do
Dee is spending a lot of time with Murray and Cher feels left out. However, they have a very public fight and split up. Seeing how unhappy Dee becomes, Cher is determined to get them back together.
1 Nov. 1996
Mr Hall becomes ill and Cher is infatuated with his substitute. She decides that she needs to become more mature in order to attract his attention. But Cher finds this difficult to do after she is put on a budget by her father.
8 Nov. 1996
Kiss Me Kip
Mel represents movie star Kip Kllmore. Cher and Dee find out his girlfriend is willing to sabotage his career to advance her own, so they decide to warn him. They find his appointment diary, which starts a series of misadventures.
15 Nov. 1996
I Got You Babe
I seems like fate has arrived when Cher is swept off her feet by Sonny in the local ice cream parlour. Unfortunately, he is 20 years old and in college, and Cher hasn't told him that she is just 16.
22 Nov. 1996
Driving Me Crazy
Drivers Ed has started at school and Mel takes Cher on her first driving lesson. It turns out disastrously and Cher loses confidence. Soon everybody in the class has their licence except Cher. It takes a tragedy to inspire Cher.
13 Dec. 1996
Romeo and Cher
Cher and Skylar are smitten with each other. Unfortunately, he is the son of Mel's arch rival and they are forbidden to see each other. However, this Romeo and Juliet story has a different ending.
20 Dec. 1996
Cher, Inc.
Cher and Dee are inspired to make stylish muff purses for their hands. Before long everybody at school wants one so Cher starts up a business making them. However, after selling them at a show the reality of running a business sets in.
3 Jan. 1997
Fixing up Daddy
Rachel decides to look after her father and fixes him up with Sheila Kendall, the author of a book called 'First Kill All the Lawyers'. She is too successful and she suddenly finds herself being neglected.
10 Jan. 1997
The Party's Over
Bronson Alcott High gets a new principal and everybody is upset when she bans mobile phones and institutes other strict rules. Then, when Mr. Hall is sacked, Cher decides to act.
24 Jan. 1997
I'm in with the Out Crowd
The class is randomly broken up into pairs for a project on a particularly country. Cher is drawn to work on Canada with the class geek and social outcast, Felice. Cher learns a lot about friendships during the exercise.
31 Jan. 1997
All Teed Off
Murray and Sean play a round of golf with Josh and become hooked on the sport. Dee becomes upset when she realises that Murray's obsession means that she is being ignored. Cher comes up with a plan.
7 Feb. 1997
Mr. Wright
Everybody is preparing for the MTV dance party coming up but Cher is dateless, until a new boy joins the class. Cher arranges to meet in the modern dance class and they hit it off. He seems too good to be true, so what is his flaw?
14 Feb. 1997
Secrets & Lies
Valentine's Day is coming up and thoughts have turned to love. Cher blurts out a secret about one of Dee's former dates and causes some serious rifts in friendships. Amber has a secret admirer and has difficulty finding out who it is.

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